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Well, It's About Time...Don't Ya Think!!!

June 14th 2012 9:54 am
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Meowmy has finally added Neiko to Catsterland!!! Yah, the baby of the furmily has her own pawese stop by and check her out..she is a very good girl and I just luv playing wif her and napping along side her to.

Not sure what kind of groups she's going to join...somfin that will fit her lifestyle and personalitly..she is just precious!!!

So now Meowmy can start working on fixing up our sites...haven't been getting any paw mail in the last couple of days so have gone to HQ to find out what can the problem be...if anyone is trying to get a hold of us..there may be a potential problem that will be sorted out or it could be that no one has sent us anything, MOL!!!

Purrs to YOU


HIPPEE !!!!!

May 25th 2012 1:55 pm
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Guess what we're back on CATSTER!!! The best place to be that's fur sure! We now have a lap top and can access the net from lots of areas where we live...soo I can safely say, I'm back to stay...

Is this a cool place or what? I sure missed hanging out here with all of my furiends and there is like a gazillions things I need to work on and not to mention all the updates, pages to fix up and another furmily member to introduce and get Meowm to add her and make a page for her..names Neiko..she's a real gem...and Bailey's page needs lots of updates and photos to add and oh my..just lots to do...

I need to get into the swing of things and hopefully get the Orange Kitties Rock!!!! group up and swinging like old times and all the other groups I'm in I need to get back into, too!!!

Wow weee...Hippeee!!!!!

Friday shakes his head and laughs out loud with joy!!!


oh boy oh boy!!!

September 7th 2011 2:16 pm
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we just found out that my diary was pick of the day on Auguast 17!! This just makes me soo happy!!

I am glad it was because what my Meowmy and I wrote hopefully has brought some enlightment to such a sad situation.

Thank you to everyone who read and wrote back to us concerning my medical problem.

We are pleased to report that I am doing great!! On special food for the rest of my life...and no more hard food either, I am sad about this as my favorite was Whiskas. Oh well, I now get the best and most expensive in the whole's keeping me alive! And my Meowmy is soo happy I urinate alot and big puddles...this is very important to all you gentlemen kitties here at Casterland!!!

Purrs to YOU
Luv and Paws forever Friday


The vet tried to kill me last Wednesday

August 12th 2011 2:16 pm
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Boy, have I sure got somefin to let all my kitties furiends and everybody else out there know...and this is all the complete truth.

Meowmy noticed I was using the box quite a few times in the morning last Wednesday, August 3. So she made me a doctors appt. for the afternoon. Now I was being my self, nothing out of the ordinary. Meowmy drove twenty miles to the doctors to get me an drug me up, as I hate the vets place with orange passion.

So we get there for 3 p.m., and then this vet says she can't feel my bladder and needs to do an ultra sound to find it. Meowmy goes and waites outside, and a couple of minutes later the vet comes back out with a syringe half full of blood. She says this is not a good sign and goes to test for cyctology.

She comes back and says I need more tests, but they need money for all this as Meowmy told them that she only has $110.00 on her for the day. The vet says that Meowmy has to come up with more or they were going to give me a needle. Now Meowmy was crying and telling me they wanted to kill me and she wasn't going to let them to it...Oh Boy!!! you should have seen Meowmy go nuts on them, lots of shouting and crying. Hey, I was feeling no pain, so I couldn't just take off from the table and boot my rear end out of that joint.

To make a long story short, Meowmy had to make a phone call and sell her car on the spot back to her old boss. He ripped Meowmy off royally, lost over $2100.00 on that deal. but what else could she do on the spot...her back was up against the wall and she wasn't gooing to let them kill me for no good reason.

So I had to spend the night. The bad vet ran a cathator into me to flush me out, pumped me up with lots of luquid and more drugs. Then left me all alone for the night. She phone my Meowm and Meowmy told them to keep me free from pain, I had none by the way, and she also wanted me to be kept sedated. None of this happend.

The next morning the bad vet phoned Meowmy to let her know I was being my fractious self, hee hee!! That I had destroyed my kennel, moving everything around and then that I had pulled my cathator out!! My Meowmy had a flip out, wanting to know if I was injured or hurt. The vet didn't know. Meowm wanted to know how this could have happend, as I was wearing a collar and also had a intervenious iv in my right front leg. Anyway, they told Meowmy to come pick me up, as I was being myself (fractious) and they could'nt handle me. And also Meowmy reached her $500.00 limit.

Meowmy came and got me in the early afternoon, but when she got there they told her she would have to waite as she didn't phone ahead to let them know she was on her way to get me...Meowmy said that was fine, as she wasn't in a hurry and just wanted to see me, which she did. I was hooked up to the iv still, had the collar around me head and my rear end dumped into the litter box. I would'nt eat or drink anything until I got home.

They wanted me to have surgery This past Tuesday, August 9, but we have no money for that and it was also the anniversary of her dog, Bobbie's no way was I having surgery then. Meowmy has been trying to get financing thru IFiance pet service of some kind. On Thursday Meowmy met with another vet In Neepawa, a half hour away from us who reviewed my file and spent about 45 minutes going over everything with my Meowm...The bad vet appears to have given me way too much meds, lots of things to boost the price which was unnessary. He has agreed to become my new doctor. He asked what kind of surgery this stupid vet wanted me to have and when he heard about them wanting to cut open my bladder and scrapping it, he was outraged and said absolutely not!! I can have a surgery that will fix me once and for all...make my uretha like a girls, nice and more now Meowmy feels better and is still watching me and if I really need surgery this is the way to go and he will work with us, financially too.

Now my symtoms of crystalls were only needing to pee alot and I was doing small amounts. Meowmy watches me like a hawk and caught on to a potentially big problem right away.

This is Mary, Friday's Mommy...I just about lost Friday to a vet who is looking at dollar signs and not the care of a patient or the owners feelings..Friday was not ready to go to Rainbow Bridge and i fought to keep him alive. I am so thankful I went to another vet for more options. The first vets name is Cam Nichole from the Gladstone Vet Clinic. I worked there once and can say for sure that things have changed at the clinic and not for the good. The new vet is Doctor Taylor from Neepawa Manitoba. I felt at ease with him. And when I left the office it felt like a huge rock was lifted off from my chest and shoulders.

One more thing, since Friday came home, he developed an upper respitory tract infection which is going away. It was explained to me he more than likelly had one as a kitten, before I rescued him and it comes out during stress times such as these.

Thank you for reading Friday's diary...go hug your babies and take good care of them...don't let a stupid vet try to take control of you or your pets lives..

I told Meowmy this morning that we should sue them...what do you all think about that???

Purrs to YOU


my page looks weird

April 16th 2010 6:30 pm
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I am just cruising around Catsterland and went to my page and it looks all what happend to my nice background? Where did it go? Ok, so like do we have a background bandit on the loose? If so, pawese give me back my nice background, as Meowmy can't always be on and it is difficult now to make a new one, we can't afford the PLUS program right now.. so if anyone knows the where abouts of all the stuff missing on my page please return it...Thanks


What Catster Means to Me

August 17th 2009 11:55 am
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Dear Diary

I haven't posted for awhile and thought today would be a good day to do it is nine months since my PaPa Buddy had to leave for the Bridge and I miss him; the whole family does. Life just isn't the same without him. I have had to step up to the plate, which I think I have done quite well. I'm a really Meowmy's boy now and am also a PaPa myself since July 21.

But what I really need to talk about is what Catster means to me and my furmily:

*a place to make great supportive furiends

*where I can come in and freely roam around without fear of being chased and hurt.

*I can be myself

*have silly questions answered

*I can come and spend time with PaPa Buddy, reminising and looking back

*can play special songs for my PaPa, I really miss him!

*get help with decorating my page - Meowm can't afford to send me to interior decorating - but here I can sure learn!

*I can write like now how I feel and it's ok

*Most of all Catster is the place where loving a furbaby and being loved is right and good and we here understand this and support this nurturing.

*Catsterland is a furmily extension, I luv being apart of

*Casterland let's our Meowmy decorate our PaPa Buddy's page and she can go and visit him and others when she really needs to.

*Catsterland is WONDERFUL!!! I can play, help others, cry when I need to, ask questions, answer some if I can, look things up, get involved in the community

*Even PaPa Buddy got his Angel wings and picture made from a furind of his, Calvin, found right here at Catster, without this, we would not know how bewtiful of an angel Buddy makes!

So on behalf of our furmily I really want to thank everyone who created Catster and all of our furiends we have made!!!!

Purrs to YOU


Have Readjusted

January 14th 2009 9:47 am
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Well life is strange let me tell you. Everyone thought for sure that Bijou would be the one to be the Alpha cat...she acted like it before!

But guess what, I stepped up to the plate. I'm not big on being bossy, Bijou can have that job...i just want to be close to Meowmy.

I have become very close to my Meowmy...I lay in her lap at night while we watch t.v. and sleep close by, too. I just like and want to be wif her.

We both need each other since Buddy passed away. I miss him terribly. There are days I pace back and forth, whinning my head off for no reason, but Meowmy knows and understands.
I can't and won't every try to take my papa Buddy's place, but it's nice to be close wif my Meowmy...

Who would have thought!

Purrs and Silent Prayers to my Papa Buddy


My Papa is at the Bridge

November 21st 2008 4:26 pm
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I'm so confused and sad...somfin not good happend on Monday, Nov 17. Meowmy was holding PaPa Buddy in her arms when I came into the kitchen, but she left in a furry with him. When she came back later on, no PaPa Buddy.

Then Meowmy starting acting funny, cleaning house and moving stuff around. How come she move my PaPa's water bowl onto the kitchen floor, it doesn't belong there!

Later on she cried and cried. She let me smell PaPa's blankie and talked to me. She told me PaPa had to leave us. His body broke. I just looked at her then ran to the last spot he was on before the accident and jumped up and sat there and started bawling. It made Meowmy cry even harder.

But I want my PaPa back. Meowmy told me she made a promise to him that she is going to love me and take real good care of me.

Now what am I going to do? I am so made, I smack Bijou in the face and hiss at her!!! She shouldn't have chased my PaPa like that!!

I have to go, I am crying to hard....


Planning PaPa Buddy's Birfday Pawty...

September 17th 2007 8:13 pm
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PaPa Buddy's going to be having a birfday soon. We don't know his exact birfday, so we celebrate his adoption date, which is October 11th.

It will be 10 years since Buddy adopted Meowmy. The vets guess damated his age, but we know he is getting pretty old, as it is really begining to show in his hip area, and he sleeps alot and is not very active anymore.

We luv him lots!!!! I want him to have the most wonderful birfday ever, too. So we may have a couple of pawties for him, that way everyone in different goups can come, as well as the pawty we will be having at home for him, too!!

I just have to figure out what to get him!!!


My New Collar..

September 17th 2007 4:45 am
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My furiend, Bluie.... me a bewtiful collar in the mail and I received last week. Meowmy finally got a picture of me wif it on. I luv it.

This is my very first collar, too!!

I won first place in a naughty photo contest this past summer and received a gift certificate. I chose this collar, but when it came to sending this to us, the company in the US wanted $85.00 to ship this to us...OUTRAGEOUS!!!

So we let Bluie's pawrents know this and to say they should just get a refund on the gift certificate, but Bluie and her pawrents said they would send it to us. How very thoughtful and kind.

Thank you Bluie and furmily once again, as I really luv my collar.

It's leopard print, which goes great wif my coat, and it has a golden bell, wif a diamond on it too! Boy do I ever feel special now!!!

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