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Hey guess what furry friends

December 28th 2016 6:38 pm
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Some of you know the human was having trouble getting the old software to run that makes cats talk.

Even with the help of the tech support guys we still couldn't get it to run. So the human bit the bullet and brought the new upgraded version and now we are back in action.

Yipppeeee!!!!! we are so happy MOL now she just has to work out how to use this new one.

But hey it'll work, here's our test one....

test video

It seems the old software couldn't handle the new updates but for us on the bright side with the help of the techy people we have a really fast catfuser.

We have deleted cookies, updated drivers etc etc and now we are flying around the place.

MOL it's been over a year since the human wanted to make the video. We are still determined to do this. Even if it takes us years.

We have a group on Catster for updates ats-19468

video with catster cats group

Since the human hasn't gone to FB for a very long time. But will try to update there too.

Hope all is well with everyfur.

Purrs Mr D



November 20th 2016 11:17 am
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MOL it's almost Dececember. MY CAT where is the year going. I think it's a time the humans go crazy and bring trees inside.

You know how silly that is, and then when I peed under the tree they weren't terribly happy with me.


It was under the tree? I'm allowed to pee under trees outside what's the difference. IT"S A TREE if I'm not allowed to pee under it don't put it inside.

I'm sure all you other cats think the same , Don't you?

Purrs Mr D



November 19th 2016 12:45 am
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OMC I just noticed our family isn't far off from been on Catster for 10 years. OMC where has the time gone???????
It's not till Feb but we are hopeful we'll still be here then,



I want to thank you all for being our friend over the years.- It's been awesome purrs Mr D

July 7th 2016 10:26 pm
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I want to thank you all for being our friend over the years. It's been awesome purrs Mr D Sam and Raza


I just want to thank all my friends

July 6th 2016 11:24 am
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You have all purrs for me when I needed it gave me gifts and treats. I think I owe my life to you guys it's so hard to think there will be no more Catster. :(

Many many purrs from our family, this is a very sad time indeed.

Purrs Mr D


New home needed for Kitcat and Squirrel

July 5th 2016 8:48 pm
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For those that don't know, Audrey (Squirrel and Kitcats meowmy) passed away a couple of days ago. It's so sad.

She was a good friend to many here.

The person that was supposed to take them, can't anymore so they are up for adoption to a caring family.

If anyone is interested in helping Audrey out by looking after her kitties please p-mail me.

Audreys cats are still at her home in Kamloops in Canada but we can arrange transport. There is an airport close by.

Squirrel may not travel well but I'm hoping someone might be able to get some calming tablets from the vet for her before any trip.

thanks everyone

Purrs Mr D


I'm still a pin cushion

May 23rd 2016 7:29 pm
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I normally wouldn't swear so I won't,I really am a gentle wee boy. But it was awful they took more blood from me today. Are they vampires???? I'm finding it so weird they are wanting so much, almost every week, I'm sure there won't be anything left of me soon :( * D's bottom lip quivers* they took heaps last weeks too. They said they are still unsure. Last week one, was a follow up. The values are still too high, so they have sent a new lot over to a special clinic today to do a new fancy test. Something to do with Ionization or something like that. I think it's to test the parathyroid???? Any way we wait again. BTW I look good and I've put on a little more weight Yippeee, so that is a really good thing. It maybe just me getting my winter coat since I'm part Persian I have a thick coat and it's getting very cold here now. Or it's the new food the human got us. We are loving it. It's Hills C/D but its fish flavoured. But at least I'm not loosing it anymore. :) Anyway I thought I'd do a follow up as I haven't done that in awhile, I was hoping I'd have some news. BUT one really good thing I shouldn't have Lymphoma which they thought was maybe there from the Ultrasound. If I did, I wouldn't be here today so YAY!!!! for that. * BIG GRIN* I'm here to stay.


Update for those interested.

April 12th 2016 2:06 pm
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Well I'm now furless across the belly again. MOL you should see me, I'm quiet a sight.

Now the ultrasound. Hummmmmm don't want to say any bad news and nothing is definite since no biopsy have been done yet.

I'm feeling and looking great. But I do have a question for my furry friends.

Does anyone have much experience with Chemo, did it work? for how long? where there any side affects? I know a few have gone through it, and was just wandering?

It's amazing how well I'm doing, since I was on death door last year. What a change!!!!!
I look great and I absolutely love to run around the place following the human when she goes to check on the chickens then beat her home.

I'm still the lovable kitty I've always been even with all the poking and prodding I've had over the years.

You wouldn't believe it but I'm still well known at the specialist vet clinic. My previous vet there, met us at the car even carried me in so she could have a pat with me before my ultrasound.
Aren't I a special boy. :) *big grin*

My human went up the road to the local shops while she waited for me. I was fast. She had the call in a in a couple of hours that I was ready to go home.

MOL I was so good I didn't need any sedation I just lapped up all the attention. I did what I was told and they all loved me.

Still don't know exactly were we go from here. We've booked in to have another blood test in a months time. To see if there are any changes and to see if the Calcium levels have come down in my blood,If not I'll have some biopsy done as there are a few areas of concern. It's all a waiting game.

But I'm happy and loving life purrs Mr D. All is good.


Update on me

April 5th 2016 7:54 pm
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Life is good and we are still enjoying a very warm Autumn here.

The human thought I should put this in my diary so we have a record of how I'm going.

I look great still licking the fur off my tummy. The human thought it was a good time to do bloods just to make sure my kidneys were still operating. She wishes there was a magic ball that we knew what to do, but like life is.... it's all trial and error. What foods to feed etc etc.

Anyway the bloods came back with something that needs more investigating. So we have moved the ultrasound up to next week. Paws crossed all is well. There are a few areas that need checking. Why is there calcium in the blood? is that why the stones are forming? There are a few things that can cause it. So they will be looked into.

But other than that I'm happy and love all the attention I'm getting. Everyone seems to love me and it's funny even after a year the specialist clinic still remember me well. MOL I must leave an everlasting impression on people.

Oh well, purrs for now I hope everyone is good. We are all good and happy here, enjoying the lovely weather.


My sister has clearly gone mad.

February 12th 2016 4:33 pm
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I only can laugh at my sister. She's mad I tell ya. Why??? tell me why???? is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?

My sister Sam seems to think she is human or wishes she is. *shakes head*

She copies what the human does.

Human likes coffee, so Sam has to finish off her morning coffee.
Didn't anyone tell her coffee is BAD for kitty's.
but nah she ain't listening.

The last straw was the other day when I noticed Sam is now coping the human in her mannerism too.

WEIRD I tell ya.

The human has a bad habit of of saying phhff, every now and then when she had enough or doesn't like something.

Well SAM is now doing that too. She will run onto the bed and say it. Or walk into a room and do it.

It is so funny to see. Someone please tell her she is cat, and cats are better than humans.

Do cats in your house do that too?

I'll post this in the forums if anyone wants to comment.

the forum link

I can't be the only one with a strange sister.

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