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I'm Finally Home....

May 26th 2007 5:13 pm
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Aww...I was some scared kitty in the hopital. Apparently it started to loose it shortly after meowm left me there yesturday. the tech and vet had to wear protective gear on thier hands and arms to get me out of the cage. I wasn't gassed for very long and did not recieve very much, either. Long enough to feel my bladder and poke it to get a stream of urine for the tests. They also cut my nails very very short...humph!

I screamed whenever someone came in, so they had to put atowel over the front of the cage (the only place I could see out of). Meowm came for me this morning. I didn't even recognize her voice, I was just too scared and upset. She had to get someone to open the cage cause she didn't know how to. The front desk girl had told Meowm to go and get me, as they couldn't do anything with me! The lady opend the door and left. Meowm put her hand in slowly and gently so I could smell it and talked gently with me. I could tell she was ver afraid of me! Then Meowm put her head in and upper torso to reach me, as i was cowering in a corner. When Meowm said paPa Buddy and Bijou's name I quieten down and really looked at her. OHHH THAT IS MY MEOWM! I let her pick me up and put me in my own carrier. I felt all ucky. Meowmy was telling me that as long as she lives she will never let me go through this again. Well the tech had come in by that time and heard Meowm. She started explaining how bad I had been and Meowm said I should have been given a shot of something to calm me down. They talked for awhile and moved into the office area with me in the cage. As they were talking the cage door opend and I walked out. Meowm said I was out of my carrier. She just picked me up and saw all the dried poop all on my tummy and backend and tail. Apparently I would let them touch me. I may have to go back in about two weeks if these meds don't work for culture tests. Meowm said if I have to come back she will need to pick up something to relax me first and they will have to keep me like that.

I have some kind of stuff in my urine bacteria stuff. So I am on Amoxicillin and to stop my penis area from wivering I am on another drug that is a very long name. Two pills a day for that for 10 days and 1 pill a day on the anti-biotics for 7 days. Meowm will keep a very close watch on me! I helped Meowmy wash me up, she didn't give me a real bath as she didn't want to scare me any more than I had already been. Plus the pills were to come and that is an ordeal in itself. i took them today. Only took about 45 minutes, as I was running away from Meowm.

We are both physically and emotionally drained from the whole ordeal. I am gettings lots of special attention and love! Tomorrow I will post alot more to my furriends. Like say Hi and thank you once again and how happy I am to be home and glad to talk to my furriends.



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