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Guys the Photobook is finished and the code is out

October 6th 2014 10:25 pm
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Anyone after the Catster cats photo book please go to this group 24

You only have a couple of days to buy it if you want it.

It's not a book that is for sale in the book shops. It's a one off fun book amongst friends.

Purrs and whisker kisses Mr D.

MOL we are going to be the last to see it. MOL It takes weeks to get to little ol' NZ.


YIPPPEEEEE!!!!! I'mmmmmm Back

August 12th 2014 6:27 pm
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Yay!!! and thank you so much watch cat for helping me get back in Yippeee!!! Mez so happy. * Mr D dances off to play*.


Hi furry friends

July 3rd 2014 4:03 pm
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I just thought I'd pop in to say hello, it's also a great time to mention a new site I found today.

NO it is not another Catster site, nothing compares with this place

But it has a lot of great tips if you have lost your a furry friend.

Some of you will know we have a group on Catster called the purrs and woofs for the missing and there we have collected a lot of tips and tricks for finding lost pets (cats and dogs)

I just thought been summer and all for you guys on the other side of the world, it's a great time for escape artists.

So if you need any info check out

or our own Catster/Dogster group sing-12424

I hope nobody needs it, But you know that Murphys law, if it's not handy that will be when you'll need it. MOL

I hope everyone is well and happy, Purrs for now purrs Mr D

P.S. When the site gets back up and running we'll do a clean out of the links in that group as we are aware some of the lost pet sites are no longer running.


Good news

March 6th 2014 1:03 pm
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Well as some of you know myself and my furmum got a under the weather not long ago. Furmum was bad and I just lost my voice.

Well she went on a course of antibiotics but that didn't work, she looked like she improved but soon after it all came back.

She went back into the vets for surgery to see down the throat. Then she went on another course of antibiotics and yay I'm happy to say she is looking a lot better now.

It's now been about a week she has been off them and all looks good.

She even has her meow back too. AND .......boy is she using it. I think she missed it, and now making up for lost time MOL.

I hope all is good with everyone else
Purrs Mr D

P.S. I'm so happy Catsters still around.


Great news kitty's - Raza doing great

February 6th 2014 1:47 pm
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We are pleased to say Raza is looking much better and I think she'll be ok.

She is still sneezing and breathing through her mouth every now and then and her face always needs a clean as it's always wet and slimy.
But she has turned a corner yay!!!!

She still has a couple more days with the antibiotics but she at least can meow now.

Me.... we'll my meow is still coming back but I'm looking very good



It worked it worked it worked.

We are so happy

Purrs Mr D


Another update thanks for the purrs

February 3rd 2014 2:12 pm
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Hi everyone thank you so much for all the purrs

I'm doing very well and I now have a squeak for a voice so it looks like I'm getting it back Yippeee

But for Furmum Raza I think she'll take a little longer as she wasn't eating or drinking. We are watching her like a hawk she is a little smelly so I'm really hoping her kidneys are doing ok.

The vets are aware of it, and we are watching if she gets worse.
I have posted a photo of the can of fly spay we used it was only just put on the self we didn't know it was on and it was facing the wall at first.
As you can see it spayed the wall I turned it around so it was facing into the room (this is when it may have spayed directly onto their coats) and tried to clean the wall. It caused the paint go go into a wet stage again (I think it was an oil based paint so that can must be pretty nasty.

It said it was safe for pets as I had checked but it appears not or it was a faulty batch. I won't use them now. We have in the past and not had any problems but maybe this was too close and a bad can.

There are so many dangers in the house even natural products can be dangerous.
I can't find the site to get a code to post the photo here. My link goes somewhere else so I'll post the photo in our photo area of the can and the wall. The photo was taken 4 days after I tried to clean it.
Thanks again everyone
purrs MR D


Thanks for all the purrs. update on us

February 2nd 2014 2:46 pm
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Thanks you everyone for checking up on us and for all the purrs it is really appreciated.

The humans took the morning off work to take both of in for a check up and to see if I need anything Good news Raza has gained weight from Saturday. Me we'll I wasn't weighed then but I have lost about a 1kg since my last visit almost a year ago.

We are both eating and drinking yay!!!

And our throats are looking much better Yay!! again.

Though the human is looking a wreak MOL she didn't sleep very well last night since she has gotten rid of those fly /insect auto spray things she was bitten all over from the mozzies (Mosquitos) And she was thinking about us and how it'll affect the rest of our bodies.

We (both D and myself) can't meow yet but that should come back in time when our throats heal.

Wow!!! inside can be really dangerous for us in NZ inside is actually more dangerous than outside. The human worries about so many things like if we get into the fridge or freezer and she didn't notice it, she always does a second look.

The washing machine and drier she double checks too, The roman blind cords always have to be tied up, now it's the fly spray the list goes on and on.

Thank you so much for all the purrs everyone I wish I had time to respond to you all but the human is very late for work, she should have been in there 3 hours ago. She just wanted to take us in to the vets and we come first before her shop. Like it should be aye MOL.

We saw all your lovely posts and wanted to give you an update. Will be back later.
Thanks again and I think it's working we are looking much better.
Purrs Mr D and Raza


May we have some purrs please

February 1st 2014 12:07 pm
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I never like to ask but the human is a little worried about us, as we are not really telling her how we are feeling other then not good

Both my self and my furmum Raza got into something and we are keeping that a secret. But we have now both lost our meows but I can still purr.

I would at least eat but I'm vomiting foam, I've kind of stopped that now but Raza is still not good. She couldn't eat at all. She wants to and she goes over to it, but just the sight of the food make her vomit the foam again. Also she couldn't drink same thing happens.

The human was worried and took her into the vets for fluids and she was also given an injection to help her want to eat and to keep the nausea at bay. Luckily the vets saw it as urgent and we were taken in as soon as we arrived, it then put them behind for the day especially since they are only open for the 3 hours on the Sat morning.
It was nice of them.

The vet said it looks like the back of her throat is burnt so it looks like we licked something caustic.

The human thinks it maybe a fly spray that she brought for the house it is now in the bin.
They have it facing the wall by accident and it has melted the paint work. They then had it turned around as it was supposed to be safe around pets but we wonder if it sprayed onto our coats.???? Not sure.

The human tries to be careful with washing powders I know we often want to get into them and see what she is doing but she also makes sure she cleans up any spills.

So it's a wait and see Raza and myself have been sick for 4 days now (counting today) The reason I know why furmum's still not feeling well is because she is hiding under the humans litterbox.

The vets were worried enough to give us a full breakdown of our visit in case we needed to go to the 24 hour vet. Also they said if we are not better soon that we should go in on Monday (tomorrow) for a blood test. So purrs we come out ok.
Thanks for your time and purrs if you can spare some for us please.

Purrs Mr D.


No goodbyes yet I'm still purring for a save.

January 17th 2014 9:20 pm
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Yes I do not want to say any good byes yet. I'm still purring we can still save the site. There is a partition going. Does anyone know anyone with deep pockets or a group of people that want to get together? Does anyone know anyone in the media that might want to do a story and ask if there is anyone out there that can save us.
Purrs Mr D, Sam, Raza and Balty

There's too much to lose here, not to mention the human loss there are some that rely on this site so much it's not funny. There are some that it'll be too much to start over again. There are some here that may not be able to save all their stuff, If you know anyone that needs a helping paw that would be pawsome if you can help them.

Thanks it's not over yet.
There is also a FB group for those until we find out what happening.



January 10th 2014 7:24 pm
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Aren't memories great. : )

It was only this morning the human said to me "it might be a good idea to copy all your diary entries". I looked at her as if she was mad : ~ why I thought?

But she said it'll be such a shame if something happened and we lost all those treasured post. All the special messages that cats have said and helpful tips they have given us. Not that something may happen but it's always a good idea to back things up.

What fun we had. Things I had forgotten. WOW!!! has time flown.

We joined Catster on Feb 18th 2007 so we are almost coming up to 7 years here on Catster (next month).

Sam and I were just over 1 year of age (our first birthday was the 24th Jan) Were still considered kittens in the eye of the humans and our fur mum Raza. Balty just thought we were pests, but entertainment never the less.

Remembering those days when there was just a green background.

we couldn't post in diaries nor on photos but you could IM (instant message) fellow Catster cats

I went back through my diary and realised how many changes Catsters been though, the friends we have gained and lost. The many friends that are still here, Many that stood by us when we needed help.

I look back and I'm amazed what happened while I was away I'm not sure how many friends remember 'the day I (Mr D) went missing'. It was my 2 birthday I had been on Catster for almost a year by then.

The help and outpouring of love was enormous it helped push the human along to find me. It was amazing to be able to go back and read all about it again.

I'd hate to lose all that, and everything else that has happened here.
So I'm so pleased the human took the day off to work on ME!!! and my Catster page.

Yikes!!! YES..... I know not to touch the fun stuff, Boo hoo. But that is what made me realise how I could lose all my treasured memories

Memories of all my friends, I'd love to mention names but there are so many and I'd hate to miss any furs out.

There's so many here that put so much of their personal time into making Catster such a special place.

There are those that start (admin)groups,
those that do recaps,
those that do the purr list,
Those that monitor the site (watch cat and watch dog) keeping everything running with-in the community guide lines.

Then there are those that have fun things like my honour of a dreamboat #
those that run parties.
The diary gal, does she actually exist? I know there is often comments on it. But that must be a job and a half reading every diary :<

Then there are those that make wings for furs,
pretty pictures for those that get DOTD COTW COTD etc.
There are so many good kitties and furry friends here.
Then there are those that take the time to help others with their pages and catster codes,

There is a real sense of community here
It just makes Catster so special

It all comes flooding back when I look back over the years.

*D shakes his head*

It's so hard to see where those days have gone they have just flown past


.... Sam and I will be 8 soon and according to the vets we are considered elderly WHAAAAATTTTTT!!!!! you have to be joking. We are still kittens time has stopped still didn't you know.
Friends are not allowed to pass on. We are immortal, didn't you know.

Just an update on us now.. I'm curled up in the smallest box I can find on the desk next to the human. Yes it is a very small box and my rolls of fur are flowing over the edges. Hey you know us cats, must find the smallest box and then prove we can still fit in it to sleep.
I'm huge all of 7.8kgs but in my mind I'm only 3 MOL.

Sam is curled up on the hammock chair next to the window in the lounge and Raza is doing a bit of bird watching. Pretty boring really.

It's summer here and Feb (next month)is our hottest month so we do feel bad for all our furry friends that are suffering the cold.
Purrs everyone stays warm

Well that's us, and we sure had fun going down memory lane. Purrs D

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