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Jewel of De Nile


November 14th 2012 1:16 pm
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Wow were we ever surprised when Meowmy finally decided to open her laptop to check for emails...truth be told...Meowmy had no intentions of going anywhere near the puter today...nope..she felt the depression coming on and decided she just couldn't take anymore negativity from anyone right now...enough is enough...all Meowmy was going to do was start on Neiko's quilt for christmas...but she kept feeling a nudge on her invisible cord...the cord each pawrent has with their fur babies for all she thought..alright I will just see if one special one she was waiting on came in....well..

HOLY WOOWZERS..there were forty five emails!! Meowmy thought at first that someone may have been spaming her..but when she took a closer look, she saw CATSTER beside most of them and then she really had a good look..She noticed first off that Neiko was Diary of the Day!! So Meowmy got all catcited and brought out the treat the morning, too, MOL!!..and we got treats and Neiko was told all about it and was she ever proud of herself, well all of us were!!..then Meowmy thought she better start looking through the emails...and that is when she noticed another one from CATSTER with my name on it...yipe!!!..the one announcing me as CAT OF THE DAY!!! WOOO HOOO!!! Well Meomwy became very speechless..a little stunned to...and then she scooped me up and gave me a big hug and told me, with tears in her eyes..that little ol' country bumpkin me, has been chosen as CATSTER'S AT OF THE DAY...OMC!!!

Thank you to CATSTER for this wonderful, beautiful honor!! Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think anyone in our family would ever be chosen to represent CATSTER for a whole day!!! it is a true honor and we deeply appreciate it!! Meowmy has been upset for a few days and this morning with all the great news of not one but two of her babies being honored on CATSTER..well it just lifted her spirits!!! Thank you once again...

And as for the special email meowmy was waiting on?...yes it was there...Hazel Lucy's Meowmy is furiends with my Meowmy off of CATSTER now and this is onderful as we didn't know what had happend to a dear furiend from years ago, the First Lady of Catster.. when life was simply fun and carefree here...for the ones who have been on CATSTER for years you know what i mean..for the newer ones..hey CATSTER is still the place to be and we wuldn't change it fur anything in the world

Now...since two of Meowmy's babies are having honors today on Catster...we will be thanking all fur the bewtifur gifties on our pages and sending out all of our love and appreciation to all of you!!

We love Catster and we love all of our all mean soo very much to all of my furmily!!

Purred by: Ingen (Catster Member)

November 14th 2012 at 6:05 pm

CONCATULATIONS, BIJOU. I hope alla good mews you gots today, make yer mommy happy.




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