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How Do You Make Wonnefur Pawliday Pictures?

December 4th 2012 12:26 pm
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Today when we came on it really hit us how it's begining to look a lot like Pawlidays!! We were on hiatus fur a week and yesturday we figured it was time to start decorating what we had fur our's not much but it's better than nothing..hey we are learning..and there are lots of other kibbies worse off than we least we are warm and fed and well loved.

Now today I kind of noticed how Meowmy was starting to get upset on account of us not having purrty chrittmas pictures up on our I thought..uh uh no way is that gonna happen. So while Meowmy was busy with a person from town telling her about upcoming news fur her column, I went on the puter and did some of my own research!!

Yep!! I found a great site and the best thing about it is this: IT'S SUPER EASY..,MOL!!! If I can do it, you can do it!!

Here is the link to the site:

Yes its loonapix. I found this by typing in the search engine, christmas frames for pictures. So I cose frames and then made aure it was Christmas one, oh yeah cuz it has all kinds of frames..this place rocks..MOL..anyway then I uploaded pictures of me and my fur siblings and placed them in. I had a hard time wif mine though. and then later wif Bailey's I chosed the frame first and then I uploaded the picture and voila she was already in the frame..MOL..should have done that with mine in the first place cuz the frame I wanted my picture wouldn't fit in..but I am soo happy cuz now we are holiday ready to and you know what? SO CAN YOU BE!! If I learn something, I like to share wif everyone..I want everyone to feel great and happy and like they belong!!

Hopefully if any kibbie was feeling like my Meomwy was this site will help!!


Purrs to YOU


Thank You my Furiends and HQ...

November 20th 2012 10:19 am
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Wow..I was surprised to find out I was chosen to be a Dailey Diary Pick yesturday...thank you HQ fur reading my entry and thinking it was a helpful one fur other kibbies and their furmilies on Catster to read and ponder over!!

I would also like to thank my wonderfur furiends who read it and left a comment ...this is wonderfur and very hopeful, too!!

I would also like to thank my following furinds fur my wonderfur gifties!!

Milo Blue Eyes and Furmily: gave me a bewtifur Rainbow Furever Star!!

Jameson, the wonderfur artist: made a bewtifur picture fur Meowmy to keep

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty, my wonderfur furien gave me a piece of pumkin pie

Tate made sure I wouldn't go hungry!! he gave me a turkey leg, YUMMY!!

Once again thank you all fur helping us to remember how much fun it is here on Catsterland..also thank you all once again fur making me feel like a wonderfur valued member of Catsterland...and also thank you all once again fur reminding Meowmy I am not old!!! When she saw this contest and read the age thing...well, lets say she was depressed even more..remembering Buddy 's anniverfury the day before and then listening to some whacko trying to say I am a senior...Hey thank you fur reminding Meowmy I am not even close to entering that stage of my life!!

My furiends are wonderfur and so is Catsterland...this place is furry important to us and so are all of you...



At 7 Years Old..Am I Considered a Senior?..SHUT THE WINDOWS- AND LOCK THE DOORS..I'M NOT THERE YET!!!

November 18th 2012 7:20 am
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I'm sitting here having morning coffee and going thru one of my kibbie papers I subscribe to..hey its kind of nice having it delivered right to the door. Anyways, checking over the By-lines first, as usual, when an interesting contest stops my paws. The headline fur this article is something about senior cats..reading a couple of lines into it..the only requirement is that the kibbie must be at least 7 years old in the photo to qualify to enter this contest...SEVEN...ummmm. that's my age...there is no possible way I am a senior in the kibbie world!!!

Now, I can attest to the fact that I am a senior in these regards:

1. I am the senior Kibbie in the in the first from oldest to youngest

2. ummm....oh well I can't think of another senior moment in my life right now...

So, see I can not be considered a senior in the sense of let's get ready to enjoy our quietier, more sedate moments in a serene peaceful atmosphere.

Sorry just not happening to this boy..and if Meowmy see's this article, why, I can just hear her now:

"There is no way you can be classified a senior, Friday..I just turned for a moment and you went from a kitten to a very handsome mancat..but a senior? NO WAY..

I am going to agree wif my Meowmy...SHUT THE WINDOWS AND LOCK THE DOORS!!..Friday is growing up way too fast!!!! We need time to stand still, yeah..that's it...that's exactly what we need!!!


I'm a Working Boy Now..

November 13th 2012 11:54 am
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I have me a yellow hard hat and a big tool lunch pail is filled up and I'm ready to go to work...I even took one of Meowmy's measure tapes from her sewing area..and ran off with it, MOL!!! Meowmy caught me and told me to stop, that she needed that measure tape to finsh the quilt tops...hehehe..I just ran under the bed with it!!! I am not that silly..I know Meowmy has a huge plastic measure ruler she uses when she makes us blankies...she don't need this ...I do...hehehe.. I hide and am going to add it to my tool collection!!!!

Now for the start of my pawmass..I mean..Christmas wish list, MOL:

1. Front End Loader
2. Dump Truck
3. tools and more tools...can't get enough tools


WoW..All the New Furiends I have Been Making Recently!!

November 12th 2012 12:17 pm
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I have been making loads of new furiends recently and it warms my little orangie heart...which is a good thing on account it is now cold and ol' man winter is here to stay!! Ohh..until spring that is, MOL!! I hope I get a front and loader and a dump truck fur christmas..I'm the man of the house and its time i go out and shovel all that snow, MOL!!

Speaking of orange hearts..I must thank my crew at Orange Kitties Rock..when called upon you have come through and helped all other kibbies and their furmilies and have given support withing the crew and loved all of us...this also warms my heart and I must say a big "THANK YOU" TO ALL WHO HAVE CAME OUT AND STEPPED FORWARD!! You make everfur's experience on Catster a wonderfur thing in their lives!!

Gotta go..more snow to move...we had a BLIZZARD over the weekend!!

Purrs to YOU


So Sad..My furiend Is Now an Angel...

November 10th 2012 6:48 pm
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I had word of verry sad sad, it stopped me in my traks and rally made me stop and fink how impourtint my furiends are here at Catsterland. I am so sad, I cried and cried and now I ams in the kitcin, meowing and growling and purring up a storm all by myself in a corner...I have don dis in past but Meowmy has finlly figurd out what it is i do!! I ams purring and crying and also talking to my angel furiends, specally my PaPa Buddy!!! I havn' t swriten bout my wonderfur papa in a long time...but i needs to rite now cuz he is doing rally grate wok...he is loving and hugging a good furiend of mine who is now an Angel at Rainbow Bridge. Her name is Playful and her #101005...she is wondrfur!! but she had to go and become an Angel and is no sick no more!!! Playful is getting lots of love at the Bridge and is going to be jus fine and helfee again!!! I am sad buts her furmily is hurtin and we feel sad fur dem!! My pap, he makes the heart baskets for all the new angels and I no Playful's basket is one of da biggast ones ever made fur an Angel..cuz she is sooo much loved and respecket. I needs to get ahold of Bootsy #242006..he is Playful's younger sibling and a goot furiend of mines too..and he belongs at orange Kittes Rock group...we needs to send him loads of love, too...all of his furmily needs all of r luvs...I saving all of Playful's notes she has sent me resently!!! I so upset..I can't rite verry goot...I jus wont to let everfur no bout Playful...she is wondrfur and now an Angel!!!



November 8th 2012 12:21 pm
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For our family, Remembrance Day is one of the most important days of the entire year. Alot of people would like November 11 to become just another day, so they can shop when they want, work when they want, etc. How not in touch the younger generation is becoming with what sacrifices were made so we can be free today.

Here in Canada we wear poppies. Ihave always known poppies, its just the way it has always bee. I belong to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #189, and am a Ladies Auxilliary member.

On November 11, I will put my uniform on make sure my poppie placed on my left side on my lapel. I will march along with the ladies just behind the men to our centotaph where we hold our service. Then us ladies will go to the cemetary and read a poem and say a few words of one of our ladies which just recently passed...Now, this fine lady lived through the war years and rememberd just what it was like back then...but there are also family members who know what it is like to remember a fallen family member who went to Afghistan or Iraq and came home on a convoy where thousands of Canadians stood at attention and stopped what they were doing as this fallen Canadian came home for the last time.

This is my generations Remembrances...our brave going off to fight someone else's we fought and cried with parliment, telling our government, "You bring our troops home!"...but not before we lost soo many that a mural of all the fallen is made and now we have the Highway of Heroes and Meowmy drives by the sign each day on Highway #16 a little before you get to Neepawa MB...a fallen soldier came home this way
We go off to our services of Remembrances and think and listen to a soldiers story, while we cry inside, "NO More WAR Dear God" and yet we know, that if need be, our brave men and women will answer Canada's call, if need be and die for us to remain strong and free


I Was Attacked From Behind This Morning

October 15th 2012 4:36 pm
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I was accosted and jumped on from behind this morning..then grabbed by the neck and tackled down..all of this happend very fast and I was very scared!!! Bijou did this to me, she said it was all in good fun, yeah right, she scared me! I was so mad, I fought back and ran away and she followed me...Meowmy was in the bathroom while this was going on and when she came out most of it was finished..Bijou and I were both hissing at each other and I slapped her good, to...hehehe...Meowmy found a part of my claw stuck in Bijou, right between the eyes..Meowmy pulled it out and said, "Well this claw is definetly Friday's claw" and went to put it in the keepsake box she has for all of us..i watched her put it in my envelope, making sure she knew it was mine and no one elses, MOL!!! I take full credit for defending myself against being bullied and attached..I'm a lover, not a fighter and I get scared very me a scarity cat, it's the truth!!! Anyway, everything else is ok..have to loose weight again..Meowmy gets sooo worried bout me and my health concern when it comes to crystals as I am very susestale to them and Meowmy just about lost me last Ausust, but Meowmy fought for me and we both have to make sure I am being good and only eating the special food, but Meowmy catches me at times taking from my sisfurs...I can't help it..their food is soooo delicious and I like variety in my diet and Meowmy says NO!!! but I have to say, awww,,, Meowmy just this once and then I helo myself really fast before she takes the food away, MOL

Two of my furiends are having special days today: Buddy Angel is celebrating his gotcha day, and Timmy Tom Cat is also celebrating his gotcha day...hope both of you are having a great day, enjoying all the attention and prezzies and treats...Purrs and Headbunts to the both of you awesome, pawsome guys.


A Dailey Diary Pick...Were We Ever Surprised!!!

October 3rd 2012 10:42 am
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Great things are sure happening lately..Buddy was honored on Saturday as a Dailey Diary Pick, for the first time and that touched Meowm so much and that same day Kaci Sunshine got a huge amount of work accomplished at Orange Kitties Rock..all this while Meowm was at work...and sorry bout not posting how happy and honored I am bout being chosed a DDP on Monday..cuz this is an honor I truly appreciate and am thrilled to bits about..Meowm has been busy lately and yesturday she had to travel an hour just to go shopping for us and her, which she hasn't been able to do for awhile, furiends would pick things up while they were there..but sometimes Meowm likes to do this as she knows what we like and need...oh yeah, the girls have this holistic new food with vegies and fruit and stuff bought yesturday and they luv do I, MOL!! cept I'm not suppose to eat it, only the UR stuff from the vets, but I sure like to try,MOL!! anyway she was gone all day and things are happening in a positive way all the way around..Meowm doesn't have to hide any of us when the new property managers come around..cuz she said she wasn't getting rid of any of us!!! So they gave in and she just has to sign the paper stating she will not add anymore problem...but I think she will only feel better once the paper is delivered to the house and she signs's not written in stone yet!! But coming to Catster always makes Meowmy feel happy.. and the best part is we get to play wif our furiends and make new furiends and hang out in our groups and all kinds of stuff like that.

I just want to say thank you to Catster for choosing me to be a DDP this past Monday, Oct 1 and thank everfur for the pmails and Kaci Sunshine and furmily for my pumkin rosette and concats and Smily Cassanova for the balloons...and hey thanks to all who gave and sent out the balloons, what a great day Monday was, eh? Also a big thank you to Rory for making us a bewtifur DDP picture of me for Monday, we appreicate them and cherish them, Rory.

Purrs to YOU



September 30th 2012 2:27 pm
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I just couldn't believe it when I first saw it with my own eyes, had to paw at them a couple of time to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing...Orange Kitties Rock has an artist in residence who decorated the page, new members are being added daily, with the help of Kaci Sunshien, who I need to give all the credit to and send out a huge THANK YOU for all of her hard work, has oraganized new threads and gone thru the old ones..gotten new admins to join to help us admins, new and exciting things are happening on Orange Kitties Rock!!! I just don't
know where to begin..I have to go back there right now and add to the threads...this is just pawsome and exciting!!! ORANGE KITTIES ROCK IS ALIVE AND HAPPENING!!!!! YAAA WE WILL ROCK YOU, COME AND SEE, MOL!!!


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