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Awww Cheetoes ~ Shining Brightly in The Heavens Now

November 15th 2015 10:33 am
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*Friday looks up and giggles with joy*

Aww Cheetoes and Platey just look at you both shining so bright from the heavens above.

Cheetoes, I fink I understand a little sumfing; Love so strong wins every time. You knew Platey was sick and it worried you so. That's your boy who loved nothing more than to stare at you and tease you.

You needed to be wif Platelicker. You didn't mean to break any hearts and the good Lord granted a good long love filled life, but that orange boy needed you more. So the angels heard what was in your heart and took you to him.

Wow!! just look at the two of you!! shining so bright right inside that Rainbow ~ thank you so much fur letting me see just a small glimpse of how
bewtifur Heaven will be.

All your furiends sending love and prayers and comforting thoughts to your precious furmily, especially your MC ~ we all love you soo much.

Cheetoes and Platey Shining Brightly Inside The Rainbow


One of My Best Furiends and A Catster Legend Has Journeyed- to The Bridge

November 12th 2015 4:33 pm
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Platelicker is a legend around these parts we love and call Catsterland. So many know of him, are furiends of his too.

He made us laugh and now we cry and mourn.

I'll never look at a red feffer boa quite the same way again, *wipes a tear*

Or when someone is picking the strings of their geetar, I'll be thinking of you, my sweet furiend, Platey, who loved to play us all some nifty songs on his back porch as we picked fly legs outta our teef, and laffed and hooted and danced our hearts out. Some real good hoe downs happend on dat back porch of his.

Now I'll be listening really close to hear you play your geetar in the heavely choir up on yonder Bridge.

Oh, Platey, I'm gonna miss you!! Save me a seat, I'll be up later, not just yet...things fur me to still do. You take your rest, you've earned it my furiend.

The Crown of Life is yours, you've overcome and conquered so much. Rest well my furiend, rest well.

I'll be keeping your MC in my thoughts and prayers. She will be missing and mourning you the most.

Come visit us when you have a chance.

Love you forever and ever and your memory I'll keep, forever your furiend, Friday

Platelicker's page:


Need to Get In Touch With Watch Cat?? Here Are The Links To- Use

July 24th 2015 5:22 pm
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I had a time and a half trying to get in touch with Watch Cat, but Watch Cat finally got back to me.

I hadn't gotten my alotted zealies and needed them. Well, let's make a story short. Today, Watch Cat topped up my zealies and also let me know where to write to them, so I was thinking, probably not the only kibbie having issues and thought I would pass along the email addresses to get in touch with Watch Cat

But first to let you know the contact/support page is not working properly, so don't bother using that, instead use these email addresses to get in touch: and also

I want to thank Watch Cat fur halping me out wif my zealies problem and topping up my account and sending this information to me


The Site is Moving Next Week.....All Page Decorations Will- Be Gone

May 15th 2015 3:03 pm
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Ok, so I just had to pop in and finally do up a diary entry. Kind of excited here as the new platform we will be moving to next week or the week after.

I read there will not be any css or html codes there. So we will all learn together with the help of the Pawsome Pages group.

Here is the link for you all to read the information: munity-site-update-may-2015

and just a little blurb I am copying for just myself here:

After the launch, scheduled for late next week, you will be able to navigate through the site with some familiarity, but if you get lost, don’t panic, we will continue to roll out refinements over the next few weeks.

For those of you who use CSS, HTML, or JavaScript to customize the appearance of your Pet Pages and Group homepages, please be aware that the code you currently have in your Fun Stuff Bio Fields will not be valid on the new platform. When the site moves to the new platform, your Pet Pages and Groups will no longer feature decorations.

Pet Page styling will be available on the new platform; however, it will have to be done differently. We have solicited the help from the wonderful folks at Pawsome Pages, and they will be available after the launch to assist everyone (including us) learn the new process for styling.

We’re all very excited to finally have the Community areas of Catster back up and running again. It's long overdue. Thank you all for your continued support!

We will be back with another Community site update next week, before the launch. In the meantime, don’t forget to join us in the All Paws Bulletin Group for updates and information from your friends at Catster HQ.

Much meow,

Lori and John D., Your Community Team

Ok, so I am super catcitied and actually months ago I had stated in a survey that it would be nice for everyone to be able to decorate their pages to the max without having to learn the css codes, as I know there are tons of kibbies out there who want beautiful pages like the rest and struggle with this so I think it will be a blessing and its going to be fun to learn again

Just kind of sad about the Angel backgrounds. Our Buddy's page is so beautiful. I want to take a great picture of it and save it, I only know how to use the snipping tool, if anyone else knows something different, please let me know

So anyway, lets all get our groove on!! I have to get a bunch of boxes and start taking down (in pictures and memories) the lovely backgrounds and stuff and have it all labeled and ready for the big move


It's Offurcial!! ~ I'm Now a Working Mancat, MOL!!!

December 19th 2014 8:46 am
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We got the best mews yet!! Found out yesterday afternoon the business proposal Meowm and I have been working so hard on has been approved!!

This is huge, catciting mews fur sure!! This is just one of many steps fur me to take on my new business venture. An important step, too.

I'm helping wif looking over different sites on the net to see about making an online store so everyfur can come and have a look at my pawsome catnip mats I have been making and selling. Just have a facebook page fur now, hopefully after the pawlidays the store will be up.

I'm also going to be making stuff fur cat shows and Meowm is going to set up a meeting wif a CEO of a pet store to see if they are interested in our merchandise.

I'm da man of da house, Meowm says so, and I has to look after them gurls and me, too ~ MOL!!!


From The Beat of My Heart

December 10th 2014 1:09 pm
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It's been like furever since I have been it, seems like that anyways. My new business venture has been pretty good ~ making some money to help pay fur my special food.

Meowm just finished working on the business proposal, now she has to meet with a couple of people, go and meet dem Meowm, I has work to do, MOL!!!

I finally has some time to decorate the pages fur Christmas, now how pawsome is that???? Last year at this time we were having problems at Catster, like everyfur else. Now this year, we can decorate our pages, send gifties and stuff and know its all safe and will be here!! What a great feeling that is, every time I come here I realize what a blessing this site is and we are truly lucky to have this site.

Now, I may not be the best little interior decorator around, but at least I'm trying to fix my pages up all nice and with the help of a few dear furiends, who take the time to answer questions and suggestions and hve given me a template to use, I sure do feel wonnnerfu being able to fix my pages up nice!!

Sometime after Christmas I'm going to help Meowm get the online store up and running so everyfur can go and check out our pawsome catnip mats ~ we've heard wonnerfur fings of how much everyfur who has ordered them, loves dem and says they are top quality made ~ only da best fur us kibbies is what I say, MOL!!!


I'm The CEO of Our New Online Store!!

November 5th 2014 10:59 am
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OMC!!! first of all, I am so sorry for being away from the best place in da whole wide world. Sometimes we've had problems getting on, but still managage to after awhile.

Meowm has been making stuff fur us kibbies. For about a good six months, if not longer, she has been working on a mat fur us. Finally she found one she likes. It washes well, holds it's shape and looks great, even after multiple washings. She told a friend about it and they wanted one, and even paid Meowm fur making it. That got Meowm to finking. As you all know, I am on expensive spawcial food and everything is tight here. So I looked at Meowm and told her to just make a facebook page for now and post some nips made and material we can use to make them for customers.

Guess what??? We've been making and selling!!! Our business name is Pawsitively Pawsome Creations. Catnip mats and soft cuddly toys fur your precious furbabies. We are in the process of making a website itself. It's going by that name too. We are hoping to have some stuff you kibbies can buy as gifts fur your furmily too!!

So hold onto your hats!!!

The customers who've ordered and already received their catnip mats just love them too. I help Meowm make each and every one of them too!! I sit beside her and make sure they all look just pawsome. They must pass the Friday test, MOL!!

So if you think we've been kind of quiet, its because between the sewing, paperwork that has to be done and website development, we've been kind of busy!

Meowm says it's a family run business: I'm the inspiration fur it ~ So I'm the beeg cheese, MOL!!! Bijou is the bossy one, so she is helping in the design of the website and is in charge of quality control. Bailey loves catnip, so she is in charge of the catnip supplies and distribution of it, MOL!!! Neiko is our cuddly little fing, she is in charge of being the tester MOL!! Meowm is the labour force and our only employee, she works pretty cheap fur us too, MOL!!!!!! Doesn't even require treats to get work done. Meomw is in charge of the shipping department. She packages the merchandise up all good and brings it down to the post office to ship around the world!!! We even have one going to Poland!!!

There hasn't been any snow yet, and thank goodness fur that!! Well, I has to run fur now, just thought I would let you know about our little family business!!


I Came Out Fur Awhile

September 29th 2014 8:54 am
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Thank you all fur the purrs, prayers and love ~ they are working!!

Meowm put some Valerian out fur me in the bedroom and living room last evening and she also washed all the floors. I hissed fur a while if she came near me. And then later in the evening while I was in Bijou's flower bed in the bedroom, Meowm peeked in at me and I didn't say a peep. I just watched her from the corner of my eye.

She got ready for bed and fell asleep. When she woke up, guess where I was??? Right on top of her head, being my silly, happy boy self. I rolled around and around, we purrlayed and talked and I got happy when Meowm said let's go fur breakkie. I got into the kitchen first and then Meowm and fur some strange reason I went funny again. Not as bad as yesterday.

I am hanging out in the bedroom right now. I did quietly sneak into the kitchen, saw Meowm and ran back to the bedroom. I had my breakfast in the bedroom too.

I'm going to get better, feel more confident. There is my happy, carefree smart, handsome self still inside and I let Meowm see it dis morning!!

Purrlease continue to send love, purrs and prayers. They do work!!


I'm Having a Feral Moment

September 28th 2014 9:37 am
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Yesterday Meowm came home from an outing with her furiends. She hardly ever gets a chance to get away with furiends.

Anyway, when she came home I was in the kitchen by the chairs, crouching down low and hissing. Bijou was by me. I took one look at Meowm, ran to the counter, jumped up, hoped onto the top of the fridge, tried to get to the top of the cupboards, slid down. Meowm shouted NO and I jumped again and made it. I got in a corner up there and crouched down and hissed and screamed.

Meanwhile Bailey is locked in the bedroom, like for hours, crying her heart out and none of us can let her out!! Meowm heard her, went and opened the door. See, while Meowm was away, the wind picked up, got thru the open window, slammed the bedroom door shut, locking Bailey in. Well, she doesn't like that and cried and it spooked alla us kibbies too.

The girls and Meowm are arfraid of me and meanwhile I am afraid of only God himself knows what and Meowm has prayed and cried for me to come back to her and she keeps telling me she doesn't understand what happend.

I just scream and hiss and spit and foam at the mouth when I see her. I have even pooped myself right there on the floor too. Meowm gives me lots of room and I ran away to hide. I am usually like this at the vets not at home wif Meowm. This is so devastating. We need purrs and prayers I will come around in a hurry and be Meowm's little Sunshine boy once again.

She has talked calmly wif me, sang my song, "You Are My Sunshine", all the stuff I would know and remember that's just Me and Meowm stuff ~ I'm just so scared right now and so I everybody else here at home. The girls are hiding downstairs too.


Two Furiends Are Now Angels

September 17th 2014 11:47 am
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I am in shock and deepely sadden. Two of my closest furiends have become Angels!!

Ivy and Hobo went to Rainbow Bridge. Hobo lived a good long life. At the grand age of twenty he gained his wings and fly's with the Angels now.

Ivy took sick after some routine dental surgery. I am at a loss and in shock. Her brofurs are grand furiends and so is she!!! I have two new angels watching over me and alla our wonnerfur furiends

As kitties,our lives here on earth is short. Can live to be twenty or called to the Bridge just weeks old. Doesn't matter, there is never long enough lives for our furiends and families.

This now makes four furiends in less than one week at the Bridge!!!

Godspeed my furiends!!! I will forever remember and love all of you!!!

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