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Invisible cat , I am .

Good bye

April 14th 2007 3:42 pm
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I have not felt well the last four days. something is not right, but I am not sure what.. I have been so happy with my new home. It is warm and lots of food and I know they love me, I had my beautiful children and they are doing so good.. eveything is sunny and great.. but now I donot feel right.. at first I had a pain in my back but now I feel nothing.. I can still walk but I am not hungry and feel very tired.. my kittens want to play and I have no energy to play with them.. mom is worried.. she gave me some mild yesterday and it helped a little. I am embarrassed to say ,I donot know when I have to potty, it just happens. but mommy is very good and cleans it up and never yells just pets my head.. she told me she has to call Dr Kibbic, she is very worried about me,, I cannot even eat my favorite food anymore.. what is happening,, first I am thrown away out of a car, and mom and dad save me and bring me in to have my kittens.. now something is not right.. she comes down this morning, an sits and sobs and cries and says, my Issyadora, what is wrong, I look at her, she knows what I am saying.. she picks me up, i let her and puts me in the carrier.. we go for a ride, Dad ,Mom and I.. the Dr takes me out back and does some pictures and brings me back. They gave me a shot to calm me down, I was very very scared of all of them.. she looks at mom and says Izzy has a large tumor on her spine and it has caused paralysis of her bladder and bowel.. and soon she will not be able to walk or breathe, it is a miracle she has gone this long. I think quietly I had to have my babies first... she said child birth made it become very active and started growing fast.. mom is sobbing and dad touches my head, and say, I am sorry, my tough little girl... I lay my head down tired. mom sniffles and pets my head, they give me more medicine, I feel very warm, and funny.. the pain is leaving me, I feel like I am floating, I am I can see mom, she is holding me now. and hugging me.. theycarry me out and I follow them, they bury me in a box deep in the ground...and say good bye, I am in a flower bed.. I mew, I am here, but she cannot hear me. I hear another meow and see Autumn and Bear and BBbear and Miss Mickey an Gremlin and all the rest calling me.. I go to them over a bridge and it is warm an sunny and bright.. I have left your world.. I am no more.. good bye Isadora..please watch over my kittens, I love you Ren


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