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Invisible cat , I am .

Why? What did I do? Now I am invisible? Does she love me?

March 11th 2007 9:34 am
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Diary of an invisible cat, now named Isadora, or Izzy.

I am invisible, no one can see me or wants me. One time a human had my brother and me and then when we were about 6 mo they took us for a ride and the next thing we knew we were in a yard . We were confused and scared.. we ran and ran and found an old bus and hid in it.. we stayed there for days but got hungry so I took my brother and went up the hill near a house.. a woman would put food in a pile, each day.. we learned to eat it.. then we would run for the bus and hide.. one day, my brother saw some food in a cage and he went to get it, it was good food, cat food. and the cage shut him in. I was frantic but could not help him.. the woman had another woman come and she took my brother out, and he was good, and this woman took him home.. no one was aware there was two of us. It was at this time I became invisible... so no one would ever hurt me again.. One day after I ate from the compost pile , I lay in the sun for a moment in the wood shed near by, and I felt something, I looked up and the woman was watching me.. she looked concerned.. but I stayed in the sun, warming myself. the air was getting colder lately and besides I was invisible and she could not see me.. after that I found a dish of cat food everyday and fresh water in the wood shed. This was great and I would see her watch me. I would sit still like a statue, when she looked and I would just stare into space, I was invisible and she could not see me if I did this.. one time I heard her say, I was like a statue of a cat goddess, still with no moment, and eyes blank from fear and pain.. she would call to me.. and something inside would stir, a memory, but I could not stay, I would run to my bus.. then one day as it was getting quite cold, I went to my bus and found a small condo and a furry bed in there.. I was careful for days then I used it.. it smelled like the woman.. as the snow came and it got cold and blizzards came. it was hard for me to get up the hill to get food.. one time I was snowed in the bus and I heard the woman, talking and crying, and talking,, she was digging out the door of the bus and open up my hole I used to get in and out of.. I was so hungry, I waited til dark and dragged through the deep snow to get to the wood shed, and there was food and water and a new bed set high on the wood pile.. I would stay there til the snow stopped.. when she come out I would hide in the wood.. I am about 10 months old now and on my own about 4 months. she tried to catch me a few times, but I am smart and invisible.. no one can see me, no, never again, that way they cannot hurt me.. for some reason I was starting to feel heavy and sick.. it was getting hard to walk up and down the hill to the bus, something strange was happening to me.. I heard the lady talking to me in the woodpile. She knew I was there.. she said , I have to get you, it is to cold for you to have babies. out here.. I am invisible, you cannot get me.. so that day she put out no food. and then later the cage my brother went in came out and inside was sardines.. but she did not fool me.. the next day I was very hungry and she was crying, her husband said, you are doing all you can. She said I have one more thing, she went in and got roasted chicken, she told him, she loves people food , chicken, later that night, I sat and stared and stared at that roasted chicken.. I am invisible, I will not get stuck in there.. so in I went,, down the door went.. I ate the chicken. They came right out and put me in their family room in another cage, I went in it with not problem. They could not see me, so I was ok.. she put in blankets, litter, food, toys.. I just sat frozen, and chattered. I do not mew, just chatter.. she went away.. one day, she says, we have to clean the cage.. she removed everything, and I was sitting in the corner and she could not see me I was invisible.. I did not move or breath, but her head got close and I did not mean it, I thumped her good on the head and hand.with my nails.. I did not bite.. then fear set in, oh, no, she will scream and hurt me.. but she pulled back quick and said, now that was not nice,, but I should have known not to try and move things when you are in a corner. How did she know I was there, I am invisible.. I did not mean to hurt her..
It has been 2 weeks now, and I am getting very fat.. and something is moving in me.. she says I will have babies soon. What are Babies? I am worried.. I made a nest out of basket she gave me.. I chewed the top all away around and then I got under the basket.. the man came down and said, Izzy, silly girl, you go in it,, I hide under a big pillow now.. she can't see me , I am invisible.. I like her and I want her to touch me and hold me. but I cannot let her yet.. she understands.. being with child makes me more edgy.. sometimes. she says, now, MIss Izzy, the Invisible cat. we are cleaning the cage.. and fresh blankets and all. so no thumping me... I just sit and stare... she cannot see me.. she looks and blinks her eyes slowly,, no baby, I cannot see you, but we love you... Izzy , the invisible kitty

PS, it is so nice to be warm and full again, and if they do not look, I have tried to play...


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