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We Decoded to Leave.....

May 23rd 2007 10:46 am
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Yesturday PaPa Buddy and I decided to leave a group we have been in since we first got onto Catster. It is the Brilliant Orange Cats United group.

We had been seriously thinking of leaving for sometime. The feelings we experienced yesturday were fery strong and overwhelming.

There is a great bunch of kitties in the group and they are for the most part very supportive. I received quite a few pmails about our leaving. Some understood, most didn't. All wanted us to stay and give it another chance. but in all honesty I just can't do it anymore. They may never understand. and I don't feel as though I need to justify my reasons.

First and formost I am a Canadian Kitty. Our country is known not to be a bully. And as such I do not like to be bullied, as we are never taught how to do that. I also am not attacking anyone or any country. It's just we have strong feelings and are very hurt right now.

Instead of attacking any one, we decided to pack up our couch and microphones. I am never a fighter, but will not allow anyone to bully me.

We may have reacted very hastily and confused other kitties in our choice. There is one pmail I recieved that topped all others yesturday that pretty muched nailed the coffin shut for our decision to ever return and I share it now. I have taken the liberty to undisclose who wrote it, as it really doesn't matter who the author of this letter is, its the words that count:

Subject: Re: We're Leaving... Sent: Tue May 22

NO, NO, NO. You can't leave Friday. You're a VERY valued member. I (and A LOT) of others have voted like crazy for Eddy. That would be a slap with your paw at us if you left. Besides that not being fair, you would TRULY hurt OUR feelings! Please stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purrs & Headbutts,

Now, poor Eddy is not and should not be brought into our decision as to why we left. But to suggest we would be slapping paws at anyone suggestes to us that this kitty does not know us and therefore should not have said something as cruel as this. The next part really takes the catnip! I should only care about other kitties feelings and just gulp mine down and get on with it? I have gulped enough stuff to choke a horse!

I just am tired of being misunderstood and bullied. This author may not have realized how the words would be taken, but the implications are there, none the less. I can see how this author was also pleading for us to stay, and for that I do say thank you for caring enough to take the time to say this.

To sum it up, without having to go into great detail as to all the reasons why we decided to leave, we just felt we didn't belong and maybe it was not the group for us to be involved in.


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