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The Many Adventures of Harry Monster

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Daisy's Birthday!

May 25th 2012 7:36 pm
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Mommy feels bad for this being so late today, but today is Daisy's birthday!! She turned 11 years old today! She has been so excited today - it's like she knew what was coming: she got a spoonful of Peanut Butter and some treats! MOL Her and Toby have always gone crazy for PB so she has been one happy girlie today!!

Mommy and everyone was worried about Daisy when Toby passed. They were very close - when Toby would leave for the vet, Daisy would go NUTS waiting for him to come back. But she has been doing great!! She has stayed very happy and we are so relieved! I'm sure it doesn't hurt that she's been getting some extra lovin's to help make sure she doesn't go into a depression ;-) She's loving the extra attention :-) Also, when Mommy feels sad about Toby, she goes and loves on Daisy and I think it's been very therapeutic for them both.


Thank you

May 16th 2012 3:23 pm
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Thank you to everyone for their support during Toby's journey to the Bridge. We're sorry we haven't been on sooner, as promised, but Mommy hasn't been on the computer much. We appreciate each and every one of you for your support during this time. Thank you for the pawmails, rosies, and stars that you all have sent to us. Each message made Mommy cry because they were so sweet and heartfelt.

Mommy and Grandma took Toby to the vet the morning after his passing so that he could be cremated. He was supposed to be ready to pick up today but we have not received our call yet, so I guess we will be able to bring him home tomorrow. The place the vet's office works with for cremations is north of us, in Maryland, and southbound traffic was horrible today - we're guessing that caused the delay. Mommy will be happier when Toby is back home us.

I also wanted to thank everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday! Whew! What a week we had last week! Toby's birthday, Toby's journey, then my birthday! Granddad said, "What a roller coaster...Can we end the week on a high note with Harry's birthday, please?" Thankfully that's exactly what happened. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who celebrated with me and sent me messages and gifts!


Toby 5/7/99 - 5/8/12

May 8th 2012 6:01 am
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Toby passed away last night just after midnight. Mommy was with him and telling him how much we love him as he passed. It was very peaceful.

Mommy is going to get some rest after this long night, but we wanted to update all of our friends first. We will post more information later after mommy's nap.

Thank you to everyone who has kept Toby and our family in your thoughts and prayers during Toby's courageous fight with heart disease.



May 7th 2012 7:58 pm
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Here is what Mommy wrote about Toby on her fb yesterday:

"Toby's in a vicious cycle right now: tummy problems throwing off his meds, which causes him to feel yucky and not want to eat because his heart is doing too much, then when he does eat again, the tummy problems start again, which throws off the meds again...and so on...If we could just get his meds back on track, he'd feel better. My vet started him on some probiotics today to help his tummy so maybe we can get him on track with the meds again...*Fingers crossed*"

He licked at the yogurt covered food last night, but that was it. Today he wouldn't eat again. Since it is his birthday, Mommy and Grandma gave him some Peanut Butter (his favorite) and as soon as he saw the jar his eyes perked up and he came trotting over to Mommy. He didn't eat everything she offered him, though. That was all he ate today. They even tried offering him more PB tonight and he turned it down - he NEVER turns down PB...

He still has tummy issues (diarrhea - how, we don't know since he isn't eating) and even threw up a little yellow bile earlier. Usually when he vomits, it is white creamy YUCK from his heart/lungs filling up. So, the bile was about of a shock, but not totally since he has no food in him. He is having a really hard time walking and can't take the stairs on the deck, so when he goes out we have to carry him up to get back inside. He has gone down them on his own, but we've had to carry him down them today, too.

Toby has had Mitral Valve Disease since he was 5 and has been in Congestive Heart Failure since he was 10. He turned 13 today.

We are trying to decide what to the Cardiologist. Or go ahead and ask our home vet to come see him. We've done everything in our power to help him...we don't want him to suffer. And he is right now. We don't know if there is anything the Cardio can do at this point...he just won't eat and not eating means not getting meds, either.

We love Toby so much...


Happy Easter!

April 8th 2012 3:41 pm
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Thank you to everyone who has sent me, Albie, and Skittles Easter Eggs! We love our Catster Friends very much and hope you all are having a wonderful Easter with your families!!

Mommy gave us plastic eggs to play with and guess what she had put in them?!?!? CATNIP!! My favorite!!! :-)

Happy Easter, Everyone!!


Mommy tricked Albie!!

January 7th 2012 7:24 pm
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She really did!! A stranger came to the door early this morning and came inside to talk to Mommy. As usual, I ran and hid, but Albie went right up to the stranger to investigate. She loved him and thought he was very handsome. Albie was so busy loving the attention that he wasn't paying attention to what the lady and Mommy were talking about. They were talking about Albie's health...uh oh...this didn't sound right. This sounded like a conversation Mommy would have with the V-E-T. But...she takes us to a scary office for who was this lady?? Soon the lady went back out to her car and came back in with a scale and a big medical bag. Albie continued to be his curious self and I was trying to send him silent "Run for your life!" signals!! This was a trick!! This lady was a V-E-T!! How could Mommy do this?!? Soon the lady had Mommy holding Albie while she examined him. Albie didn't seem to mind until she started pressing on his belly/bladder area. Then, she pressed on his back and he SCREAMED! The V-E-T said that was right over a kidney. At this point, I went out into the kitchen where they were to check on my little bro! I was so worried about him! Mommy was shocked because I've never gotten so close to a stranger so soon before. My brother needed me, Mom! Apparently, she had asked Mommy to keep Albie in a bathroom last night with a new empty litter pan to try a urine sample. But, Albie held it all night and only went once he was out of the bathroom and in one of our usual litter boxes. (Us kitties had wondered why he was locked up...Albie had been so upset over it!) So, Mommy had no sample. The V-E-T doesn't like to use what she refers to as "quack" meds, she prefers homeopathic remedies, but she said that antibiotics do help to "cool down" inflamed bladders. So, she gave Albie a shot of an antibiotic in case he does have something going on. His reaction to her pressing on him is what has her nervous. Mommy is going to try to get a sample tonight (wish her luck!) and then take it to the V-E-T's house tomorrow. Albie also has the pill version of the antibiotic to take starting tomorrow, 1/2 pill twice a day and just for a week.

Mommy had called the V-E-T because Albie's cystitis has never really gotten better. The carpet on the main level of the house has been replaced and before replacing the carpet in the room where he has accidents Grandma put that Killz stuff down to get rid of the smell hoping that would help. But, Albie is still having accidents. We know he stresses when our doggie cousin comes to visit and it used to just be around those visits that this would happen. But, now, it seems like it is all the time. Albie acts fine, though, plays, eats, drinks, sleeps normal! The only symptom is the urinating outside of the box... The V-E-T said it could be psychological at this point. In which case Mommy may just have to retrain him to the box. He has a tendency to growl when the V-E-T presses around his back side, so his growling could have been that. The urine sample will tell for sure.

Oh! The reason we have this new V-E-T who comes to the house?? ME!! I hate care rides so Mommy found this V-E-T for ME! I need to find a really good hiding spot before I'm due for my check up....

Please purr for Albie to be okay! As tough as it would be to retrain him to the box...that would be better than him being sick!!


Good news!

November 18th 2011 2:24 pm
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Skittles has some good news that she shared in her diary entry today! Please go to her page and read it! You can get to her page from mine or Albie's pages. :-)


Toby Update

October 5th 2011 3:04 pm
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Toby is home!! Mommy and Granddad picked him up early yesterday afternoon. The vet had a little bit of a hard time taking him off the oxygen, he kept stressing out, but they did get him off of it and finally called to say he was ready to be picked up. He is now on another diuretic which he takes half a pill every other day (weird dosage, right?) and he is also on Viagra, for hypertension, which he takes 25 mg three times a day. The vet said "he is doing well considering his condition." Mommy is choosing to look at that comment in a positive light. Because he is doing well. No, he cannot get better, but he can stay stable for as long as possible. He is a fighter. He is kicking MVD butt!! MOL! Go Toby!!

Thank you to everyone for the purrs and prayers! We really appreciate each and everyone of you :-)

Toby does not write in his diary, but he wanted us to send a special "Thank You" to Huey for his Power of the Paw gift! "Thank you, dood!!" :-)


Toby is in the ICU tonight...

October 3rd 2011 3:49 pm
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Our doggie uncle, Toby, had to go see his cardiologist today because his tummy was bloated with fluids again. He has also not been eating well for the last few weeks, but especially for the last few days. He has just not been himself the past couple days. So, Mommy and Granddad took Toby to his cardiologist and after they took his BP they gave him some oxygen. Then, they did a tap to drain the fluid from his belly before taking some x-rays. He was better after having the fluid drained but was still in hypertension. So, the cardio suggested leaving him with them overnight to help him stabilize. She is worried about his lungs being under so much pressure and she is worried because his heart is just so HUGE anymore. So, she is giving him time to stabilize before he comes home. Toby is in ICU at the office and is actually in an oxygen tent for the first 12 hours he is there. They will be giving him lasix through an IV and will try to give him his oral meds that he usually gets. The cardio is thinking about starting a new medicine to help with the hypertension. It's called Viagra (yes, the little blue pill! MOL) and since it was originally used for hypertension, this is what the cardio would put Toby on. We will see if she does that. We are hoping that they can get Toby to take his meds like he is supposed to. He takes his meds when he eats and since he has not been eating normal lately, he has not really been getting his meds like he should. Hopefully, after being drained and getting some oxygen, he will feel better and his appetite will come back.

We know we have asked several times before, but we would like to ask for purrs and prayers for our Toby again. We know how powerful the Power of the Paw is and our Toby means so much to us so please keep our Toby in your thoughts... We love you, Toby!!



August 23rd 2011 3:17 pm
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Skittles is one of the kitties that Mommy and Granddad care for at the local SPCA. She was one of the kitties being housed there for a local rescue who needed extra help due to special circumstances (I'm sure Skittles will fill you all in at some point). The lady who runs the rescue is slowly getting the kitties back out of the SPCA and is in need of fosters, and knowing how much Granddad and Mommy love Skittles, she asked if they would mind fostering her. So after a lot of talking with Grandma, they finally convinced her of it and Skittles moved in this past Sunday! She is staying in a room separate from the rest of us for now. Albie can't wait to meet her, he is such a flirt!! I'm very curious about her...but only because I want to know who the stranger is in that room!

Mommy has created a page for her here on Catster and has listed her as adoptable. However, if everything works out and we all get along (meaning all three cats and two dogs), then Skittles will probably stay here!! Mommy and Granddad said she is such a love bug that it would be hard to let her get adopted after having her live here! They have known Skittles since they started to help the rescue back in November. Mommy feels bad that she is alone in a room right now and goes up to visit her often, she can't wait to be able to start introducing her to us so she can finally join us all in the rest of the house!

Mommy has to go vote for the county's Commonwealth Attorney now, but we will update you all more about Skittles later! :-)

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