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My Utmost Thanks to All Fur a Most Memorable Gotcha Day!!

March 26th 2014 7:42 am
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I had a nice Gotcha Day. It was kind of cold outside and we have lots of snow to melt yet. But I don’t ever go outside, so that’s ok with me. Meowmy said it’s like the day she found me outside theB apartment door, just beyond the fire door right beside where she lived. I was crying and crying and she could see me standing up against the frosted glass.

Bijou was in a funny mood. She was pestering me and making me angry. Meomwy told her to stop it, and I ran and Bijou ran after me and tried jumping on my back and I hissed loud, too. Meomwy got mad then and Bijou went and laid down to behave herself. Not sure what that was all about. I just don’t like to be bothered very much anymore.

Give me my wicker basket and mai soft kneeding blankies and I am set 
I got mai Weruva pumpkin Lick’n Chicken fur mai supper, just fur me!!

I don’t need anything else, just for time to stand still, MOL!!

Lots of mai furiends stopped by and gave me prezzies and I am going to record it all here for my Meowmy to be able to look back upon one day!!
Personal Message sent by the famous Guido Italian Kitty
Auntie Dana ~ bewifur keepsake picture
Rory and Crew ~ bewtifur keepsake picture
Skittles, Mango and Carmello gave me a most wonnerfur Furever Crown!!
Mai furmily gave me a Furever Golden Beating Heart!!
Newman ~ Red Adoption ribbon
Winston, Kelsee and furmily ~ Blue Bird
Ebony ~ Blue Bird
Hooch ~ Red Heart
Kaci Sunshine and Furmily ~ Red Adoption Ribbon
Kibbles, Francis, and Furmily ~ Blue Bird
Luke, Tully, Sammy, Natasha ~ Ladybug
Mac, Ivy, Legolas and Furmily ~ Daffadils
King Meiko and Kinzy ~ Blue Bird
Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe ~ Football
Moose ~ Tulips
Platelicker ~ Red Adoption Ribbon
Angel Rebby, Princess, Kody ~ Blue Bird
Athena ~ Shrimp, yummy!!
Beepers and furmily ~ Red Adoption Ribbon
Kitty Pryde, Indiana and furmily ~ Red heart
Gunner, Miss Muppet, Peekaboo ~ Ladybug
Muffy, Opie, Zoey, Oliver ~ Blue Bird
Xena, QT, Zeke and furmily ~ Red Adoption Ribbon
Finnegan, Lacey and Alex ~ Red Heart
Smiley Cassanova, Luigi ~ Canadian Flag
Colorado, Napolean ~ Mousie and permission to do whatever I want!!
Tiger, Tiny, Beauty ~ Golden Beating Heart


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