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Crazy little thing called Maebh

My world and welcome to it

July 27th 2007 8:58 pm
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I've been here at my new home for a few months now and it's time I recorded a few of my thoughts.

First, what is up with Rhiannon? That girl is wound a bit too tight. Does she think I'm stealing her man? Pulleeease. That cow-colored lothario gets a couple of females in the same house with him and he thinks he's Hugh Hefner. At least he has some sense of play. Rhiannon goes ballistic the minute I want a bit of a wrestle. The human gets all excited and thinks he's rescuing her from me. Oh right. I'm the one that needs saving once that uptight queen-wannabe gets in a snit. She's calmed down a lot since I first got here, but that girl needs to chill.

Okay, so back to Grendel. He's chubby and soft; a girl can't help thinking he makes a nice pillow every now and then. But jeez, he gets this lovey-dovey dopey look in his eyes when I snuggle with him. I can take that for maybe five minutes before I'm biting his ears. Anything to shake him out of that stupor.

The human. He's hard to figure. He thinks I'm insane. He often says so. I keep telling him, loudly, all day long that I'm not. I even wake him up in the middle of the night to loudly tell him that I'm perfectly normal. He doesn't get it. Grendel says he's dense. That must be true. He tries to speak to me in my Mississippi dialect of Cat. He keeps saying things like, "wrrrrrGNAAhhh" and "gNaack" at me, thinking that's what I'm saying to him, without realizing that he's got the inflection all wrong and that what he's really saying is either gibberish or embarrassing.

Life here seems to be pretty good, however. I get regular meals, a warm, fuzzy place to sleep, and a three-holer for a bathroom. (Although Grendel needs two just for himself--How did e. e. cummings put it, "I am a shape that can but eat and turd." That's Grendel.) I'll try to post more as things develop here.

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