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This weekend's cat show

July 10th 2011 5:55 pm
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Mom took me to an ACFA cat show this weekend. Mom told me I was "retired" after I made Grand Premier in CFA - she LIED! Now that ACFA has recognized my breed, Mom wants me to Grand in ACFA too. Well... I did GREAT at the show this weekend! I made finals in 6 out of 8 rings! I got: 7th Best All Breed Alter, 5th Best All Breed Alter, and 3rd Best All Breed Alter on Saturday. Then on Sunday I got 10th Best All Breed Alter, 3rd Best All Breed Alter, and 3rd Best Shorthair Alter. For those of you new to showing, most shows have 4-6 rings each day. Each ring has a different judge. The judges are not allowed to confer with each other. Basically each ring is a "mini show" and as the judges may see things differently, you really have an opportunity in each ring to make the judges final. When the judge has finished judging all the cats in a class (classes are: Kittens, Championship or Adult Cats for intact cats, Premiership or Alters for spays/neuters, and Household Pets) the judge will pick their Top 10 cats and call them back to their ring for their final presentation and award them their rosettes. In the purebred classes, cats are judged on conformation against a written breed standard for their breed. This states how a "perfect" cat of the breed should look and describes things such as eye shape and color, ear set, muzzle, body, coat and color. The judges will pick the cats that they feel most closely meet the written breed standard for their breed. In Household Pet, there is no breed standard, so the judges pick the cats they like best based on things like personality, grooming and presentation, and health. Needless to say, Mom is VERY proud of me and very happy. My next ACFA show will be the end of August. I just need four more Winner's Ribbons (you get a Winner's Ribbon in each ring until you Grand in ACFA - it means the judge is certifying you have no "disqualifying faults"), and I will be an ACFA Grand Champion Alter - and the FIRST European Burmese to make Grand in ACFA.


2011 TCA annual photo show

July 8th 2011 9:10 am
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The Traditional Cat Association posted their annual photo show results. I won!

2nd place - Traditional European Burmese, Best Cat in Premiership

co 1st place - Fun Classes, Most Beautiful Eyes (tie with Rider)

1st place - Fun Classes, Best Computer User

2nd place - Best Alter in Show

You can see the results HERE.


Intruder Alert!

May 22nd 2011 10:47 am
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Well Mom's done it. She was gone all day yesterday, and when she finally came home - she didn't come home alone! She brought home a little kitten named Vada. She's only 15 weeks old. She's a European Burmese and came from the same breeder I did (although we are not related). Right now, she's "isolated" in Mom's bedroom til she meets our vet Monday morning. Then we'll be "officially" introduced. Rider and I are not too thrilled and have been right outside that door. Now we're starting to play "footsie" under the door too. Rider and I retaliated by stealing Mom's hair ties and watch (she found them in the hallway), and I broke into the kitchen cabinet where Mom keeps out treats, stole the bag, and Rider and I helped ourselves to a nice big late night snack, leaving the mess for Mom. Maybe that will teach her? Mom seems pretty happy with this little girl though. Vada's page is up with several pictures if anyone wants to look.


Me, on my breeder's webpage!

May 18th 2011 6:42 am
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my breeders' webpage I'm second from the bottom.


My new little sister

May 7th 2011 7:21 pm
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Mom heard from my breeder. My new little European Burmese sister is ready to move in here! So, Mom made travel arrangements to go get her on May 21. I'm not sure about this... Mom seems pretty excited though. Mom's made her a Catster page. Her registered name will be Bodyguard's Vada. Mom will call her Vada. She named her after the main character in the "My Girl" movie.


This weekend's cat show

May 1st 2011 7:09 pm
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Mom took me to a local ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association) show with Rider this weekend. ACFA is recognizing my breed effective with the new show season starting May 2. So, I was "presentation only" as my breed was not "official" with ACFA til Monday. The judges and several exhibitors were very interested in me and noticed the difference in type between me, a European Burmese, and the Burmese. Absolutely nothing against Burmese, but European Burmese and Burmese are different breeds and are supposed to look different, and Mom and I were happy the judges and spectators picked up on that. A couple judges even said I was the very first European Burmese they've seen and I'm likely one of the first (if not first) European Burmese seen in ACFA which was very cool. Mom and my breeders are very proud of me, and that I got to be an ambassador for my breed to help get things started in ACFA.


name for my little sister

April 9th 2011 8:04 pm
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Rider and I are expecting a brown tortie European Burmese little sister sometime in mid-May from my breeders. My breeders name their litters alphabetically, and this little girl needs a "V" name. This is not an unusual custom with purebreds and breeders. Here's a link to a couple pictures of her in Rider's photo album. brown tortie sister pic 1, brown tortie sister pic 2 Here are some potential V names for her. Let me know what you think!

Bodyguard's Voodoo Lily (Lily, this is a legit flower)
Bodyguard's Voodoo Rose (Rose or Rosie, this is a legit flower)
Bodyguard's Vibrant Rose (Rose or Rosie)
Bodyguard's Vivid Grace (Grace or Gracie)
Bodyguard's Velvet Vixen (Velvet)
Bodyguard's Voodoo Vixen (?)
Bodyguard's Vanya
Bodyguard's Viola
Bodyguard's Vesta (Roman goddess of hearth,home, and family)
Bodyguard's Vasha
Bodyguard's Verna


Dermatology appointment and sister update

April 1st 2011 8:52 pm
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Mom took me to the Dermatologist Thursday, March 31 for my acne. The dermatologist seemed to be in agreement with what my vet has done so far. He also agreed that right now, my acne is healing and trying to go into remission. He does feel I'm going to have some scarring and bald spots on my chin (similar to human acne scarring) from my latest severe breakout. So, I might not be able to go to shows anymore... we'll see how I heal. The Dermatologist wants to continue my clindamycin antibiotic for a month as he said it can take that long to heal deep infections. He also wants me on Douxo Spot On topical every 3 days and Mupirocin antibiotic ointment every other day. He is optimistic that we can get my acne under better control so I won't have to go on antibiotics and steroids every few months. I have a follow up appointment in May.

Also an update on the little sister situation... Mom heard from my breeder today. Unfortunately, little Allie has not developed as well as they had hoped as she's grown. They no longer feel she is going to be show quality. This does happen sometimes as kittens grow quickly and can change a LOT! They do want Mom to have the best possible kitten breed standard wise as Mom does want to show. So, they offered Mom a brown tortie girl in another litter. Mom said she was okay with the switch. Hopefully this little girl will grow and develop to be a very good show quality example of the European Burmese breed standard. She's only 7 weeks old right now and will not be ready til she's 12 weeks old... so we'll just have to wait and see...


European Burmese

March 1st 2011 11:30 am
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Rider's breeder, who shows both in Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) and American Cat Fanciers' Association (ACFA) sent Mom an email yesterday. Previously CFA was the only major association that recognized my breed, European Burmese. Last weekend at the ACFA semi-annual meeting it was decided, effective the May 2011 show season, European Burmese will officially be accepted for full championship status in ACFA! The new show season will begin on May 2, 2011, and my breed is now recognized in ACFA as well as CFA.


Uh oh

February 27th 2011 4:21 pm
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Mom's really done it this time. She called my breeder today to get on her waiting list for a new European Burmese kitten! Mom was expecting to get put on the waiting list... but they have a kitten they are now holding for Mom. She's 7 weeks old, and won't be ready to move in here til she's 12 weeks. She's a blue tortie. My breeder was going to keep her for showing and breeding, but decided it would be better to get some new bloodlines. So, when Mom called, they offered her to Mom. They know Mom does like to show, although she can only go to a few shows a year, so they said they wanted to pick a nice one for her that the judges might like. Not sure I really want a little sister... but maybe if Mom has her to show, I won't have to go to shows anymore and can stay home. Here's some pictures of her if anyone is curious:

picture 1 7 weeks old with cream brother
picture 2 7 weeks old with cream brother
picture 3 1 and a half weeks old with littermates

She is not registered yet and does not have a name. They name their litters alphabetically, and her litter falls on DeKattCo's "T litter" so I need a "T" name for her. Mom was thinking:

DeKattCo's Tornado Allie (Allie)
DeKattCo's Tsumani (Susie)
DeKattCo's Thyme and Rosemary (Rosie)
DeKattCo's Torrie
DeKattCo's Twilight Tear (Twyla)
DeKattCo's Tia
DeKattCo's Twilight Mist (Twyla or Misty)
DeKattCo's Twilight Star (Twyla or Star)
DeKattCo's Tiger Lily (Lily)

Let me know your opinion for a name or any other suggestions!

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