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"All About ME!!~Bijou"

Home:Plumas, MB, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 11 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 8 lbs.

Thank you so much Tundra and furmily for my lovely keepsake Gotcha Day picture, I loves it and adding it to my keepsake book

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"Thank you so much Tundra and furmily for my lovely keepsake Gotcha Day picture, I loves it and adding it to my keepsake book"

Thank you Callie Rose and group fur my bewtifur keepsake picture, I love it

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"Thank you Callie Rose and group fur my bewtifur keepsake picture, I love it"

Bijou visiting with Buddy

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"Bijou visiting with Buddy's photoframe"

One of our pieces of published art, called "Captivated By You Too" learning how to create our own little master pieces, MOL

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"One of our pieces of published art, called "Captivated By You Too" learning how to create our own little master pieces, MOL"

Welcome to my page

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"Welcome to my page"

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when I was one year old

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"when I was one year old"

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this is MY scratchy post..MINE..MOL

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"this is MY scratchy post..MINE..MOL"

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Today is my Birthday!

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Beegj, Princess, Brat

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Gotcha Date:
June 25th 2006

April 21st 2006

Tortoiseshell and white

To be in the middle of everything that's currently going on in her world

spray bottle; being told No; Neiko trying to be her furiend

Favorite Toy:
likes the all, tends to favor what another cat has and takes it on them

Favorite Nap Spot:
On the sofa or on the bed and sometimes on top of the fridge

Favorite Food:
All of it, including human. Goes crazy for Temptation Treats

Cat of The Week Sept. 17/12 in The Kitties Club; Diary Pick of Day Sept 20/12


Arrival Story:
A friend of mine, Sharon, who lives on a farm between Gladstone andPlumas Manitoba, had some kittens. She asked me if I wanted one and I said No, two cats were lots already. That was in May of 2006. In June we went to a social and I spent the night at their home. In the morning I saw all the animals that were living outside, including this set of kittens. There were four white ones, they all had some kind of gray on top of there heads. And then there was this tiny little muti colored cutie. They were all a little wild, ran away if you got too close. The mother cat was a multi colored one too. The baby looked a lot like its mother. Any way, Sharon said take one home. I said Nay. As the day wore on and I watched these kittens, I was drawn to this multi colored one. She was the tinest thing and clearly the leader of the pack. All the others followed her up the tree and back down again. I finally got a hold of her and had a good look at her face. She had the sadest look in her eyes. And when she looked into my eyes, it was a deep intensse look. Before I knew it I said to Sharon, I'm taking this one home and I'm going to call her Bijou, it means My Jewel in french.

The day Meowmy brought me home was kind of scary. It was my first car ride and then I went into the house! I was never allowed in a house before. I was born outside, under the deck of the house. It was pretty cool and wet out still when I was born, at least the snow was gone. Meowmy put me down on the floor and there were two big kitty's standing right in front of me! I jumped back and stood between Meowmy's legs. This one, who later I found out was Friday, freaked out! He started hissing at me and his eyes went all big and black. It was scary! Meowmy picked me up fast and told Friday NO! Friday ran into the living room and jumped up on to the top of that chair in the corner and sat there going crazy for four days! The other kitty, buddy, was looking at me. Meowmy put me back down and he sniffed at me and walked away. Meowmy gave Buddy affection and tried to with Friday, but he was completly bonkers by this time. Friday attacked Meowmy, scratching and hissing at her and anything that moved. Meowmy even got bitten! So Meowmy made supper and ignored Friday, but it was hard too, because she loves him. That evening I ran up the drapes like it was a tree, freaked Meowmy out, guess the other two never did that! And that night, after Meowmy went to sleep , I crrawled into her arms and fell asleep. Meowmy woke up during the night and discovered this. I had a problem learning what a kitty pan was. It took awhile and Meowmy even bought me my own, which did help. Friday and I became the best of buddies. It took almost two week for us to be ok with each other, but the waite was worth it. I was a farm cat and stubborn, I wanted to do everything my own way. Meowmy and me had lots of wars, buts lots of love throughtout every battle! I came in season really young and Meowmy wan't prepared for this. I started spraying all over the house and urinating on the bed. Meowmy couldn't afford to get me fixed right away and she said she would have to get rid of me and I would have to go live on the farm again if I didn't start behavin. *Bijou has been my most difficult pet to train and it has been trying. Lots of tears shed, didn't know if I was going to keep her. Friends said they would come in to get her to bring her to a no kill shelter, but something inside me rebeled and I said no, I'm keeping Bijou. After I had Bijou spade she became a totally different kitty. No more spraying or urinating wherever she felt like. I'm so glade I never gave up on her. Bijou is my most vocal kitt, running around calling for me and mumbling to herself. She likes to be centre of attention, and she is spoiled. Bijou is also very close to me. I have a very different relationship with her than I have with my two boys.* I think Meowmy will never let me go. I'm her little girl.....meow!

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Jewel of De Nile

Thank You All My Kind Furinds Fur Remembering Me on My 10th- Birthday

April 23rd 2016 8:30 am
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It's been way too long since I got to post in my diary..hopefully this will work and post just fine.

I had a wonnerfur Birthday and managed to be able to capture a copy of each and every gift my furiends sent me..Meowmy gonna help me make copies of these so they can also be added to my memory book

We believe its important to keep them...not only do they mean so much, but the time it took for our furiends to think about us and send them out along with the kind messages, well that's so lovely and thoughtful.

I didn't get anything for my day yet..Meowmy said maybe I get to have one of those Yeowww catnip toys, the rainbow one, since I really like Friday's apple and banana ones he got as a gift furm his furiend, for his 10th Birthday. So when Meowmy goes to the city, she will pick one up fur me.

Instead of toys and such, I'm to get a shave for the summer and a wellness check, since I am now entering the double digits. Meowmy said my hair seems to mat easily lately and she doesn't like that,,, so its coming off and maybe be nice and cool too..she is going to bring a big baggie to fill up...she wants all of my fur.

We've all been doing really good here.. Meowmy worked very long hard hours for some election since February, and now its over and she is going to spend a little of that hard earned money on us..but we have to put our finking caps on and make wise purchases, MOL!!!

I still fink I should get a princess bed ~ what do you fink about that????


I Was Furry Sick Yesterday

January 9th 2015 11:54 am
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OMC!!! I started feeling really different and it scared me. I ran into da bedroom and meowmed in distress to my Meowm. She jumped up fast as I made the scared Meow sound and den I threw up fast and hard and lots too, and ran back into the hall and it again. I was so scared, I ran downstairs.

Meowm made sure I was ok. She came to see me and reassure me everything was going to be fine. She cleaned up my mess and look at it. Small pieces of green were in it. She racked her noggin for the longest time trying to figure out what I could have gotten into.

Meowm had given me two Greenies Roasted Chicken flavor treats earlier. She got one out and broke it and it looked just like what was in my toss up.

We've read and heard about kibbies getting sick on Temptation Treats and other stuff before. Now here it happend to me yesterday and it scred Meowm and me so bad. She is tossing the bag away.

She is going to buy me some other stuff. In the meantime I do like the Party Mix. I can't wait to try the Purebites, and she took out some frozen roasted turkey so I can share that wif Meowm.

But holy whoozers!!!!!! I now know what scary is. If something happend to me yesterday, there was no way to get me out to the vets either as the conditions were almost like a blizzard as well.

We are going to be very picky about what we now eat ~ no way is Meowm going to let me have something that may kill me or hurt me so bad ever again.


Whoo Hoo a Daily Diary Pick for June 18th and AGAIN fur June- 19th!!

June 19th 2014 9:41 am
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First, mai many manhy thanks for allowing me to be a Daily Diary Pick on June 18th and again on the 19th ~ wow weeeee what a privilege and a huge surprise too!!

I sure had lots of fun yesterday when I found out furm mai wonnerfur furiends, Milo and Mallee I had been one of the features!!

With it being slow on here yesterday, I didn't know at all!! Whew *wipes brow* good find someone was able to access some of the site to see what was going on. Although we did manage to get on for a short bit, but very slow.

Doesn't matter, I am just thrilled we have Catsterland!!!

I want to paw it down here mai many thanks and the memories yesterday helped make fur mai wonnerfur Meowmy to look back upon one day

The following made me bewtifur keepsake pictures which I will post eventually, also putting them in mai memory book for mai Meowm

Manytoes ~ outstanding!! what an accomplished artist you and your family are!! mai many many thanks for taking the time to make me this and post it to me

Mac, Ivy, Legolas, Jax and family ~ wow!! This picture is so gorgeous!! it's bewtifur!! I loves it and thank you for taking the time to make this fur me and mai Meowmy

Auntie Dana, Zeus, Jameson and furmily made me a really bewtifur picture!! this family is one of the famous artists here on Catsterland too!! we are so privileged to receive pictures from the famous artists here!! thank you so much!! I loves mai picture

Mai fun loving gurly gurl furiend, Mallee and her brofurs, sent me a most amazing shiny, bewtifur TROPHY!!! *giggles* oh mai goodness fur me??? I gots a rrophy!! Fank you soooo musch!!

Ebby mai wonnerfur gurlfuriend, she made me and sent obur a lovely chocolate cupcake, beeg ehnuff fur me to share, and we sat and talked and giggled and ate and had lots of fun!!

Luigi and A Smiley sent me a lovely pawligram!!~ I do treasure this!! it's going into mai memory book, too ~ thank you both for coming over and sending this to me, it means so much!

Mac, Ivy, Legolas, Jax and family sent me some tulips for mai second in a row DDP!! Thank you!! I loves flowers sooo musch!!

I sure feel like a special princess, but hey I am a princess, MOL!! all kidding aside, thank you for remembering me, for taking the time to send me something, or even to commment on mai diary, heck for even reading it, MOL!!

Now, pawese remember to save the date JUNE 25TH ~ that's mai Gotcha Day!!! It will be mai eighth annifursay of me becoming a princess from a lowly farm kibbie.

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