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As I Was Saying...


June 2nd 2008 6:14 am
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After several years around here, I decided I should clarify some questions I am frequently asked, or discrepencies which may need clarification.

~ Why am I so dark?  Until I was two years old, I was the color that is usually associated with Sealpoint Siamese:   Tawny with dark points. I started to get darker where I had been as light as my brother, Vijay. We Siamese do change with temperature and the Seasons, but I just kept getting darker. Oh woe. Finally I was told by a Tonkinese breeder, of all people, that I was a normal Traditional Siamese. Really? Really. Perhaps this is how Jacques got the idea to research the history and genetic links of cats from our area of origin.

~ Why do I have a nick in my ear?  I also learned that ferals are often "nicked" or "notched" in one ear to indicate that they have been TNR-ed. Really? Really. Let me assure you that the nick in my ear - which is hardly noticeable unless backlighted - is the result of...rough play with Vijay? A klutzy collision with something? Whatever. It was cleaned by the cat mother and is the evidence that I am not a sissy when it comes to the rough and tumble life of an indoor cat.




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