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January 14th 2009 9:47 am
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Well life is strange let me tell you. Everyone thought for sure that Bijou would be the one to be the Alpha cat...she acted like it before!

But guess what, I stepped up to the plate. I'm not big on being bossy, Bijou can have that job...i just want to be close to Meowmy.

I have become very close to my Meowmy...I lay in her lap at night while we watch t.v. and sleep close by, too. I just like and want to be wif her.

We both need each other since Buddy passed away. I miss him terribly. There are days I pace back and forth, whinning my head off for no reason, but Meowmy knows and understands.
I can't and won't every try to take my papa Buddy's place, but it's nice to be close wif my Meowmy...

Who would have thought!

Purrs and Silent Prayers to my Papa Buddy


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hearts; My
Bobbie - In
Loving Memory


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