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My life so far

Fish & Chip Dream'in

April 7th 2007 12:27 pm
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Last night my mommy got fish & chips. MMMMM! I love fish and chips so much! They make me feel free, like I am in the jungle, fighting for my food. I feel more then just an inside cat sleeps all day and dreams about this( which I am)! It would be great to go outside and play with the flower petals and chase a big fat bumble- bee! But, I know that my fears will over come me. Mommy has triend to take me out on a leash, but I turn back. There are alot of scarey things out there too. Like the vet, fleas, and.....DOGS!!! I know I can trust mommy but, I will take the safe side and dream about this. I know it sounds like I am a whimp, but hey, I am. Maybe, one day, I will gather up enough couage and try it. But for know I like just dreaming about it like the laid back indoor cat I am and am loved for.


Litter Box Blues

March 24th 2007 2:33 pm
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Well, just a couple of days ago my Mommy's dad got me and Gato a new litter box. BUT, it is really scary. It has a door to go thru and and is big inside, so I dont go in it.Instead I peed(oops!) on my Uncle Tyler's rug....(mommy's brother). Everyone is mad at me and I dont understand...I mean if you were scared of something would you want to use it as a TOLEIT?????Well apparently they dont know how it feels.Maybe they will blame Gato. Ha.That would definetly be funny. I guess I will have to try it someday but you never know.....
Two-Tail Marie
( I love my name!heehee)



March 19th 2007 2:26 pm
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Today Gato was really mean. He attacked me for no reason at all and I still can't believe it! I am really mad and a little scared so i have been hiding under Mommy's bed all day. Once she came home from school I was so happy! I was on the floor and said meow(In human I said Hello!). she was happy and kissed me! I don't know why Gato is doing these things lately, well whatever. I feel bad because he has to take some medicine for his tummy. One day i will attack hi for no reason and see how he likes it! Haha! Bye diary!


My story

March 10th 2007 12:39 pm
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Well, i was born the runt of the litter to my mom cat and she didnt really like me. When I would want some milk, she would just keep walking and make me wait. Then my new mom came along. I was so happy when she decided she wanted me! She held me close and told me she loved. When I went to live with her, her step mom had a cat named Gato. He didn't take well to having a room mate and liked to attack me for no reason at all!I got so many scabs and my Mommy felt so bad. But things are better now and I am so glad to be with her!

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