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I'm Staying Overnight and Don't Like It...

May 25th 2007 8:44 pm
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They can call this place a hospital all they want, I still say it is jail. Well I can't see Meowmy or papa Buddy and not even Bijou. I would just like to know by Christopher Columbuses name what i did to deserve this today!

First Meowm puts me in the cage and then she takes me OUTSIDE and into a VEHICLE and we drive down a big road and I see cows and horses and the new AMISH that have moved into our area.

Finally we get to the hospital and I am taken out of my cage in a strange room that a big doggie was just in. Yucky!! Then this stranger starts manhandling me. I hissed at her and sratched her. I didn't like it when she said i needed to loose weight, hey I know i weigh 5.8lbs, so that not fat!

Then the Tech, whose name is Cam, sticks somefin up my butt! Ohh, I really got mad then. Cam couldn't find my bladder, as i was too tense. So we waited for Dr. Tanya Anderson. Well she found it no problemo. Only problem, I had to be admitted as a patient to the hospital because my bladder was empty. And they really wanted to poke my bladder to get a sterile urine sample for three tests.

So Meowm kissed me good bye and told me to be a good boy. A few minutes later I received my first fluid shots under the skin. Now I know how the kitties with renel failure sort of feel like with theses shots.

Meowm phone the vets office fthree times, the first time she found out I was SCREAMING my head off whenever anyone entered the room I am in, or touched me. Man can't they see I am scared here! Cam had to touch me and that set me off even worse. Get away, i don't know you. Meowmy, I just want my Meowmy. Where did you put my Meowmy????

The sencond call Meowm told them I prefer soft food over hard food, as they are giving me the special food already.

The third call around 5:20, Meowmy found out I don't have crystals or blood in my bladder. Yah!! Meowm also got to hear how I sound when i scream if someone just opens the door. Poor Meowm started to cry. She said that didn't sound like me at all. That I sounded very afraid and frighten. She wanted to come get me but was told the hospital was closed Meowm was not happy about that and I didn't even know she was on the phone right there by me. We had to waite for the vet to phone Meowm back with what is actually going on. Hey, in the meantime can someone PLEASEEEE tell my Meowm to come and get me out of here? What! What do you mean this place is closed for the night? I want to go home NOW!!! I don't like this jail place..why am I being punished...I promisse I won't do whatever I did ever again...just let me go home!!!

Dr. Tanya phone Meowm back shortly and said the results show I have a low grade bacterial infection. i am going to be taking anti-biotics and some other med I can't remember anymore.

I just want to go home...I have never been away from papa Buddy for one night since i came to live with then over two years ago. Meowmy...pawese come and get me...pawese take me home...I promise I will be a good boy!


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