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Linus Lowdown

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European Burmese

January 29th 2009 8:20 am
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Pawsome! European Burmese are the featured breed today on Catster! I am a cream European Burmese so of course I think EB's are the greatest - but I'm biased!


This weekend's cat show...

January 19th 2009 10:18 am
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Mom took me to the Quad City Cat Show in Moline, IL this weekend. Well, we certainly didn't have the best show experience this weekend! It seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong! First, it was over a 5 hour drive... and I didn't use the litter box before we left on Friday. I ended up wetting my carrier and had to have an emergency bath immediately upon arriving at the hotel. Mom had to use her own Herbal Essences shampoo on me too as she didn't bring mine! I also seemed to think Mom was going to be mad at me when she pulled me out of my carrier. She felt SO bad for me.

Saturday did NOT go well. It didn't help that I spilled my water bowl and drenched my backside... again... and right before a ring too. Mom dried me off as best she could with a chamois, but my tail was still a little damp when I went up to the ring to be judged. Sigh... scratch that one. One judge seemed to like me. He commented how very muscular I am and that my body had a great feel to it. Mom thought she even saw him write down my number... but no awards. Then one judge really irked Mom by introducing me to the on-lookers watching the judging as a RED European Burmese. I am NOT red - I am a CREAM European Burmese. Double sigh... scratch that one too. Day 1 - NOTHING!

Day 2 Sunday went a little better (hey, at least I stayed dry!). No finals (overall top 10), but I did get Best Shorthair Premier ribbons from 2 judges. And 2nd Best Shorthair Premier Ribbons from the other 2 judges. I will probably only get about 6 points though as there were so few Premiers entered. There were 10 entered, but only 9 showed up and 2 got the last points they needed for their Grand Premier title on Saturday and transferred to GP for Sunday. By Sunday Shorthair Premiers were down to just me and a beautiful Korat spay (retired breeder). I did manage to win over her twice, but she ended up getting the last points she needed and Granded by the end of the day.

Anyway we are very happy to be home and 6 points is better than nothing at all.

*Update* I received 8 Grand Premier points at this show. This brings me to 40 points. I need 75 points to become a Grand Premier so 35 more points to go...


Photo shoot

September 28th 2008 3:15 pm
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Well, Mom took me off on another adventure today - isn't one adventure enough for one weekend!? I had some professional photos taken at JC Penny! Mom couldn't find anyone else in our area interested in photographing a cat! I wasn't very cooperative... It didn't help the noise/cars in the parking lot scared me and there were some little kids in the waiting area and I'm not used to kids. The photographer was nice though and the photos turned out better then Mom was expecting - especially how I was behaving! Hopefully will have the photos on my webpage soon...


This weekend's cat show

September 27th 2008 8:03 pm
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Mom took me to the Twin Cities Cat Fanciers CFA cat show today in Inver Grove Heights, MN. I behaved very well. I'm always a little nervous the first ring or two though. I wasn't able to make any of the All Breed finals - there were 35(20) total in Premiership "unofficially". I did make the Shorthair Specialty final though - 9th place! Unofficially there were 23(14) shorthairs in Premiership. The judge also said I was her 3rd Best Shorthair Premier so I will get some points. The judge also said I had great eyes, a nice coat, was in excellent condition, and beautifully presented. Mom had her sign my pretty rosette and the judge said I was a nice boy and asked who my breeder was.

I also attracted the attention of some other exhibitors, I was benched by some nice people who show in ACFA as well and since they don't recognize EB's yet they were excited to see me! They all thought I was a beautiful cat and couldn't believe ACFA doesn't recognize EB's yet. Later one came back and jokingly told Mom they decided the reason ACFA doesn't recognize EB's is because the American Burmese breeders wouldn't want the competiton of such a beautiful cat! MOL! For a bigger show this one was still fun as we were benched by some nice people.

*Update* I officially received 10 Grand Premier points at this show. This brings me to 32 cumulative Grand Premier points. I need a total of 75 Grand Premier Points to become a Grand Premier so 43 more to go...


I'm 2!

September 9th 2008 7:38 pm
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It's my second birthday today - Mom can hardly believe it! She says I don't act my age though, I still act like a kitten! Since I'm kind of small, sometimes I still get mistaken for a kitten too! Anyway, Mom had the day off work and I got extra spoiled today... extra snuggles and play sessions! Thank you to Emme for my Birthday Cake! Thank you to Kinsey for my cupcake! Thank you to PJ and Callie for my Party Hat! Thank you Diego and LuLu for my Shrimp! Thank you to Paws & Boo for my friendship collar!


I've been tagged!

August 19th 2008 10:06 pm
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I've been tagged by my friend, the lovely Pawstuctaway Serengeti .

Answer the questions and tag 5 kitties!

1. What is your favorite Olympic sport?

Hmm... I like several sports: Gymnastics (I'm great on balance beam!) Track and Field (I'm great at the 100 meter dash and the high jump!). I'll pass on the swimming events though!

2. Do you prefer Summer or Winter Olympics?

Summer Olympics - I love warm weather and sun spots. I'll pass on the snow and ice involved in the Winter Olympics.

3. What is the quirkiest thing that you do?

Shread paper! Especially toilet paper, although paper towels and kleenex are fun to shred too! Paper shredding should be recognized as an Olympic sport!

4. Do you have a crush on any other kitty out there and if so, who?

I have a crush on Emme (blushes)

5.What's your favorite rosie or zealie and why?

Love them all!

5 kitties i am tagging:

1. Emme
2. Patrick
3. Nila
4. Minka
5. I'm only tagging 4 cats this time.

Have fun guys! Linus


TCA Cat Show

August 13th 2008 6:08 pm
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They just posted the TCA (Traditional Cat Association) annual photo cat show results. I won!

1st Place Traditional European Burmese Best Cat in Premiership
co-1st Place Most Beautiful Eyes
1st Place Silly Poses
co-1st Place 2008 Best in Show Purebred Champion Alter.

Mom is so proud of me! To see the results click here: TCA show results!


I'm a Daily Diary Pick!

July 30th 2008 6:54 am
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Wow! I'm a daily diary pick today! Thanks Catster! And thanks to the kitties who left me congratulations! Glad you liked my diary.


Another CFA cat show...

July 27th 2008 8:28 am
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Mom took me to the Midwest Enthusiasts of Wonderful Sphynx (MEOWS) CFA cat show in Racine, WI yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't do so great this time. It was a bigger show and there were 32 cats in Premiership alone. All I got this time was a 2nd Best Shorthair Premier ribbon from one judge. Mom checked with the clerk and I will be getting some points for that. Mom was hoping for more (she has high hopes for her boy!) but there was alot of tough competition this time so she's okay with it. And, of course, Mom says I'm still Best in Show as far as she's concerned! Maybe next time I'll have a better show...

Mom also brought Mickey to the show in Household Pet (HHP) and he did very well. See his diary for details. I seemed to like having my big brother with at the show too. Mom also won a nice blue soft sided cat carrier for me in the raffle at the show.

UPDATE: Mom just checked online and I only received 6 Grand points this time. This brings me to 22 cumulative Grand points after 2 shows as a Premier. I'm almost 1/3 of the way there. 75 points are required to become a Grand Premier so 53 more to go...


Another CFA cat show

June 7th 2008 7:51 pm
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I went to the Cats of Wisconsin (C.O.W.s) CFA cat show this weekend in Manitowac, WI. Mom was a little nervous, nearly half the entries in Premiership were Grand Premiers and Mom briefly wondered what we were doing there - especially when I didn't make the final in my first ring... sigh... she of little faith my mommy! I did great!

I behaved much better! I still acted somewhat scared and preferred to hide and rest under my blanket. No growling, but I still did some nervous meowing but less frequently and at a lower volume. I still didn't play with the judges or eat, drink, or use the litterbox. I did at least sniff my food/water bowls and checked out the litterbox. With the last judge I watched her toy and was thinking about going for it!

I made 3 finals too!

One All Breed judge gave me 9th Best Cat and 2nd Best Shorthair Premier.

Another All Breed judge gave me 10th Best Cat.

And the Shorthair Specialty judge gave me 6th Best Cat.

While she didn't give me a rosette, another judge said this was a very nice group of Premiers and said she felt some other cats beared mentioning - she mentioned 3 cats and one was me. So I guess I got an "honorable mention".

There were about 26 total cats entered in Premiership so I should get some points. I was the only European Burmese at this show.

The judges had nice comments on me again. One mentioned my eyes again, two liked my moderate body type (one explained to the crowd that the Europeans are supposed to look different than the Americans and was happy to see this in an EB) One liked me head/muzzle, one liked my even cream coloring, and one commented on how muscular I am (and told Mom I was really sweet - I liked her and she was the one I thought about playing with).

Mom is very proud of me! She e-mailed my breeder and she is thrilled too!

Update: I received 16 points toward my Grand Premier title at this show. The official show total entry count was 98 with 25 cats in Premiership and 10 Premiers. 75 points are needed to become a Grand Premier so 59 more points to go...

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