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Raza's Diary

We've been Tagged by a few cats

March 5th 2008 11:23 am
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but I only just now been able to do mine . MOL.

I was tagged by Penelope and Tess
So here I go.... Hee hee....

I need to list 7 facts about myself, then write down the 7 cats I intend to tagg. Then I need to invite them to read my diary, and hopefully they will do the same, It's a fun game MOL.

My 7 Facts about me.....

1. I'm now 3 years old
2. I love been outside especially in Summer (it's cooler)
3. I dislike the heat, so I love winter.
4. I'm very, very friendly and love going to visit the neighbours for pats.
5. I do not behave like a typical persian, they are suppose to like being
indoors and be a lap cat which I'm not.
6. There are heaps of different kinds of beds around the house but I prefer to
lie on the tiles.
7. I don't like walking on the grass. I'll go around the concrete blocks and only
walk on the grass if I have to. Then it's just a quick dash.

The 7 cats I tagg are

Apollo Cream
Ginny aka "Dangerous Beans
♥ Emma ♥




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Mr D - D'boat
Baltster 1990
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