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One More Time: Friday's Encore Performance

July 24th 2016 8:55 am
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*Friday opens the door to his room, turns on the light and looks straight ahead, to his stage. Climbs the stairs and plugs in his microphone, taps it lightly to make sure it works.*

A beeg hello to alla mai wonnerfur furiends!! I'm sure glads Watch Cat and the I-5 Team (can't remember the new name, I'm only a kitty) is allowing alla us to still have time here. Many are working hard to save precious memories and we can still meows and Watch Cat is wacking that zealies machine so we can all send our gifts to alla our furiends.

I wasn't gonna come back onto mai stage, as I was a furry sad little boy, but den some stuff has happened and I needs to get it out there...some not some not so good, some furry sad information for alla us and some really catciting information too....

ok, so I will starts first wif where I said I was gonna hang mai hat. I pipped up alla bout Unitedcats...and dat turned out to be such a bad place!! I am truly so sorry to have told alla you how good it was..but it really and truly isn't a good place. There is a person on there playing head games wif us...taking our diary entries down, changing our words in our diary..and only moderators can do we are out of there...and that place also ruined a furiendship we had wif a Catster member from here for years, too...gone poof..just like that!! I'm not telling you not to go or continue to stay there...but if you want to know and see what this person did to me...I took screen shots to document it all...anyway..finished with that. learned my lesson too, there are safety in numbers when we stick together as a Catster group and not dive head on into unknown waters.

Now for the really sad news:

I know lots of you here are furiends wif a lovely Catster furmily containing Muffy, Opie, Oliver, Zoey, Booboo and Elmer.

Word has been reached that their Momma, Deb Smith, passed away ~ We've been furiends since I joined up here. It's furry sad. I know there are Catster members in contact, working to find out about Zoey and Oliver and hopefully finding them a furever home together, as we all know, Deb would have wanted that. I'm just not good wif my words at times like this, so I shall leave the link for her obituary...and I am going to add all the kitties to the Wayback Machine, I don't want them left behind. s/obituary.cfm?o_id=3742366&fh_id=10578

And now for the good news;

We joined up a site called Furiendly Pets and there we can decorate our pages just like here, including the banners too. Can have photo albums, groups, gifts to give out and chat away just to name a few things. And its entirely free.

We also signed up for another place called Here Kitty on July 6th but didn't do anything with it...then last night saw an email from the site and thought, why in I went....

Welllll....let me tell you all abouts it!!!.....

In I go, wearing my HL hat that makes me look like Frank Sinatra himself..that way everyone would recognize me. I go in and look and went WHOOO!!! oh I was so petrified, I pulled mai hat down and went "Meow..somebody help me, I'm so confused"...I was a scared kitty fur sure..didn't know where to or what to do..then Miss Macy came to my rescue and she helped me!! oh it was lots better!! And now I feel better too!!

I learned how to make furiends, I have my diary back!! I named it the same has here and we can copy and paste our diaries from here into there!! There are groups...i ran into The Late Late Show and said, "guess what, I made it!!"

Macy had a little learning class fur Wolfganng and me last night and Sterling came by and the A Team of Athena and Apollo stopped by along with Aragorn and Lily, Angel Athena's sisfur stopped by...

I tell you it was the best homecoming feeling evber!! Jason Hopper is there, Kally Kat is there, Milo Blue Eyes, King Meiko and Kinzy..and I already mentioned Wolfganng :) ....

We can have the same groups over there as here, the look is different but once shown around it makes sense...and Macy is excellent!! She told me she tries to get on around 9 pm Eastern time..other times I don't know and there is file on there for learning stuff and I betcha the ones been there for a while will help anyone in need like me....because I has to still learn lots...but you know, it was that feeling last night in my heart, that everything is gonna be just fine now!!

So there you have it!! my two main homes now!!

And you know sumfing???? Catster is getting ready fur her voyage to Rainbow Bridge...and once there, the Angels gone before us..will be running the halls of our beloved Catsterland... this beautiful site will never ever be empty!! And one day, when each of us are called to rest at Rainbow Bridge, we too shall enter these hallowed halls once again, to join in the fun wif alla our pals....

Until then you could find a wonnerfur community of Catster's here at this link, too:

And now I take my final bow, with smiles and love to you, alla my furiends, I will not be closing the door to my room this time... the Angels are more than welcome to come an play in here and I will also be putting my stuff back up..I want to leave it just the way it is, so when I make my journey one day, it's all here, waiting for me, just as I left it.

*Friday tuns off his microphone and lays it gently on the little wooden table, steps down off the stage, walks to the door of his room, hangs up his painted portrait and puts alla his stuff back where it belongs..but keeping the memories and all the copies of his precious stuff in his napsack....looks around, with a big smile and a little tear in his eye *

Good night Catsterland and thanks for the memories, you'll be right here in my heart until we meet again one day....


So Blessed to Have Been A Part of This Magical Place I Call- Catsterland

July 9th 2016 7:18 pm
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*Friday comes in one last time, just to make sure he hasn't left anything behind ~ looks at his stage and hops up to where his microphone is waiting for one last message to be sent out*

I've heard it said life is a stage and we are all actors, playing our parts in it....

I was just a punk in my Papa Buddy's eyes when we joined this awesome site, back on March 6, 2007. I became the voice for our furmily right off the bat.

I got to live it out loud here on my stage. Made a lot of great furiends. Learned how to make keepsake pictures for spawcial days fur mai furiends and then moved on to making angel keepsake pictures..even learned how to finally fix up our pages all pretty fancy..not as fancy as some others. But I sure came along way from the beginning.

Catsterland was so good to me and gave me so many honours:

Cat of The Week: Feb 17-23/14
Cat of The Day: June 16/12
Diary of The Day: Easter Sunday, April 8/07
Daily Diary Picks: 28 times

In the groups I belonged to I was honoured:

TKC group: Cat of The Week: June 15-22/07 and Sept 10-16/12
KCK Kewlest : Kitty of The Week: April 1-7/13
Da Cat's Meow: Cat of The Month: January 2015

And all of mai furmily members, including our angel pup, Bobbie over on Dogster, we all had accolades ~ we all got to shine in the spotlight at some point and it sure felt good.

But more than any of those, its what Catster means and will always mean to me that I will hold most dear in mai heart and that is the furiendships we made along the way. The caring support we got from everyone here.

I remember when Meowmy thought I was a goner and she poured her heart out about the crystal chick and what had happend and the nasty vet who charged outrageous amounts of money. How others talked wif Meowmy and rallied and purred and prayed for us.

When Buddy became and angel, Calvin's Mawmee, Laura Strickland, made him the most bewtifur angel picture and we still cherish that picture...and the stars and rosies with the kind messages that showed love and support...and Angel Norman's Mommy who helped make the header for Buddy's angel memorial page...I know mai Meowmy worked so hard on that page for him and now it will be no more in a few more days and thats just heartbreaking and a crying shame...*Friday wiping the tears away as fast as they are falling*

And I remember mai furiends who lived it out loud here wif me and had to make their journey to the was pretty sad, hard, lonely feeling times, and we all helped each other..and that too will be lost...and I feel so bad fur the furmilies who just lost a furbaby not long ago and have to walk away from this place of kindness and healing...poor Beepers hasn't been gone two months..they were here almost from the beginning and now his page will be torn away.

Its not right or fair...and with the original owner fighting for his own life right now, its all so sad.

And a six day notice sure wasn't furry nice...goes to show a huge lack of empathy on the part of the new owners. Shame on YOU!!!

But things change and we have to keep moving I will remember all the good and take my precious memories from this one can ever take that from me. NOPE not a one!!

I'm making a new home obur at:

There are members from here coming by the plane load and its in its infancy stage, that purrlace has so much potential ...can make groups, diaries, have photo albums..there is lots!!

I also have a blog and fur sure no one can take dat away furm me and I'll be adding Catsterland memories to it too:

You know what I rawlly wants to do??? I wants to grab all of dis Catsterland and envelope it and wrap it up and take it wif me.. all of it...but I can't really take the site and thats what I want...

and in a sense I will be doing that..I will be walking away right now, holding it all tight in my heart and nobody can take it away from me....

*Friday crying hard ~ turns off his microphone and unplugs is for the last time at Catster and takes it with him....quietly walks off his stage, takes his painted portrait off his wall, turns the lights off for the very last time in his room and softly closes the door........


So We Are Going to Loose Catster ~ Bummer

July 6th 2016 2:19 pm
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Heard the news through a few furiends on Facebook that the powers that be, whatever that maybe, is shutting down Catster around the 12th of July, or there abouts...welllllllll....not even a full week!!

I hate to say it, but saw the writing on the wall months ago when I heard our sister site, Cat Channel, which was purchased by the company that bought Caster, was shutting down that site. That was my wake up call.

So I started to look around and remembered Meowmy had addd Bijou to a site called United Cats a couple of years back, when we thought Catster was a goner then...we went and had another look and it had changed and we really do like it there a whole lot!! So many kind furiendly kitties and humans there too..very kind and as some of you know, we have been making the transition to over there.

That's where we'll be and we're also over at Cathugger, thats a good place too, and we have our own blog..haven't used it much, but have to start now that this place is a done deal. It's called Friday and the Girls Meowming It Out Loud...So I will leave the links and hopefully you all will at least check them out and give them a its not Catster or dogster and never will be..but it is what we can make it be over time

h ttp://

united cats also has a site for the dogs too :

I really shouldn't be surprised in the least what is going on, but why some get the email and others, like me, not???

I sure hope my furiends, Like Meep and Bibi, my two orange boy furiends, and other great furiends see and read this diary and please get in touch with us kids..Meowmy let us make our own email account so you can get in touch wif us kids and let us know how you are doing and where you are

please send us a message here before it all goes away if you can

Oh and I wanted to add this site too ~ a fellow Catster member created this site and its one way to stay connected there too ~ please check it out, we took a peek and will be checking it out more:

Now what we're mad at is this: why do they have to take down our pages? why can't they leave them up??? at least keep the angel pages up!~!!

We all sure got a hard fat kick in the pants didn't we???

And I'll never ever allow that Catster magazine in our house either..nope...its not even gonna be good enough to pee or poop on!


Just So You Know ~ We're Are Still Here and Keeping Our- Pages, Too

April 4th 2016 10:54 am
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Some have asked if we are leaving for good, ummmmm.....nope!!! We have been here since March of 2007. The only way we leave is when the ship goes down.

There are way too many memories on this site, plus the fact Buddy became an angel while here and his memorial page means so much to Meowmy.

But you know, you can have more than one site to be on.

And we really do like United Cats.

Our wonderful furiend family of Queen Tallulah, Xena Warrior Princess, Zekie Bear, Kody, Tu Two are on there as well and making furiends and getting settled in

And there are at least four more Catster furmilies on there and others that have told me they were members here once and when they couldn't get in at all (remember, I was afraid this was going to happen? well they had no choice and had to move on and some are there)

I'm not giving up on this site, but I am being realistic and preparing myself for the future.

There are lots of great hoomans and kibbies on there and there is also a dog side of it too.

The site was sold a couple of years ago to a lady and she is making it kind and friendly...and as time goes and it grows, so will the site and its features.

We would love to see more furiends join up know you can have more than one home site...and I have talked with others who didn't get the chance to save stuff from here and move it when they were locked out and no notices were going to personal email least we have a chance to test waters and check stuff out and there is nothing broken on that site

Anyways, something for you to think about


Tomorrow is My 11th Gotcha Day and We Found A Pawsome New- Site

March 24th 2016 7:17 am
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whooo Hooo, hotttt kitty cat, I'm in, for how long?? who knows

Tomorrow is really special, Meowmy found me on a Good Friday, March 25 and tomorrow is Good Friday, March 25...doesn't happen too often, so its a special one.

Ok, with the roller coaster ride I've been one and getting upset over a site that has stated they tried to move to another platform and can't move and alot of broken stuff can't be fixed,,, and another site 1-5 acquired the same time as Catster, called Cat Channel ~ well that site has been given notice its being shut down. Instead, the company is working on another new site, something about Farm and whatever and its not about the cats anymore.

So with all that information in my little orange head, I dried my tears, stood up, took a beeg long stretch and said a prayer to God, "please God, we need anfur purrlace that will be nice and fun"

God answered my prayers..and the funny thing, we've been members for over two years, only Bijou has been there, now all of us kids are there.

Its called United Cats ~ and it felt so right as soon as we came back and stepped over the threashhold.

There is Cat of The Week, diaries (blogs) gifts, and private messages, can decorate your pages...can have photo albums on each of your cats pages, and the photo albums hold 200 photos and you can have more than one album for each cat...and there are groups there and you can start groups too

No, its not catster and never will be nor should it ever compare...its something a little differnt and I really really like it there..we are in the process of migrating...I have about everything saved from here I can..we even used the wayback machine a couple of nights ago to save our pages here so we can take a look later ..

I do think its just a matter of time for this site now... and after years of tears and frustration, God brought us to another, wondreful place ~ He always provides and comes just in the nick of time.

I also wanted to thank alla my friends who sent me Birthday gifts last month..We were going through hell at the time..being threaten that Meowmy had to give up us cats and know what???? she fought it and won,,,,once and for all, no mean cornie can ever pull his bulliness to us again.

we did manage to save a copy of each gift and the message for my memory book...just couldn't get on for a long time to thank you all and so I can only do it this way...come on over to United Cats and take a look the way, there is also United Dogs

The site is in the United Kingdom and there are no ads!!


Awww Cheetoes ~ Shining Brightly in The Heavens Now

November 15th 2015 10:33 am
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*Friday looks up and giggles with joy*

Aww Cheetoes and Platey just look at you both shining so bright from the heavens above.

Cheetoes, I fink I understand a little sumfing; Love so strong wins every time. You knew Platey was sick and it worried you so. That's your boy who loved nothing more than to stare at you and tease you.

You needed to be wif Platelicker. You didn't mean to break any hearts and the good Lord granted a good long love filled life, but that orange boy needed you more. So the angels heard what was in your heart and took you to him.

Wow!! just look at the two of you!! shining so bright right inside that Rainbow ~ thank you so much fur letting me see just a small glimpse of how
bewtifur Heaven will be.

All your furiends sending love and prayers and comforting thoughts to your precious furmily, especially your MC ~ we all love you soo much.

Cheetoes and Platey Shining Brightly Inside The Rainbow


One of My Best Furiends and A Catster Legend Has Journeyed- to The Bridge

November 12th 2015 4:33 pm
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Platelicker is a legend around these parts we love and call Catsterland. So many know of him, are furiends of his too.

He made us laugh and now we cry and mourn.

I'll never look at a red feffer boa quite the same way again, *wipes a tear*

Or when someone is picking the strings of their geetar, I'll be thinking of you, my sweet furiend, Platey, who loved to play us all some nifty songs on his back porch as we picked fly legs outta our teef, and laffed and hooted and danced our hearts out. Some real good hoe downs happend on dat back porch of his.

Now I'll be listening really close to hear you play your geetar in the heavely choir up on yonder Bridge.

Oh, Platey, I'm gonna miss you!! Save me a seat, I'll be up later, not just yet...things fur me to still do. You take your rest, you've earned it my furiend.

The Crown of Life is yours, you've overcome and conquered so much. Rest well my furiend, rest well.

I'll be keeping your MC in my thoughts and prayers. She will be missing and mourning you the most.

Come visit us when you have a chance.

Love you forever and ever and your memory I'll keep, forever your furiend, Friday

Platelicker's page:


Need to Get In Touch With Watch Cat?? Here Are The Links To- Use

July 24th 2015 5:22 pm
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I had a time and a half trying to get in touch with Watch Cat, but Watch Cat finally got back to me.

I hadn't gotten my alotted zealies and needed them. Well, let's make a story short. Today, Watch Cat topped up my zealies and also let me know where to write to them, so I was thinking, probably not the only kibbie having issues and thought I would pass along the email addresses to get in touch with Watch Cat

But first to let you know the contact/support page is not working properly, so don't bother using that, instead use these email addresses to get in touch: and also

I want to thank Watch Cat fur halping me out wif my zealies problem and topping up my account and sending this information to me


The Site is Moving Next Week.....All Page Decorations Will- Be Gone

May 15th 2015 3:03 pm
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Ok, so I just had to pop in and finally do up a diary entry. Kind of excited here as the new platform we will be moving to next week or the week after.

I read there will not be any css or html codes there. So we will all learn together with the help of the Pawsome Pages group.

Here is the link for you all to read the information: munity-site-update-may-2015

and just a little blurb I am copying for just myself here:

After the launch, scheduled for late next week, you will be able to navigate through the site with some familiarity, but if you get lost, don’t panic, we will continue to roll out refinements over the next few weeks.

For those of you who use CSS, HTML, or JavaScript to customize the appearance of your Pet Pages and Group homepages, please be aware that the code you currently have in your Fun Stuff Bio Fields will not be valid on the new platform. When the site moves to the new platform, your Pet Pages and Groups will no longer feature decorations.

Pet Page styling will be available on the new platform; however, it will have to be done differently. We have solicited the help from the wonderful folks at Pawsome Pages, and they will be available after the launch to assist everyone (including us) learn the new process for styling.

We’re all very excited to finally have the Community areas of Catster back up and running again. It's long overdue. Thank you all for your continued support!

We will be back with another Community site update next week, before the launch. In the meantime, don’t forget to join us in the All Paws Bulletin Group for updates and information from your friends at Catster HQ.

Much meow,

Lori and John D., Your Community Team

Ok, so I am super catcitied and actually months ago I had stated in a survey that it would be nice for everyone to be able to decorate their pages to the max without having to learn the css codes, as I know there are tons of kibbies out there who want beautiful pages like the rest and struggle with this so I think it will be a blessing and its going to be fun to learn again

Just kind of sad about the Angel backgrounds. Our Buddy's page is so beautiful. I want to take a great picture of it and save it, I only know how to use the snipping tool, if anyone else knows something different, please let me know

So anyway, lets all get our groove on!! I have to get a bunch of boxes and start taking down (in pictures and memories) the lovely backgrounds and stuff and have it all labeled and ready for the big move


It's Offurcial!! ~ I'm Now a Working Mancat, MOL!!!

December 19th 2014 8:46 am
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We got the best mews yet!! Found out yesterday afternoon the business proposal Meowm and I have been working so hard on has been approved!!

This is huge, catciting mews fur sure!! This is just one of many steps fur me to take on my new business venture. An important step, too.

I'm helping wif looking over different sites on the net to see about making an online store so everyfur can come and have a look at my pawsome catnip mats I have been making and selling. Just have a facebook page fur now, hopefully after the pawlidays the store will be up.

I'm also going to be making stuff fur cat shows and Meowm is going to set up a meeting wif a CEO of a pet store to see if they are interested in our merchandise.

I'm da man of da house, Meowm says so, and I has to look after them gurls and me, too ~ MOL!!!

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