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Jewel of De Nile

Well, La Da De Da...

March 23rd 2007 4:48 pm
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I'm glad I don't belong to snobby groups. I'm better than that anytime. Lots of kittys have told me I'm beautiful or that I'm gorgeous. Who needs some nit wit half brain who can figure out who should belong where EVER try to tell me what group I belong in.

Meowmy's right, I already belong in the best group going: a loving group that does not discriminate against color or sex. This group lets me be me and lets me practice my consitutional right of freedom of speech without being censored.

I had fun telling her to MEOW OFF he he he it felt good, and you know why, because I'm just a little kitty learning the hard way to stand up for myself and not take any flip from others who don't even try to get to know me or want to have anything to do with me.

Don't like my Coat of Many Colors? Then maybe you don't belong at Rainbows Bridge one day - after all there's a whole lot of color there!




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