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A Diary Pick of The Day.....

May 24th 2007 7:13 am
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Wow, what a surprise for all of us when Meowmy opened her email and saw the message from Catster that once again I have been chosed as a Diary Pick of the Day! I thought I should put a little something in here.

I have made many good furriends here on Catster and am still meeting and making more. I still need to learn alot, too, MOL!! Kitties are so helpful when I have asked for help, even on behalf of another kitty!

I really like this tag game. It makes my family go back into our address book of furriends we have made and may not have had contact with in a while. Before I tag anyone, I check out their page and read their diaries to see if they have been tagged yet. If not, then I tag them, so I can learn more about them. I ask them to read the insructions and also the seven answer I wrote down to the game. I believe this game is for us all to learn a little more of the kitties we have befurriended, especially the ones we don't always keep in contact with!

PaPa Buddy really dug into his furriends list! He came up with kitties who have diaries and are currently up to date on Catster but may not have been up to date on their diaries! Missy sent him a star this morning. I think that is just wonderful for my PaPa Buddy. He is the Boss, but usually is the silent one around here. Buddy doesn't get alot of rosettes or stars, so this has really made his day, too! Thanks, Missy!

All three of us: PaPa Buddy, Bijou and myself are trying our best to get involved with more of our groups. Poor Bijou pointed out that she never got to go to her groups, AWW!!! But she is also busy as a detective for Samoa's agency, MOL

The rain has finally stopped! I thought yesturday it would for sure, but nope, started up again. We are not used to this rain business that goes on for days and days! We love and need our sunshine! It's still not too warm out either. Sometime this week we are suppose to dip down to -3 celcius. Come on, this is almost the end of May. Our garden isn't even planted yet!!

Well, I'm of to see how everyone is doing....


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