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I'm Finally Home....

May 26th 2007 5:13 pm
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Aww...I was some scared kitty in the hopital. Apparently it started to loose it shortly after meowm left me there yesturday. the tech and vet had to wear protective gear on thier hands and arms to get me out of the cage. I wasn't gassed for very long and did not recieve very much, either. Long enough to feel my bladder and poke it to get a stream of urine for the tests. They also cut my nails very very short...humph!

I screamed whenever someone came in, so they had to put atowel over the front of the cage (the only place I could see out of). Meowm came for me this morning. I didn't even recognize her voice, I was just too scared and upset. She had to get someone to open the cage cause she didn't know how to. The front desk girl had told Meowm to go and get me, as they couldn't do anything with me! The lady opend the door and left. Meowm put her hand in slowly and gently so I could smell it and talked gently with me. I could tell she was ver afraid of me! Then Meowm put her head in and upper torso to reach me, as i was cowering in a corner. When Meowm said paPa Buddy and Bijou's name I quieten down and really looked at her. OHHH THAT IS MY MEOWM! I let her pick me up and put me in my own carrier. I felt all ucky. Meowmy was telling me that as long as she lives she will never let me go through this again. Well the tech had come in by that time and heard Meowm. She started explaining how bad I had been and Meowm said I should have been given a shot of something to calm me down. They talked for awhile and moved into the office area with me in the cage. As they were talking the cage door opend and I walked out. Meowm said I was out of my carrier. She just picked me up and saw all the dried poop all on my tummy and backend and tail. Apparently I would let them touch me. I may have to go back in about two weeks if these meds don't work for culture tests. Meowm said if I have to come back she will need to pick up something to relax me first and they will have to keep me like that.

I have some kind of stuff in my urine bacteria stuff. So I am on Amoxicillin and to stop my penis area from wivering I am on another drug that is a very long name. Two pills a day for that for 10 days and 1 pill a day on the anti-biotics for 7 days. Meowm will keep a very close watch on me! I helped Meowmy wash me up, she didn't give me a real bath as she didn't want to scare me any more than I had already been. Plus the pills were to come and that is an ordeal in itself. i took them today. Only took about 45 minutes, as I was running away from Meowm.

We are both physically and emotionally drained from the whole ordeal. I am gettings lots of special attention and love! Tomorrow I will post alot more to my furriends. Like say Hi and thank you once again and how happy I am to be home and glad to talk to my furriends.



I'm Staying Overnight and Don't Like It...

May 25th 2007 8:44 pm
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They can call this place a hospital all they want, I still say it is jail. Well I can't see Meowmy or papa Buddy and not even Bijou. I would just like to know by Christopher Columbuses name what i did to deserve this today!

First Meowm puts me in the cage and then she takes me OUTSIDE and into a VEHICLE and we drive down a big road and I see cows and horses and the new AMISH that have moved into our area.

Finally we get to the hospital and I am taken out of my cage in a strange room that a big doggie was just in. Yucky!! Then this stranger starts manhandling me. I hissed at her and sratched her. I didn't like it when she said i needed to loose weight, hey I know i weigh 5.8lbs, so that not fat!

Then the Tech, whose name is Cam, sticks somefin up my butt! Ohh, I really got mad then. Cam couldn't find my bladder, as i was too tense. So we waited for Dr. Tanya Anderson. Well she found it no problemo. Only problem, I had to be admitted as a patient to the hospital because my bladder was empty. And they really wanted to poke my bladder to get a sterile urine sample for three tests.

So Meowm kissed me good bye and told me to be a good boy. A few minutes later I received my first fluid shots under the skin. Now I know how the kitties with renel failure sort of feel like with theses shots.

Meowm phone the vets office fthree times, the first time she found out I was SCREAMING my head off whenever anyone entered the room I am in, or touched me. Man can't they see I am scared here! Cam had to touch me and that set me off even worse. Get away, i don't know you. Meowmy, I just want my Meowmy. Where did you put my Meowmy????

The sencond call Meowm told them I prefer soft food over hard food, as they are giving me the special food already.

The third call around 5:20, Meowmy found out I don't have crystals or blood in my bladder. Yah!! Meowm also got to hear how I sound when i scream if someone just opens the door. Poor Meowm started to cry. She said that didn't sound like me at all. That I sounded very afraid and frighten. She wanted to come get me but was told the hospital was closed Meowm was not happy about that and I didn't even know she was on the phone right there by me. We had to waite for the vet to phone Meowm back with what is actually going on. Hey, in the meantime can someone PLEASEEEE tell my Meowm to come and get me out of here? What! What do you mean this place is closed for the night? I want to go home NOW!!! I don't like this jail place..why am I being punished...I promisse I won't do whatever I did ever again...just let me go home!!!

Dr. Tanya phone Meowm back shortly and said the results show I have a low grade bacterial infection. i am going to be taking anti-biotics and some other med I can't remember anymore.

I just want to go home...I have never been away from papa Buddy for one night since i came to live with then over two years ago. Meowmy...pawese come and get me...pawese take me home...I promise I will be a good boy!


I Have To Go to The Vets Today...

May 25th 2007 7:51 am
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I FINALLY peed a little this morning. Meowmy phoned the vets and they said it sounds like I have Feline Lower Urinary Tract Infection. I am going for a check up and tests. Basically, if this is what I do have, I have a blockage from crystal, which apparently is common in neutured kitties.

the tests are to diagnose how back the blockage is. I may need an operation or just meds, again depending on how bad the situation is.

I am currently still eating, drinking and playing around, but do not like my stomach touched, ever have if truth be told, MOL

I have an appointment for later this morning, for 12:15 CST, I think! We will go a little earlier. Meowmy is just so upset and couldn't stop crying. Going down memory lane about all my doings in just the short two years. I had big smiles throughtout all the story telling well into the night!

I am going to get better..just scared about the food I will have to eat from now on, hope it is safe!

Meowmy is pawyering the blockage is not too severe either!


I am Scaring Meowmy Tonight...

May 24th 2007 9:08 pm
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Just a little while ago I went to use my littler box. We have our own clset in the puter room. Meowmy didn'thear anything and i was pretty quiet. She turned around and saw me just sitting there, not doing anything. She got up and I came out of the box. There was nothing there. Then about ten minutes later I went to the second box and squatted down like to pee again. This time Meowmy was really watching me good. I kind of was embassed and she noticed, so she turned her head away. She turned back, and I acted like I was finished. Meowmy didn't hear anything. And I started to scratch, but Meowmy could see there was nothing there to scratch.

Meowmy got really upset. She grabbed a big gabbage bag and emptied the litter boxes in it and put all fresh litter in to keep a closer eye on me. Meowmy started to cry while doing this. I went back in right away, but not for that.

Meowmy says if I don't pee, and she's going to stay up and watch all night if she has too, then I am going to the vet's office in the morning.

I am only two years old and I eat Purina products. I am still running around, playing with Bijou. What is wrong with me?


A Diary Pick of The Day.....

May 24th 2007 7:13 am
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Wow, what a surprise for all of us when Meowmy opened her email and saw the message from Catster that once again I have been chosed as a Diary Pick of the Day! I thought I should put a little something in here.

I have made many good furriends here on Catster and am still meeting and making more. I still need to learn alot, too, MOL!! Kitties are so helpful when I have asked for help, even on behalf of another kitty!

I really like this tag game. It makes my family go back into our address book of furriends we have made and may not have had contact with in a while. Before I tag anyone, I check out their page and read their diaries to see if they have been tagged yet. If not, then I tag them, so I can learn more about them. I ask them to read the insructions and also the seven answer I wrote down to the game. I believe this game is for us all to learn a little more of the kitties we have befurriended, especially the ones we don't always keep in contact with!

PaPa Buddy really dug into his furriends list! He came up with kitties who have diaries and are currently up to date on Catster but may not have been up to date on their diaries! Missy sent him a star this morning. I think that is just wonderful for my PaPa Buddy. He is the Boss, but usually is the silent one around here. Buddy doesn't get alot of rosettes or stars, so this has really made his day, too! Thanks, Missy!

All three of us: PaPa Buddy, Bijou and myself are trying our best to get involved with more of our groups. Poor Bijou pointed out that she never got to go to her groups, AWW!!! But she is also busy as a detective for Samoa's agency, MOL

The rain has finally stopped! I thought yesturday it would for sure, but nope, started up again. We are not used to this rain business that goes on for days and days! We love and need our sunshine! It's still not too warm out either. Sometime this week we are suppose to dip down to -3 celcius. Come on, this is almost the end of May. Our garden isn't even planted yet!!

Well, I'm of to see how everyone is doing....


Yeah!.. A New SONG....

May 23rd 2007 12:13 pm
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I just put on a new really suits my mood! WHOOHOO....This is the way I'm feeling today!!!



We Decoded to Leave.....

May 23rd 2007 10:46 am
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Yesturday PaPa Buddy and I decided to leave a group we have been in since we first got onto Catster. It is the Brilliant Orange Cats United group.

We had been seriously thinking of leaving for sometime. The feelings we experienced yesturday were fery strong and overwhelming.

There is a great bunch of kitties in the group and they are for the most part very supportive. I received quite a few pmails about our leaving. Some understood, most didn't. All wanted us to stay and give it another chance. but in all honesty I just can't do it anymore. They may never understand. and I don't feel as though I need to justify my reasons.

First and formost I am a Canadian Kitty. Our country is known not to be a bully. And as such I do not like to be bullied, as we are never taught how to do that. I also am not attacking anyone or any country. It's just we have strong feelings and are very hurt right now.

Instead of attacking any one, we decided to pack up our couch and microphones. I am never a fighter, but will not allow anyone to bully me.

We may have reacted very hastily and confused other kitties in our choice. There is one pmail I recieved that topped all others yesturday that pretty muched nailed the coffin shut for our decision to ever return and I share it now. I have taken the liberty to undisclose who wrote it, as it really doesn't matter who the author of this letter is, its the words that count:

Subject: Re: We're Leaving... Sent: Tue May 22

NO, NO, NO. You can't leave Friday. You're a VERY valued member. I (and A LOT) of others have voted like crazy for Eddy. That would be a slap with your paw at us if you left. Besides that not being fair, you would TRULY hurt OUR feelings! Please stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purrs & Headbutts,

Now, poor Eddy is not and should not be brought into our decision as to why we left. But to suggest we would be slapping paws at anyone suggestes to us that this kitty does not know us and therefore should not have said something as cruel as this. The next part really takes the catnip! I should only care about other kitties feelings and just gulp mine down and get on with it? I have gulped enough stuff to choke a horse!

I just am tired of being misunderstood and bullied. This author may not have realized how the words would be taken, but the implications are there, none the less. I can see how this author was also pleading for us to stay, and for that I do say thank you for caring enough to take the time to say this.

To sum it up, without having to go into great detail as to all the reasons why we decided to leave, we just felt we didn't belong and maybe it was not the group for us to be involved in.


Tagged Again...

May 22nd 2007 8:12 pm
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I've just been tagged again. Jefke tagged me this morning and now I've been tagged by Ginnger, MOL

The rules to the game:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.Please post the rules!

Seven Friday Facts:

1. I have a short high pitch meow sounds like eeerr errr

2. I steal Bijou and Buddy's food from right under their nose, MOL

3. I sleep at the footof Meowmy bed

4. I have never had a fight

5. I am a good boy, and don't make a peep when in the carrier going bye bye

6. My claws are like razor blades, MOL

7. I am Meowmy's first kitten

I have tagged the following kitties:

Patches, Ethan, Tilly, Ripple, Sneakers, Bryne kelly and Cuteness


I've been tagged By Jefke..

May 22nd 2007 1:04 pm
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I got tagged by Jefke this morning!

The rules to the game:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

Seven Friday Facts:

1. I have a short high pitch meow sounds like eeerr errr

2. I steal Bijou and Buddy's food from right under their nose, MOL

3. I sleep at the footof Meowmy bed

4. I have never had a fight

5. I am a good boy, and don't make a peep when in the carrier going bye bye

6. My claws are like razor blades, MOL

7. I am Meowmy's first kitten

I have tagged the following kitties:

Mercedes, Jules Vern, Morgan the Pirate Gato, Simon, Hartley, Natasha and Geronimo


Some Weekend...

May 20th 2007 10:08 pm
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Meowmy has spent most of this weekend in the house with us on account of it being cold outside. About Time!

I sent my Trixie a message today, I sure miss her! Hope her Victoria Day Weekend is good.

I finally updated my page. Meowmy learned how to do some fancy things and we both played around with it this morning.

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