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Oops! I did it again!

March 27th 2007 8:58 pm
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Mom's been giving me antibiotics to help my foot heal. She gave me the last of the antibiotics last Friday and everything looked great. Mom checked my foot and it looked like it was all healed for the most part. She checked my tummy and that looked pretty good too.

Saturday she looked at my foot and it looked like my foot had opened back up in one spot. Mom was confused. So then she thought that maybe she didn't look at it right the first time.

Then Sunday night, I was laying on the couch next to mom. So she checked my foot and started freaking out. I didn't seem to think anything was wrong, but you should have seen mom. At the same spot that mom was confused about the day before was a fresh HUGE gash. It's almost an inch long and a quarter of an inch deep and there was blood every where! I acted like nothing was wrong. There's also a couple of fresh scratches on my foot next to the gash. Mom was in the house the entire day with me and I never made a sound to let her now I was wounded AGAIN. Mom does not do good with blood (something about a squeamish stomach). She didn't know what to do. The antibiotics were finished and with my first set of shots coming due, that made things complicated. I can't get my shots if I'm taking antibiotics and mom didn't want to post pone my shots any more than she already has. So guess what she did?

She gently picked me up although I was bleeding all over her shirt, took me out to the sink. I just purred and purred. Then she turned on the water and held my foot under it. Boy did I squirm, dig my claws into her, meow at the top of my lungs and kept purring the entire time. She got the soap out and washed my wound, rinsed it out, and then wrapped me in a towel. She took me back to the sofa, sat down with me in her lap and held me. I gave her kisses on her nose to thank her for taking care of me and then I took a well deserved nap.

So tomorrow morning I go to the vet for my first set of shots. She'll have the vet look at my foot AGAIN and see if I need to take antibiotics again. I'll also get the stiches out of my belly from when I was fixed. Good thing too, cuz those things are starting to itch and irritate me. Mom sees me trying to pull them out myself. The vet told mom that she could remove my stiches herself but mom graciously declined that offer. Something about Murphy's Law.


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