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Why I've been away from Catster....

January 11th 2008 10:18 pm
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Hello everykit, I thought I would write in my diary about where I've been these last several months. Where was I? I would love to say that I went on a trip around the world, or going up in a rocket as the first kitty in space, or climbing Mt Everest... but sad to say it was none of that... In fact, it's quite boring. Several months back, my momma's work blocked Catster saying it was like "My Space for Cats" so mama couldn't use the puter at work anymore. Then, at home, the puter that is hers didn't have a monitor. Daddy said we would have to save up to buy a monitor... Then we got one! ( I sold some mousies to help pay for the monitor.. just kidding!) But, I was a step closer! We had a new lady move in downstairs from us, and that changed my life big time!!! She was a meanie like no other. My daddy went down to say hi to her, and she was cranky from the get go (my mama said something meaner about her, but I won't write it). She said that we were making too much noise at night (we lived on top floor) and that we needed to be quieter. We had lived there for over 2 years and now this lady is saying we are too loud. And worse, she said I was making too much noise!! Me??? I'm just a cat!!! But, there it was on a note left on our door, from the man she rents from saying "Please control your cat. And don't make noise after 10 pm. And don' t bother the tenants below you!" I couldn't believe it. I ain't no heavy cat either, so I don't understand how I could be making that much noise!! But it got worse, she kept leaving notes, even thought mom and dad didn't make lots of noise, she kept complaining saying they were. Mama even stopped flushing her toilet at night! And tiptoed around on eggshells, but she still complained. THEY were allowed to make noise, but no, not us. One day it all came to a head. They were playing music really loud and mama went downstairs and asked if she could please turn down the music, she went ballistic!! So mama said to her that if she didn't turn it down she shouldn't be suprised if we called the cops on her! She was furious, came upstairs with her troublemaker daughter and threatened mama! Choice words flew, and the next thing you know, we moved out. We moved into a nice townhome where the only thing below us was our OWN garage. That was in November. It is a wonderful house, I still have my own room, but it's smaller. But really cool! It took a long time fur us to unpack and then took daddy even longer to get the internet connected to the puter in my room. But, finally a couple days ago, everything was connected and I was back on!! I couldn't believe it! EVERYTHING LOOKS DIFFERENT, there's a store now!! And lots of kitties have gone to the bridge, I've heard.. Hard times. :( But things happen fur reasons, mama says, so I am back here, trying to reconnect with everykit and what I've missed all these months. So, stop by and say Hi! and I am very glad to be home!!!! Most of all, I have missed my precious Amber and she is more beautiful than ever! Her sisfur Pixie is growed up, so has Ginngies bruvvers and sisfurs, so has JV's furblings, and I hear that Queenie's mom adopted a new mama that had kittens!!! Wow, so much has changed, but Catster (and Amber) still has my heart... well that's it for now, drop me a line, all you Catster kitties!!!



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