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The Life and Times of Ben the Bengal

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February 5th 2008 8:20 pm
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I Have Been Tagged!!

I was tagged by Coco, Evelyn, OE, Zuri, Tyson, Merrick, Gigi and Molly May Stutabaker

The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1. I turned 1 year old on June 14, 2007

2. My girlfriend is Coco

3. I love to attack and bite feet and chew on wires

4. My Vet says that I am the most muscular cat she knows!

5. I play fetch!

6. I am fascinated with water

7. Mom calls me "Benjamin" when she is mad at me

I tagged

Karma Kitty
Mister Zenith


All I Want For Christmas Is.....

December 18th 2007 4:07 pm
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I must say that I am grateful for all that I do have! It has been a PURRRFECT year! I was promoted to Captain of my own ship and I have a wonderful crew. Who could ask for more. I think if I had one wish for Christmas it would be for my human Mom and Dad. They have a Condo that they want to sell or rent. Right now they have a big financial burden paying both a mortgage and renting the house we live in. My Christmas wish for them is that they will sell the Condo soon. Then they will buy a house of our very own!! That would be a great present for me too!! To have our very own house, not a rented one. For myself, I would like a big deluxe cat condo with lots of hiding places and things to climb and play with. That would be super cool! Merry Christmas to all and a Very Happy New Year!!!
Ben =^..^=


Giving Thanks

November 12th 2007 1:30 pm
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It isn't only humans that like to give thanks for the things they have. Cats do to. I have so much to be thankful for!
#1 is my bioligical Mom and Dad. Let's face it, without them, I wouldn't be here!
#2 My human Mom and Dad who gave me a wonderful home and put up with me when I was a wild, out of control kitten!
#3 My brother and best Friend, Charlie. It is nice to have someone of your own species to play with.
#4 All my toys- everything is my toy!
#5 Catster and the Furry Federation. If it wasn't for Catster, I would never have found out about the Federation. The Cats in this group are my best friends
#6. Being promoted to Captain of the USS Royal Bengal

Ben =^..^=


I"ve been promoted to Captain of the USS Royal Bengal

November 1st 2007 4:18 pm
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I am greatly honored to have been promoted to Captain by the Furry Federation. My Star Ship is called the USS Royal Bengal (Bengal for short). It is an Excelsior Class Star Ship which is a mid-size vessel. It is smaller that the USS Enterprise, but to me it is PURRRfect. It has a total of 17 decks and accomodates a crew of 450. The maximum speed is warp 9.4 for 12 hours. She is fast, sleek and beautiful! Right now I am assembling my crew. My Brother, Lt. Charlie will be my Science Officer and my Sister, Lt. Commander Fluffy will be the Chief Medical Officer. It will be nice to have my family aboard. All are dedictaed Star Fleet officers. I must admit that I will miss my best friend, Captain Stryper. I was his First Officer on the USS Carnivore. We made a great team. I know that we will keep in touch and perhaps even have some missions together. See you around the Universe!
Captain Ben =^..^=


My Musical Talent

October 7th 2007 6:54 am
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Dad has an electric keyboard. I love to listen to him play it. I watch very closely and I have learned a lot. I sometimes like to play myself. I know how to turn it on by myself too. I wish they made a special chair that we cats could use to express our musical abilities. I have to walk across the keys to make it play. That works OK though and I must say, I do play beautifully. Playing music is a lot easier than typing! The keys are much bigger. If only I had thumbs!
Ben =^..^=


Don't Label Me!

September 11th 2007 4:38 pm
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I have a new mission in life! It is to remove all labels no matter where they are. I especially like the ones that are attached to cords! I don't know why they bother me, but they do. I successfully freed both air conditioners of their dreaded labels and also several others around the house. Mom and Dad came home one day to find bits of labels all over the floor! I don't know why they bug me like they do, but I have to get them all off! Mom says it is against the law to remove labels! I guess I might get arrested. The mattress is next!!
Ben =^..^=


USS Carnivore

August 31st 2007 7:31 pm
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I have been officially promoted to Commander in the Furry Federation! I will be the First Officer of the USS Carnivore under the command of my best friend, Captain Stryper. We are now in the process of establishing our crew which will consist of civilians as well as Star Fleet officers. I am honored by this promotion and will do my best to serve this crew and the federation to the fullest of my abilities. My brother, Charlie was also promoted to Lt. and will be serving on the Carnivore as well. He will be in charge of navigation and helm control.
Commander Ben


Brother Charlie

August 28th 2007 8:37 pm
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I finally got to officially meet my new brother Charlie tonight. I met him the first day, but he was too scared to play with me. Mom and Dad kept him in the spare bedroom for a week so that he would feel more comfortable. Last night, Charlie and I were playing "paws" under the door. The doors have big spaces underneath them. Mom says that is because they used to have carpets in the hallway. Now they have hard wood floors. It was fun because I could see Charlie from under the door. Tonight, Dad put me in the cat carrier and put it next to the bed so Charlie could see me. I didn't like it in there, so I undid the latch and let myself out. Charlie and I are playing now and getting along great! I gave him a tour of the house including the porch. He doesn't know about my secret room yet. That IS my room after all. I will share almost anything with him, but I'm not sure yet about my room. Anyway, He is a nice cat and will be a great brother! It is nice having a companion to be with.
Ben =^..^=


Number One!

August 18th 2007 5:33 pm
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I have been temporarily promoted to the First Officer of the USS Snowshoe. I am excited about the advancement, but I wish that it had happened under better circumstances. Our beloved Admiral Tazzy made her transition to the Rainbow Bridge last Friday. Captain Pugsley was her brother and is on leave to be with his family. Commander Stryper was promoted to Captain and I am his acting First Officer. I look forward to the challenge.
Commander Ben =^..^=


My new brother, Charlie

August 18th 2007 12:59 pm
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Mom and Dad brought home my new brother today! His name is Charlie. Mom found him on Catster and he needed a forever home. Mom told me that he was living in a cage. Mom and Dad had to fill out an application and then they were able to go and meet Charlie. He is a cool cat! He is black and white and just a little older than I am. We are still getting used to each other but I know we will be great pals. It will be nice to have company when Mom and Dad are at work.
Ben =^..^=

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