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The Life of the Princess Feral Cat

Happy New Year Everycat!

January 1st 2008 5:15 am
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I woke up this morning and was planning to write a Diary to wish every cat a Happy 2008.

But imagine my Surprise and Happiness to find out that Catster picked me to be the FIRST CAT OF THE DAY for 2008!

Thank you so much HQ! I am truly honored!

I am wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Purring in hopes that 2008 will bring more programs to help the Feral Cat population.

Trap/Neuter/Return and a loving caretaker means so much to cats like me. I loved my family very much, and they loved me even more.

I am happy to watch over my Mom, Apache and Amigo. Knowing they trusted humans enough to go inside and be loved and cared for makes me smile.

I am purring that more kittys will have the trust that I lacked. And now I am working on Shadow. I visit him in his dreams, and try to tell him that if my Dad and I trusted the humans more - we would still be there on Earth. I am hoping that it will work with him, and maybe someday he will be able to have his own Catster page. Right now he is camera shy.

Wishing all of you love and happiness in the New Year.




Angel Tag

December 4th 2007 4:38 pm
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I have been tagged by Baby Major in a Game of Angel Tag. It's a Game of "All I want for Christmas" and I am honored to play!

1. I wish more humans would believe in Trap/Neuter/Return, then kittys like my Mom would not have had so many of us. She is lucky, she finally trusted a human and will have no more.

2. I wish more humans would spay/neuter their kittens so hundreds of us would not needlessly die every day.

3. I wish many other kittys would join Catster and meet the wonderful friends I and my family have.

4. I wish my step-brother Morgan will have a very long and healthier life. That one day there will be a cure for Diabetes.

5. I wish that one day there will be Peace on Earth and Good Will to All People and Creatures.

6. I wish that everypurr will have a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season, and New Year

7. I wish that Baby Major's Mom will adopt a new kitten soon.

I tag the following Angel kittys:




Black jack:



Thank you to Every Paw

November 26th 2007 5:52 pm
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Thank you so much to every paw for all your beautiful letters, stars, rosettes and gifts. We will thank everyone purrsonally - but we wanted you to know how much we appreciate you all.

We wanted to share a few with you -

Taken So suddenly, No time to say goodbye. Your Heart is beating again,,in the company of your dad. Your Earth family love you, and they miss you so much. May they take Comfort in knowing you are safe..with your dad..
Two Stars shine down tonight ..Jessica..and Buddie, both dear purrs , who have crossed over together today, My thoughts are with both your Families. Purring and praying they find some Comfort ,knowing your Love shines down..Lighting our Darkness .Purrs from my Heart Alfie

Dear Jess,

I am Mama Cass and I went to the Rainbow Bridge after I got out and a dog mauled me a few days ago. I was so brave and I drug myself all the way home to tell my Mommie goodbye. My Mommie is still bawling her eyes out (in fact, right now) and I bet yours is too so I have an idea, ok?

Let's go watch the butterflies over in the catnip meadow together. We can blow our Mommies kisses from there so they will feel comforted.

I just know Mommie is praying for your family.

Your new friend,
Mama Cass

After all she has been through, she comforted me!
"Weep not those of you who loved me
For I do not exist in the form alone
I run unchecked in every splash of sun
and pass by when breezes sigh.
Weep not...for your tears
will block from your ears
The subtle new sound of my call.

purrs, Simon

There are many more, and we can't thank you enough. Catster is the most amazing community on the Planet! We love you all very much!


In Memory of Jessica

November 25th 2007 7:17 am
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It is with great sadness that I write Jessica's diary today in her Memory. Jessica was killed by a car this morning, along with another unknown black feral cat. We are ever grateful to our neighbor who brought her home to me, with tears in his eyes. He is her Mom Stormy's owner.

Jess - we will never forget the first time we saw you. Hopping through the yard, a tiny black kitten, following your Mom. We tried to make friends, and we tied to catch you, but like your Mom, you were a true feral. We kept hoping that like your Mom, you would one day trust a human.

We still smile when we remember the day you got yourself caught in a tree. You cried and cried and your Mom ignored you. We finally got a board, and worked to get you down. It wasn't easy, and the hopes were that we could catch you. You finally let go, and ran for cover in the woods.

When your Dad took over your care, you seemed to blossom. You loved him so much, and were never far from his side. We loved when you would cuddle up on the roof together, or on the lawn - you always loved your sun baths. When he got hurt and couldn't hunt, you hunted for him and brough him fresh mice. We know his loss really broke your heart, and you stayed really close to home after that.

My favorite is the week of live mice on the roof! The first one we saved and brought inside and gave her a house to live in. Then you thought it was so much fun, you brought us one every day. I think you really enjoyed watching me climb out the windows in my pajamas to catch them, and take them to work to be released.

Your morning boxing matches through the glass with Apache will be missed by us all. Your silly meows through the dining room windows begging for treats always made us smile. You even climbed the snowy roof to say hello, and get some ham.

We always hoped the day would come when you would let us pet you, and you would come inside. Today I got to pet you, before I laid you to rest. It was one of the saddest moments of my life.

The one thing you always knew was how much we all loved you.

We know your Dad was there to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. The only thing we are gratefull for is that you are back together again.

We love you Jessica and will always keep you in our hearts!

Mom, Dad, Morgan, Max, Jesse James, Lakoda, your siblings Apache & Amigo, and Gypsy and Amber who will miss chasing you to play.


Why I love my family

June 20th 2007 3:33 pm
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I love my little sister Apache and my little brother Amigo because they play with me every day through the windows. Apache and I start boxing every morning while Mom has her coffee.

I love Captain Morgan, just because he is so adorable, and he talks to me a lot and head rubs me through the screens.

I love Max because he's just a cute old coot.

I love Jesse James because he was such a good buddy to my Dad, Fuzzy. And because he was Amigo's buddy when he moved inside at 6 months old.

I love my Mom, because she gives me treats which I will now take out of her hand. Just don't pet me. She made me a special crate on the back deck so I am safe and warm all year round. She loves me a lot and she will sit and talk to me, and tell me how pretty I am. I sometimes like to sit at the dining window and watch her sew. Sometimes I will meow and meow at her until she comes and sits at the window with me.

I love my Dad lots and lots. He gives me lots of special treats through the window. And when Mom's at work I get even better treats - like ham and liverwurst. He tells me it's our secret and never to tell.

I bring my family special gifts and leave them at the window. This week I brought them a mole, a baby robin, and a big mouse.

But yesterday I decided to give my Dad a super special present. He was looking out the window for me, when he saw a super tiny baby mouse on the roof. The little kid was just washing herself, making sure she looked perfect for her intro to Dad.

Dad was scratching his head, cause he knew I brought her up there, when he saw me walking on the fence heading to him. Well let me tell you - I got the BIGGEST pile of ham I ever saw in my life.

Meanwhile, Dad went in the garage and got a rake. He slid the baby off the roof, and she landed in the soft grass at his feet. She looked up at him with huge eyes - and he melted. He tried to pick her up with the rake - but she was too tiny. He finally scooped her up - sure he would get bit. But Baby Mary Lou just ran up his arm and sat on his shoulder looking around.

He put her in a tupperware bowl with water and food and called Mom with a list of things she needed to buy on her way home. Cage, Wheel, Water Bottle

She slept on a table in the bedroom last night so no kittys would scare her. That is until Midnight, when she started running in her wheel making lots of noise. It woke up the dogs who started barking and looking all over.

She moved into the dining room on the table Mom sews on. MOL!!!!!!

You can see Baby Mary Lou on Amigo's page.



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