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I Miss You, Buddy

May 18th 2014 11:21 pm
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I think of you every day. I can smile now, and speak of you to others without tearing up.

Then there are moments, like right now, when the tears comes.

The pain of losing you isn't there anymore. But the lonliness and heartache for you is.

Your my baby, my soul kibbie, my child. My guardian angel, watching over me and your furmily.

I'll love you forever and ever, Buddy!!

Love, Mam


Oh My Goodness ~ I am Blessed!!~OKR!!! Kitty of The Week!!

March 3rd 2014 8:17 am
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I am truly blessed ~ our wonnerfur furiend, Percy, has chosen me to be Kitty of The Week over at OKR!!!. Mama laughed and cried, and sure smiled big when she read the wonderful news. Thank you so much Percy for choosing me. Thank you Jax for making a most beautiful keepsake picture, although I am an Angel, Meowmy can still have special keepsake pictures of me, so Thank YOU very much.
I have never been anything, except Diary of The Day ~ so this is pretty big and special to my Mameee. Even when we must leave our families for the Bridge special days mean so much to them.
You should have seen the look on my boy, Friday’s, face when he heard the news. He got so catcited, he jumped a good four feet in the air, and Mamee said, “wow”!!
Friday was sooo happy, along with the girls. He went to the CD player and chose this song, and played in in my honor: Wind Beneath My Wings, by Bette Middler.
It brought a tear to my eye. For the little man to choose this song!! Friday was my gift and I just wanted him to have it all ~ taught him everything he knows, and a great student he has been.
And look, it’s March 3, Catster is still here!! It’s a really pawsome day!!


Answered Prayers ~ Mercy and Love Forever

February 13th 2014 1:51 pm
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Well, isn't that something, Catster will continue ~ maybe a little different.

Meowm is really happy all of the wonderful, beautiful Angel memorials will not be destroyed.

We shall remain ~ pawprints upon your hearts and love within your being and our memorials within your sight.


Echos of Mercy and Love Fill This Place and Mai Pawprints- Remain

January 31st 2014 10:23 am
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Catster is a wonderful place. We found it back in March of 2007, thru a furiend, karma Kitty. Oh I tell you, it was and is the most amazing place ever!! I am the oldest, the one who started this beautiful family dynasty. And yet I let Friday, my wonderful boy, be the main spokeman for the family.

When we first came here there was only three of us, Friday, Bijou and myself. I had to leave my family in the late fall of 2008 and after time there were two more girls added to my family, Bailey and Neiko and they were so catcited when each joined this magical place.

Catster is a magical place. We got to be our selves. Living out loud and meomwing it our own way. We met some of the coolest kitties ever and became furiends with them. We shared our days, triumphs, broken sad news, deaths and healing on Catster. We learned as each member left for Rainbow Bridge that us Angels never die, we just leave here to start our 10th life and our furmilies who hurt get all the love and support from Catster furinds. Meomwy had to learn this when I left. She also learned how to heal her broken heart.

So Catster is closing. Well, that may be, but let me tell you all a little secret ~ Say Media may take and destroy all the lovely beautiful pages our family has made for each of us. But they can never ever destroy our pawprints left behind. We shall always and forever have our marks left here. Love will always be here too.

There is a piece of each and everyone of us that it part of this place. the structure of this site may come down, but the universe knows we have been here.

In closing, I want you to try to remember this: as you are saving all you can, remember there is a golden box of memories in each and everyone of us. Made here with love and touched by all of our friends. No one can ever take this goldent box of memories away from us. And hopefully in time, when we think about this place, please remember we were here, love is still here and our pawprints remain here for all time


Merry Christmas Buddy

December 24th 2013 9:35 am
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Everything is ready for Christmas now. The very last item I put out was the Christmas story I wrote for you back in 2008, the first Christmas you spent in the presence of God.

I put this gift beside your picture every Christmas Eve.

I looked around the livingroom. At all the cards sent out to us, all the presents under the tree, wow your kids are spoiled this year. The many blessings bestowed upon us. So very many.

Then I stood in front of your picture as I placed your story beside you and I could not help but shake a little as I started to cry.

I know your very busy at the Bridge, helping all the newbies with Christmas Choir music ~ all the jingle bells you hand out to the first years ~ its a busy time and you enjoy every minute of it!! I know you so well, Buddy, I can just see the big smile on your face as you tell all the furbabies to sing LOUD for the furmilies to hear all of you sing praises to the great Creator

But you make sure you also remember to come home for Christmas, too!! Now this past year has been a lot easier on me when thinking of you, but I just want you to still come home at Christmas!!

I love and miss you, Buddy and just wanted you to know I wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Love Forever and Ever,


Remembering Buddy

November 26th 2013 9:22 am
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I should have written this a week ago, but my furmily was sent into a tail spin and just couldn't deal with this at the moment.

Now, however, we can. I went to God and layed on His lap, while petting me, I told Him all about what is going on in may furmily. God told me He already knew all about it. So I asked Him why? Why is this happening? He just looked at me with love and compassion in His eyes. He had me remember some rocky times in my own life and let me know He was there every step of the way. God went before us down the paths of life. God would not show me what lays ahead for my furmily. And yes, some prayers have been answered, but Meowmy, she is still scared, because she loves my furbabies so much. So I am asking for you to continue to keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.

It was my Rainbow Bridge day on Saturday, Nov. 17/13. Finally, for the first time it didn't hurt Meomwy on this sad annifursary. She even put my wicker bed back up for the furbabies to use. Guess who was the first to use it?? FRIDAY!! My boy, MOL!! Little Neiko has been napping in it, too. It was time, and it sure made Meowmy smile big, too.

We Angels are always with our furmiles, never ever far away, just think of us, and there we are. we also love to see what our furiends are up to. It is love and kindness that we so appreciate. Furiends help in this.

I want to take this time to write down the following furiends who helped Meowmy remember and honor me on my 5th Rainbow Bridge Day

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty ~ Forever Angel Star

Percy and Family ~ Rainbow Star

Gold Beating Heart ~ Muppet

Special Candles ~ Crystal

Red Heart ~ Mac, Ivy, Zander and Family

Rainbow ~ Smokey, Gizmo, Blue, Zoom and Family

Red Rose ~ Platelicker and Family

Red Heart ~ Big Harry and Family

Rainbow ~ Calista, Crouton, Pistachio and Family

Red Heart ~ Smiley Cassanova

Rainbow ~ Calvin Knead On

Pumpkin ~ Reanan

Turkey Leg ~ Smokey Joe, Milo and Mallee

Red Heart ~ Angel Rebby

Blue Ribbon ~ Hazel Lucy

Red heart ~ Marmalade and Family

Thank you all for loving and Remembering ME!!


Today Is My 5th Rainbow Bridge Day

November 17th 2013 11:52 am
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Wow!! Five years already!! Holy wowzers!! Lots of my wonnerfur furiends have sent remembrance rosies and candles and notes of love to me and my Meowmy. I will be doing a more detailed thank you entry in the coming days.

Today its just about letting the feelings out in a safe place like my diary.

This morning, before Meowmy went to church, I put the idea of taking my wicker basket from the basement and making into back into a bed, like I had. My pillow is still around and Meowm got that out and a cool pillowcase, too.

So that all got made and put in the living room. Bailey was the first to check it out, just a sniff here and there. Then low and behold, Friday came to check it out and jumped in and made a little nest for himself and laid down!!

Now that really put a smile on Meowm's face!! She took my wicker bed down five years ago today and I just knew with all that is going on, it is time to put it back up and let my furmily enjoy it.

how fitting my own boy, Friday, is the first to claim it!! Meowmy took a picture of him in it and will hopefully have it posted tomorrow.

When she came home from church, Friday was still in it.

It's a sad day for my Meomwmy. But she isn't hurting like the previous years. yes, tears have been shed, but they don't hurt like before. Meowmy is letting me move on, she and I have been working on this for a year now. She can feel the difference and you know what??? It's ok for her to feel this!!

Oh, Meowmy is crying now ~ gotta get her back to not feeling bad!! ok, yes now she is smiling, because I am forever and ever in her heart!! She knows this!! But she also knows she needs to let me go and play with the angels up here and let go of all of her fears and just love and enjoy the kibbies at home. They need all of her love and concentration!! I was blessed, because I had it and they deserve to have it, too.

So I am letting Meomwy and all the other families that hurt, to know we angels are forever and ever in our families hearts but we need to be let go at some point. Love and remember us daily!! But please let us go so you can move forward with smiles and laugh and enjoy fully the new babies that come into your lives. They really need and deserve all of you love and attention. And never ever begin to fear loosing them, just enjoy each and every day with the furbabies in your lives


Thank You All for Remembering Me and Helping to Caterbrate- With Me

October 21st 2013 9:58 am
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So thankful for my furiends and for Catsterland. On October 11th furiends came together to help Meowmy caterbrate my Gotcha Day. Up to last year, we always called it our “anniversary day”. Never knew when my burfday was. Really like the Gotcha Day name, it is so fitting and just so right ~ it’s the day we “Got” our furmilies, MOL!!

Although I am now an Angel here at Rainbow Bridge, I will forever be Meowmy’s baby!! We all know how important we are and that is why it touches me so when I read and see the love and support shown to us Angels and furmilies.

I would like to take this time to put it down here for remembrance all those who sent gifts of Remembrance in my honor on my Gotcha Day for my Meowmy:

Special Picture ~ Tundra and furmily
Acorn ~ Canadian Kitties who Want to Be Friends with all Kitties
Pumpkin ~ Angel Rebby
Pumkin ~ Tiger, Tiny and Beauty
Red Rose ~ Platelicker, Raincloud and furmily
Red Adoption Ribbon ~ Smokey, Gizmo, Blue, Zoom and furmily
Shrimp ~ Smokey, Gizmo, Blue, Zoom and furmily
Red Rose ~ Zoey, Elmer, Opie, Muffy and Boo Boo
Canadian Flag ~ Smiley Cassanova
Red Heart ~ Mac, Ivy and furmily
Red Heart ~ Tigger
Red Heart ~ Big Harry, Patches and furmily
Chocolate Cupcake ~ Apollo (In Memory)

Thank you all once again. Its been a hard time for Meowmy, otherwise she would have written this all down earlier. One of her bosses passed away from cancer at the end of September.

Meowmy has peace and can smile now when she thinks of me. Once, though she never thought she ever would again, her heart literally hurt.
There really is a time and season for everything . Now that the pain is gone from my Meowmys heart and she can remember me with a smile, she just wants others who are hurting right now that one day your mourning will turn to joy once again.

Rainbow Bridge is a wonnerfur place, where we all play, are young and loved. I am one of the Angels in charge of the Heart Baskets. These are important baskets, as they are filled with our furmilies love that was sent with us on our journey. My basket is kept very close by. All the love is still shiny by the tears spilled upon my Meowmy’s cheeks that fateful day I had to make my solo journey. I was shown how to take those tears and make them shine with joyfulness. I even made sure Meowmy learned about this in my visits with her in her dreams.
So once again, thank you all who helped remember my Gotcha Day!! It really means a lot to both Meowmy and myself

Angel Hugs


SShhhh...Come Close I Want to Show You Something

July 12th 2013 11:24 am
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When a loved one is called away to continue they're journey ahead without family and friends left behind, it is at this times life is difficult and sadness engulfs us.

But please don't grieve too much nor too hard ~ for live continues. If you look all around you, nature itself teaches us this. There is newness in everything!!

And there are angels all around us, too!! How many times have we read or heard stories where lives have been saved from whecks, because something was there to protect them? We all have angels, why just look at me, I am Meowmys loving Angel now, along wif mai brofur, Bobbie.

There are Angels that sing and praise the great Creator of all, and if you come a little closer, please don't be scared now, and be very very quiet. I want to show you something pawsome, I am going to share the Archangels of all kibbies!!

look at these pawsome Archangels

Yes see we have Archangels that help us, too!! Along with us Angels here at the Bridge

So please never fear, take comfort in knowing angels abound and we are still alive FOREVER, too!!


What a Great Bowling Tournament Us Angels Have Been Having!!

June 27th 2013 7:57 am
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It sure has been a fun busy time up here at the Bridge lately!! We have been furry busy with bowling tournaments and Meowmy heard me get a few strikes that last couple of days

I should explain sumfin here, you see while I was living on earth I was very scared of thunder and lighening and even the rain would make me run and hide.

The first summer I was go to the Bridge was very hard on Meowmy and she wasn't able to be on Catster, so could not share how she felt. Anyway, the first rain storm brought Meowmy to tears, as she remembered how scared I would have been. I put a thought into Meowmy's head of how us Angels are busy bowling and having fun..you see every time there is thunder, its really the bowling balls rolling and the cracks are strikes!!

So now Meowmy hears how much fun us Angels have while playing and bowling wif each ofur!!~every time you hear thunder and lightening, even rumbling in the sky, just think of your Angel bowling and making sure you can hear how much fun they are having while waiting for the great reunion day!!

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