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" very first cat...the start of something big"

Home:Columbus, OH  
Sex: Female
Leo and my Roy Rogers phase

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"Leo and my Roy Rogers phase"

Sweet Cotton as a kitten

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"Sweet Cotton as a kitten"

Baby in pigtails

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"Baby in pigtails"

Patches with granpa

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"Patches with granpa's dog, Pixie"

Betsy, restfully reclining

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"Betsy, restfully reclining" pink robbon...sorry about that.

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" pink robbon...sorry about that."

My sweet boy, Nosey

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"My sweet boy, Nosey"

TT's first birthday...such a good boy

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"TT's first birthday...such a good boy"

Callie, my strange girl

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"Callie, my strange girl"

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The family of Lady, Baby, Sammie and Cesar

So many kitties, so many names

Rainbow Bridge
March 11th 1970

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
There have been so many cats in my life and they came into it in a variety of ways. This page will include photos of as many as I can find. Each kitty will have its own story.

All the kitties I have order, as best as I can recall: Kitsy: I was very young when my family had Kitsy. I have no idea how we got her. I do know she was a tiger and often had babies. Most people did not neuter at that time. We have learned a lot. Leo: This was another tiger cat but as a child I insisted he was Leo the Lion. the name stuck. I do have some recollection of this boy. My one very clear on: I used to dressLeo up in my doll clothes. He absolutely hated it. One time he escaped with clothes on and ran tothe basement. When he came back, the clothes were gone and were never seen again. Cotton: Cotton was, as you might guess, an all white kitty. The main thing I remember about her is a litter of kittens she had. She got tired of me always playing with them so she decided tomove them. One by one she carried each kitten upstair to a cardboard box. As she would carry one up, I would carry the previous one back down. I don't know how many trips we made, but she must have thought, how many babies do I have? Sambo: Cotton got sick and my dad did not think she would get better(vet visits were scarce at that time). To keepme from being too upset, we went out into the country to get a new kitten. I remember picking him out of the a loft. He grew into a huge tom. One time when I was going outside, I did not know he was following me, and I accidentally closed the door on his tail. He let me know he was not happy about it by sinking teeth and claws into my bare leg. Mom did take me to the doctor. Oh, Cotton did recover so we had 2 cats. Fluffy: She was a long haired calico. I guess that is why she had such an original name. She also had several sets of kittens. Soon we became more aware about spay/neuter. I do recall she did not live for long. Patches: We got this mostly white calico the day after Fluffy crossed the bridge. We went to a farm and picked her out. I actually don't remember much about her. I don't think we had her long for some reason. Betsy Ross: As you can see by the name, I was coming into my own for creative names. Betsy was my first purebred...a smoke blue Persian. Back at that time, Persians actually still had noses...not the flat face of today. She was very sweet. When she was about 3 we took her back to where we got her to breed her. When we got her back, she turned sick very quickly. We took her to the doctor and he said it looked like she had been hit by a car. We told this to the breeders and they said she had not gotten loose, but we always thought she must have. She crossed the bridge . Marc Antony(Tony): Tony was a pure white Persian. He was a joy and such a clown. He loved to tear through the house and full speed and then try to put on the brakes before hitting the wall. We had hardwood floors so he almost always hit the wall. he also loved to be rolled up in a newspaper and spun around and made dizzy. I think he hit that wall too many times. He also loved for my mom to paddle him with the fly swatter. Odd kitty, but a great one. Cyrano de Bergerac: Better known as Nosey. When I went to college, Tony became my mom's cat. After college, I started teaching. One of my fellow teachers had a litter of kittens and I said I would take one....sight unseen. When he brought me this little orange and white fellow, I was surprised. I had never had an orange kitty. Nosey was wonderful. He was great company. Tristan Temujin: Known as TT. He was a registered black Persian. He actually came from a pet store...but a very reputable one. He was $100 and I said I would never pay for a cat. Well, every week I would visit the store and hold him...but didn't buy. Then his price went down, but I still said no. Finally, someone else came in and looked at him and said...I think I will be back for him. She left and I said, she is not getting my cat. TT lived to 15 1/2 and crossed the bridge after suffering from FUS a second time. Callie: Callie was my first stray kitty. I was still in an apartment. I had seen her around and knew she had kittens. I caught the kittens to find them homes. She would come to visit every day with some sort of gift(like dead mice) for her babies. They all went to new homes. I moved into a house. I could not leave her behind so she moved with me. All the rest of my kitties all have their own pages so you can read their stories there. I hope I haven't bored anyone too much.

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