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Tiggys day

Tiggy,s Birthday

May 13th 2011 11:56 am
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I know Tiggy,s mum Angel Beverly will be sending her love to Tiggy today..I too will be sending purrs to Tiggy on his Birthday.. I know Angel Cushag ,Tiggy,s sisfur who also lost her life along with her and Tiggy,s mum .will be watching over Tiggy always , not just on his Birthday.. Alfie , and mum Lyn are thinking of Angels ..dear Friend Beverly love flows around Tiggy .
Happy Birthday Tiggy.. Enjoy your Country home with Aunty Poppi, ..Purrs n love. Alfie and Lyn ( guardians of Tiggy and his Familiy,s pages.


21st December 2009 A Sad Day

December 21st 2009 5:25 pm
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Im talking on Tiggy,s behalf.....( Alfie,s mum Lyn ) Today was Tiggys mums Funeral...Its been such a long wait for Beverly,s family to be able to lay Beverly to Rest...I traveled down to Portsmouth yesterday as the Funeral was this morning. I had a lovely Floral Tribute made with Tica and Catster on it I will add a photo of it when I get the pic on my poota.
It has been a very emotional few days...Yesterday was My Angel Bagpuss,s 1st Bridge anniversary , Today Bev,s Funeral...I know Bev will be watching over us along with Cushag, Baggy and all her Angelpurrs too.
Such a tragedy, Beverly will be very much missed . I know I miss her so much...Our phone chats, the fun at the cat shows ...The friendship, tears fell as I drove behind the Funeral cars to Bev,s final resting place...
Tiggy is safe and has settled into his new home..I had a photo of him sent to my phone..He was lay across Poppi,s knee looking relaxed. I will be kept in touch with his progress.
Thankyou all on Tiggy,s behalf for your kind thoughts, messages and Purrs for Beverly. Her family were very moved by them all. and asked me to say their Thankyou,s .
I will say My thankyous and see if I can get some sleep Im just drained now...Tomorrow is another day... Hugs n Purrs Lyn and Tiggy


Tiggy is in his New Home

December 14th 2009 2:37 pm
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Tiggy went to his new Home on Saturday....I hope he settles in ok .I picked up Tiggys Tica Cat Show awards on Saturday night ....I know Beverly was very proud of Tiggy and Angel Cushag.... It is his mums funeral on Monday 21st Dec . Purr for Tiggy to settle in fast in his new Home. Thanks Lyn n Alfie



December 9th 2009 1:16 pm
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We have a date for Tiggy,s mum,s Funeral, 21st Dec ..9.15am....Aunty Lyn will be there representing all my Tica and Catster friends...Flowers with a Cat and the letters Tica and Catster above and below the Red Tabby Cat (Tiggy) Getting Flowers to match Cushag,s colour wasnt going to work ..but Cushy will be watching over everyone at her Mum,s Funeral Im sure. Tiggy will be going to his New Home on Saturday...Im looking after him til he gets picked up by his new mum Aunty Poppi.

This all feels so fresh again now we have a date to lay Beverly to rest in Peace with Cushag.. purrs Lyn ( Alfie,s mum )


Tiggy,s Aunty Lyn here

November 7th 2009 11:02 am
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I am the Guardian of Tiggy and his Furfamily,s pages from now on. ( I am Alfie,s mum Lyn ) This is a sad sad message I am having to tell you....Tiggy is safe and uninjured but his sisfur Cushag and Tiggy,s mum Beverly have crossed over.They both died in a house fire...Beverly is, was , a Great Friend of mine and Alfies. We shared many a fun weekend together at the cat shows. I had this sad news given to me as I was in America....The fire happened on Alfies birthday...No news from Police as yet. I arrived back in UK this morning but my friend contacted Catster HQ to ask if I could adopt Beverly,s catster pages...This was the only thing I could still do for my Friend Beverly .HQ have added Tiggy,s family to my Catster page ..Alfie,s page. I will not be changing anything on their pages except passing this message on to their Friends here on Catster. This adoption of their pages was So Very important to me. Tiggy escaped the fire and is now in a safe place..with another of his mums friends. I will try and answer all the senders of rosies for Tiggy and New Angel Cushag.....please give me some time to grieve too. I miss my friend...As I was flying home last night/ this morning I wrote a few words thoughts ...I will add them here on Cushag and Tiggys Diary page...Hugs n Very Sad Purrs, Lyn

For my Friend and her Furfamily

As I fly into the dark, my thoughts begin to flow.Thoughts of a friend I laughed
with just 5 weeks ago.Who would have known it was to be our last ?
As I look into the dark , through my airplane window I see the moon standing
proudly as it shines down upon the plane,s wings..An Angelic glow in a silent
night.My thoughts are of a friend , I wont let you down ... not even in death.
I watch the dawn break, A golden Glow on the horizon.Heavens carpet of Pure
White floating graciously beneath the plane....
out of the darkness and into the light...I pray Beverly and Cushag,s crossings
were as smooth as my flight..
Your Memory is treasured, Rest in Peace my Friend....Friendship cant be
Measured.....Hugs n Purrs, Lyn n Alfie


My pal Fluffy

January 10th 2008 7:18 am
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On the last day of 2007 my big pal and show buddy Fluffy became an angel. Mumma is very sad and I am doing my best to keep her happy. Mumma said he something wrong with his heart and he need to go to the Rainbow Bridge to get better. He will be met by all the other Rainbow Cats of our family and all his friends.

Bye Fluffy - you were a gentlecat in all senses of the word


Helping Mum

September 17th 2007 7:24 am
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Mum has been telling me she hasnt had a cat who helps her so much in the kitchen as I do - what do I do you ask

Well apart from the fact that is MY feeding station I sit there and watch mum do the washing up, do the washing, cook food (with an eye on if she leaves it alone for a moment I can grab and run with it).

As for the others they just come into the kitchen to tell mum it time for food or to have a drink

What a helpful cat I am :-)


I'v been tagged

July 15th 2007 1:28 am
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Playing gotcha - the meme game

I have been tagged! I have been tagged by Mr Bellies to participate in Kazumi Joy's meme.

The rules:
Each player picks seven random facts about themselves, and writes the seven things and the rules in their own diary. Next choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Send the seven cats you chose a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

Here are my 7 facts:

1. I am a Supreme Grand Master of the Household Pet Division in TICA
2. I came 14th out of 40 cats in our region for showing this year
3. I have had 2 homes and this is my furever home now
4. I love to climb trees and bring mum pressies of live birds
5. I love sleeping on my back
6. I HATE baths
7. I am a very spolit puddy tat (or so mum says)

The 7 kitties I've tagged:
Punking Pooh
Bruce The Boss
Garfield Morris


My Birthday 13 May 2007

May 13th 2007 2:12 am
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Hi guys

And here was me hoping for a nice sunny day so I could sunbath on my birthday but what have we got here RAIN RAIN and even more RAIN so I will have to make do with my second fav spot on mums bed.

Mum has fed me twice this morning so I know it is a special day for me and she has told me if I want more just to tell her and she will feed me again - I could get use to this birthday lark do you think I could persuade her that us cats have more than one birthday a year???

Mum also told me she has arranged a party with all my friends on the forums group so please stop by she has left treats and special drinks for everyone so help yourselves.

As for my showing career last Sunday mum told me she was especially proud of me cos I went and got a first place and apparently that meant I was made up and now can be called Supreme Grand Master Tiggy how posh is that - well I did have to put up with being cuddled (dont mind that too much) bathed - definately dont like that, nails trimmed (not too keen) and ears cleaned out (not keen) and then in a box (hate that bit) but it did mean when Fluffy and I got home we got special food cos Fluffy (who is already Supreme Grand Master Fluffy) also got some first places so I suppose I will let mum carry on with this lark - well just for a while.

Right off for another nap and maybe some more food



Whats I did today

April 23rd 2007 2:39 pm
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Well what a funny day for me I managed to perusade mum to let me have a diary (at long last) so I thought I had better dicate to her what I wanted written.

The weather here was not too good so I decided to start the bed nap early and came and curled up on mum's bed in the morning she was using the puter and said I looked cute - thank goodness she doesnt have a camera for my sleeping positions. then 2 of the others Gentleman Fluffy and that annoying little girl Beaney also decided to join me but I didnt mind as they stay away when I am sleeping. Although mum did say I had spolit her plans for housework as she doesnt like to disturb any of us when we are sleeping so I had a real nice long nap until this afternoon!!!

What did mum do I hear you ask - she took me to the V*TS and that meant going in a box and the car I was not impressed!!!

And - to add insult to injury the v*t stuck a needle in me and then while mum held me fast he played around with my toe which I hate and then back into the box and to the car and home again.

I didnt dare come in for a while I can tell you!!! but when I did mum fed me so I think I might forgive her - what do you think??

Well off for a night on the tiles and back to sleep later

Bye furfriends


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