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The Mewsings of a Gentle Angel

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Thank you Catster for choosing me as a DDP Today! (and where- we are now and where we may be)

January 23rd 2014 7:50 am
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Thank you Catster for choosing me as a DDP today!


Thank you Big Harry for the beautiful DDP picture memento. Mom started crying when she saw it.


Kaci Sunshine and I are on Cathugger. If you're there (or plan to go there) please look us up.

Many of you are on Petster. We looked it over and like it and will join Petster in a day or two.

Furry Families is also promising.

Mom is still undecided about FB. Please tell mom all the negative stuff she's heard about FB isn't true and it isn't as scary as she thinks it is!

I'm going to miss you dear friends!

Purrs, hugs & love,
Miss Mittens

Edit: after weighing pros and cons and talking to a lot of friends, mom is NOT joining FB.


For those with Mac computers: how to save diaries, pages,- etc. as PDF documents

January 17th 2014 2:32 pm
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If you have a Mac computer like mommy does, Beepers told Kaci an easy way to save diary entries, etc. in PDF format on your computer. You don't have to download Google Chrome or Firefox (unless you want to). You can use your Safari browser.

From Beepers:

Kaci, or anyone using a Mac:

You can save almost any page as a PDF very easily -- it does not matter what browser you're using. Your Catster pages won't look exactly the same, but I haven't found a PDF converter yet that makes them exactly the same as you see them. Kaci, you can try this using Safari and see what you think (I have both Chrome and Safari and the PDF's made via the "print" function look the same).

1. Hit Command and P on the keyboard to bring up the "print" menu

2. On the Print menu, go to the lower left-hand corner and click on the arrow alongside PDF

3. Choose "Save as PDF…"

4. It will then open the menu to choose where to save it, and what to name it.

You could also use an online PDF converter. The PDF's look different that way than making them through the Print function, so you might prefer one over the other. I tried these so far:

and the one Flicka suggested the other day:


Miss MIttens


Thank you for the hot cocoa, cake and balloons!

January 14th 2014 12:28 pm
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Wow! look at all the goodies: hot cocoa, cake (yum!) and balloons!

Is there a pawrty somewhere?

Seems that there is! Dogster is celebrating its 10th annivesary. Happy anniversary Dogster!

Acting as spokescat on behalf of our family -- Kaci Sunshine, Abby, Pete, Jennifer & Callie and me -- we thank our friends for all the goodies!

Also, we want to say we haven't disappeared.

First, mom was sick all of December and into the first week of January and is now recuperating and getting better. She doesn't remember ever being sick for such a long time except for the time she had bronchitis about 20 years ago. For the past 2 weeks, she's also had laryngitis and been unable to talk to anyone, in person or on the phone, except whisper things to grandma. Luckily, her voice is slowly coming back and it's getting easier to talk, at least for short periods of time.

Mom is still grieving deeply for Kaci Sunshine and then being sick has made mom feel very depressed, to say the least. She's been feeling a lack of energy to do things, like hang out on Catster.

Mom also realized that all of her kitties are angels now and have nothing to say any more and there's nothing to say about us. So, except on special occasions, we won't be writing in our diaries anymore.

But . . . we LOVE Catster (in March, we'll have been here 7 years!) and aren't going anywhere! We'll still be here, lurking around and reading friends' diaries and checking posts in forums and groups and responding on occasion.

We love you all!

Miss Mittens


My sister Kaci Sunshine and I wish you a Happy Thankgiving!

November 27th 2013 2:31 pm
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This is Kaci Sunshine's first Thanksgiving Day at the Bridge. I've been here 3 years but it's my 4th Thanksgiving at the Bridge. Kaci and I love mommy and grandma and miss them and wish we were all still together. One day we will be but not yet, so we must all be patient until that happy day arrives.

Kaci and I loved Thanksgiving Day and the smell of roasting turkey. Turkey! yum yum yum! Kaci always loved and welcomed company when they came to our home. I was much too shy around humans other than my family, but Kaci loved humans and the excitement they brought with them. Humans always fussed over her and petted her and told her how pretty she was. Who doesn't love that? Kaci always told me they'd fuss over me too if I'd let them but I never quite got up the courage to greet humans I didn't know well.

Thank you mommy for welcoming Kaci and me into your home and heart and for loving us and taking care of us and giving us a wonderful home. Kaci and I will always love you mommy and be grateful to you.

When Kaci arrived here, she was beyond happy to be reunited with me and we're very thankful we're together again. She was also very excited and happy to finally meet her angel siblings Abby, Callie, Jennifer and Pete. We are celebrating Thanksgiving Day together as a happy family. We've already started celebrating! What a fun day both of us are having with our family, my sweetheart Toonces and her sweetheart Spirit and his brother (and our former guardian angel) TT and the hundreds and hundreds of dear friends who were here when we arrived. Here at the Bridge, our Thanksgiving Day meal is always a sumptuous Feast. Everyone is invited to the Thanksgiving Day Feast. Millions upon millions of angel kitties are enjoying the Thanksgiving Feast. Doggies and rabbits and birds and animals of every kind are also here and so are humans. There's more food of every kind and variety than you could ever imagine in a million years and the food never runs out. You can eat all you want and not get sick!

When the day is done, we fly over the earth and visit our families and friends. We also visit the sick, dying, abandoned, abused, lonely and homeless ones and those whose names are known only by God. We shower them with purrs, love and golden healing dust. If you're awake, you might hear the soft rustling of our wings. If you're asleep, you'll see us in your dreams. If you listen intently, whether awake or asleep, you'll hear us singing songs of love into your hearts.

Wishing a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving Day to our American friends and their families!

Love & hugs,
Miss Mittens, Kaci Sunshine, Abby, Jennifer, Pete & Callie


Happy Birthday Miss Mittens!

June 1st 2013 2:57 am
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Happy Birthday to my dearest angel Miss Mittens!

You were so precious, so gentle and so sweet natured . . . you were and are and always will be my sweetest little kitty girl. How I wish you were still here sweetheart so I could sing you the happy birthday song and give you lots of kissies and hugs!

Have fun celebrating your special day with your angel friends on Cloud 99! Enjoy your day: eat lots of tuna, salmon and cake and chase those mousies and butterflies and chipmunks as you run through the rainbow-hued fields and meadows.

When the celebrating is done, look for the bluebird and follow him as he flies over the Rainbow. Come, fly over our house and sprinkle us with sparkly gold healing dust. I'll know you're here when your angel wings brush my face as I sleep. Remember me as I remember you: with love always and forever!

your mommy


DDP again

September 14th 2012 5:39 am
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Dear friends,

Today is another happy and exciting day for me! I'm a DDP again!

Oh my, there's no denying how much I love my diary being picked by HQ. But then don't we all love being DDP? MOL! Thank you HQ for picking my diary again today!

The Angel Express was successful in getting my message through 'cause as soon as she could this morning, mommy turned on her computer and checked her email. She was surprised when she read the email saying I'm a DDP again today (and very happy about it too!) and we came immediately on Catster.

Thank you for your congratulatory comments, pawmails and rosettes for my DDP yesterday!

And thank you for your comments on my DDP today!

Love you!
Miss Mittens


DDP today!

September 12th 2012 5:35 am
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*flaps wings excitedly*:

I'm a DDP today!

Mommy rarely checks her emails or goes on the computer until the afternoon or early evening. Because I'm an angel, I knew about my DDP honor the instant HQ picked my diary. This morning I sent a message to mommy via Angel Express telling her to check her email this morning. She couldn't explain why she felt the need to check her email this morning, but she did so. When she learned the good news, she was surprised and is as excited as I am!

Thank you Catster for choosing my diary!

Thank you friends for your comments and congrats!

Love, angel kisses and generous sprinklings of golden angel healing dust,
Miss Mittnes


Angel Express

September 2nd 2012 9:51 am
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Yesterday was my 2nd Bridge Day anniversary. It was a difficult day for mommy to get through.

Last night mommy wrote me a letter expressing her love for me and how much she misses me. She cried as she wrote it.

Somehow or other (did an angel whisper it in her ear?) she knows all about the Angel Express. All you need do is whisper a request to the Angel Express and ask them to deliver a message to a particular angel. The message can be in any form: a word, thought, emotion, prayer, song, music, image or something in writing, such as a poem or letter. The instant you ask, the message is received and delivered to the angel. Your messages always get through. I received and read my letter. You can be assured that if you send a message to your angels, they'll receive it.

You ask if angels use the Angel Express to send messages to you? Yes, we do! Sometimes you hear us instantly; sometimes it takes awhile for you to hear the message; and sadly, sometimes you block the message and never hear it. The angels send messages to you all the time, usually through your dreams or in a thought, word, image, music, song, sweet memory, coincidence or by sending a butterfly or rainbow. If you listen closely, you will hear us. Mommy heard my reply last night. When she heard it, she smiled and stopped crying.

My heartfelt thanks for your friendship and for remembering my Bridge Anniversary and for your pawmails and rosettes. A special thank you to Tundra and Pipo & Minko for the beautiful Memorial Pictures!

Love is forever!

Miss Mittens


Feeling sad because good friends have left

April 4th 2012 9:14 pm
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I’m feeling sad because some very good friends left Catster recently. Their pages are gone and I don’t really understand why.

Our good friends Riley and Skippy (Skipster) are gone. Their pages are no longer on Catster. We’ve been friends with the family for a long time, back to the days when their mom had Prince. Prince was a very good friend and we were as heartbroken as his mommy was when he was stolen and lost to her forever. Then his mommy adopted Riley and Skippy. We became the bestest of friends and love them and now they’re gone! We miss them and it hurts. Mommy contacted their mom and everyone is healthy and ok, so there’s no need to worry. But they won’t be back. :((

Then there’s Chai Latte, Little Bit and Sugar. They’ve been very good friends since our earliest days on Catster. They were once very active and were so much fun! About a year ago, circumstances intervened and they had to stop being active, but their pages remained and they were still here when we visited their pages not that long ago. There was a possibility of them becoming active again. Now their pages are gone too and they’re lost to us forever!

There are other friends who have left over the past year or so. We truly don’t understand! Mommy will NEVER delete our pages, no matter what’s happening in her life! So many memories are here and mommy couldn’t bear to lose it all. If your parents are too busy or something happens and you can no longer be active, please don’t delete your pages!

Love from heaven,
Miss Mittens


I'm Angel Dreamgirl #14!

March 6th 2012 7:48 pm
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My brother Pete made the DREAMGIRLS group’s announcement of this week’s Dreamgirls, Dreamettes and Angel Dreamgirls in his diary tonight.

My name is on the list! I’m Angel Dreamgirl #14!

*Gasp!* I can’t believe it! Oh, this is so exciting and wonderful! I’m truly honored to be chosen as an Angel Dreamgirl! Thank you guys!

The guys in the Dreamgirls group sent me a red rose rosette with a beautiful picture memento inside. Pete tells me Angel Alfie made the picture. Thank you Alfie!

Hugs and kissies and thanks to my dear friends Ashley, Tony & Angel Callie for the Crown and to Tony, Anna & family for the red rose rosette!

Congratulations to all the other Dreamgirls, Dreamettes & Angel Dreamettes! You're all so beautiful and I'm proud to be included with you!

Love & hugs,
Miss Mittens

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