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Just one girl....

Valentines DAY!!!! WHOO HOOO

February 8th 2008 12:36 pm
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I am so very excited for Valentines! I wish my lovely Fri you msg me soon. I miss him so much! I hope he's thinking about me because I am always thinking about him *purrrsss*

We recently moved and I am loving this new place. There are so many windows to look out at. And the street is so busy so I always have something to stare at out there!

Mumsie updated my profile today. How do you like it?


SO long so long

October 16th 2007 10:21 am
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Hey ! Miss me?!?!

Immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BACK! Mumsie has been a bum and was too busy (or so she said) to come online and let me play with my friends. Halloween is coming up and I am SOOS SOSOSO excited! Hopefully Friday and I could have some sorta date soon? I sure miss him tons!!

How are everyone been?




May 3rd 2007 1:25 pm
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Mum ruined my profile!

*runs out storming*


Date Night with Friday

April 30th 2007 8:52 am
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Oh my! what a purrrfect night I had with the most handsome, sweet, and smart guy in all of Catster...Friday!

He took me to the drive-inn and we watched Happy Feet/Milo & Otis! I adore him so much. He LOVED my special malt milk I made for our date! And his tuna cologne, I adored as well!

I was so tired after our wonderful night together, I had to wait until this morning to write my diary because when I got home last night I passed out at the door (I should have had more cat naps during the day! Next time I will!). Mumsie had to pick me up and carry me to my bed!

Thanky ou Friday!!!!!! *blows a kiss*



April 24th 2007 7:21 am
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I am really beginning to miss Friday! I rarely talk with him anymore. And I was unable to attend his sisfur, Bijou's 1st B-day pawty!

He pmailed me a few nights ago and asked o go to the movies, but I was unable to! I have been reading his diary, and it only makes me miss him more! What a great kitty he is!!!


The Most Wonderful Night of My Life

April 8th 2007 9:39 am
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The day after the BOCU Easter pawty;

Oh, how fun it was. Friday, tad late - but it was worth it! We got there and friday and I shared the first dance of the evening! He was such a talented little dancer, I could tell this wasen't his first time! Very impressive!! The cupcakes Friday suggested I make were a HIT! Everyone loved them! in fact, I made so much I have some left over, they're on the page so help yourself! (Catnip Cupcakes with tuna Fish Icing). And Buddy arrived shortly after Friday and I got there! What a pool shark! We ate so much good food, tuna malts--yummm! And at the end of the evening Friday and I shared some pawesome fried guppies! MMM

And I can't forget, Friday got me a beautiful necklace, I am wearing it in my pawty pic! Thank you so much Friday for a wonderful evening!

Luv always,


SO much, too little time...

April 5th 2007 9:09 am
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WOW, I have a lot to report!

The past few days, excluding today which is snowing!!!, it has been rainy and what Mumsie calls, thundering out. I have been acting strange she says, but I am just frisky! I have been running around like a crazy women with all the rain about outside. I luv it! but not this snow because now Mumsie won't open the windows so I can smell the fresh air, she says "we're not heating the outside".

AND, I made my catnip cupcakes with tuna icing this morning with Mumsie. I am so excited, it's for our BOCU pawty on Saturday!!! and I'm going with FRIDAY, yeah yeah yeah. Mumsie gave my nails a trimming and then painted them for this event. She is also going to give me a bath tomorrow and put my bows on. I'm going to pawty hearty in style!!

Besides all that, I have been getting into a little too much trouble the past few days. Mumsie even locked Zero and I in the batroom for 10 min! She says we need to stop digging in her plants! She said we ruined them. But I was having so much fun, so how could it be wrong? Does Mumsie not care about me? Shoulden't she just have been happpy that I was happy? I was tromping in the dirt I spread all over the floor. It took us a while to to it to, and we worked hard. And then in came Mumsie who ruined it in 2 min flat by cleaning it all up! Silly Mummy, she should have just joined in....maybe next time.

Love always and forever,


For Friday

April 2nd 2007 3:24 pm
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Mumsie says because we live in different parts of Canada, that our time is weird? Anyways, she suggested she put a clock up for you so you always know what time I am on!!! MEOW!

I hope you like it Friday! purrrssss and headbonks

Love always,

Trixie < 3


I'm a loved girl

April 1st 2007 7:33 pm
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Te he te he!!! Friday asked me to go to a pawty this weekend for Easter! Mumsie said it was okay, but Dady was a bit worried. However, Friday is so responsible he sent them an e-mail to insure I would be okay! He is so FURTASTIC! He also gave me a very special present......not one, but TWO Easter pictures, one of me, and one of him and I. I put up the one of him and I because I like that best - it's like we are actually together. Oh, how special kitty love is.

Other than that great news, today I sat by thr wondow looking at the birdies (or that's what mumsie thought! I was really daydreaming about being at the pawty with Friday). But, there were an awful amount of birdies out today catching worms in the rain. I wish I was out there catching those birds! Teach them a lesson not to play with my toys, the worms -humph!

Well, it really late - mumsie is keeping me up!!

purrrsss to all and to all a good night
Trixie < 3


My oh my!

March 29th 2007 6:28 pm
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WOW....everybody here is so nice. I am still new here to Catster Land but I am also so thirlled. Mumsie and I are have having a great time. I thank everyone for the pretty rosettes and friend requests! We appreciate them, I can't read mumsie reads them to me.

One very sepcial thing that has happened here recently is my new furriend. His name is Friday, we are like dating *blushes*. He gave me flowers, they are beautiful roses on his page for me! I keep them watered, mum reminds me! Also we have exchanged pictures, he has been so great! I am glad to have another cat to talk to besides my stinky brofurs! pft

Anyways guys, we shall keep you update!

Luv always and forever,

Trixie Mixie

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