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Playing Diary Tag!

November 14th 2009 8:19 pm
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Hi everyfur! I got tagged by our good friend Mr.Fez, who is also my boyfriend Linus's brother! Thanks for thinking of me!

This is the "2009 Get to Know Your Pals" Diary Tag Game

1. What color is your collar?
I don't wear one right now, but I think momma bought a light brown leather one for me.

2. What kind of food do you eat?
I'm sort of picky. I like Purina Pro Plan kitten food. I know, I'm not a kitten anymore, but it tastes good!
3. What are your favorite treats?
Whiska Lickin's Tuna and Temptations Dairy Flavor. Oh, I almost forgot, Fancy Feast in the purple bag!

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other?
Yes I do! My boyfriends name is Linus, and he is furry handsome. I will be putting his picture on my page soon. (My typist has been lazy)

5. Do you get table scraps?
Sometimes lunchmeat cut into tiny pieces, and chicken or turkey. Zack was the only one who liked veggies, silly brother.

6. What is your favorite toy?
My own tail! I can break dance chasing it! But seriously, besides my tail, I like the laser mouse light that Sissy sent us!

7. When is your birthday?
September 18th. I will be four, next year.

8. How many times a day do you eat?
I nibble all the time. We have six food bowls out. Most nights we get canned food or treats if we're not having wet food.

9. Do you have a favorite color?
Yes, purple. I love purple flowers!

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
Yes. It would be fun to read about all my friends.

Now it's your turn! Copy these questions and type your answers - then post it in your diary!!! Please, don't forget to tag 6 of your friends, and send them a note to read your diary.
Here are the friends I am tagging: (in no particular order)

My Auntie, Emma Kitty
My girlfriend Elise
My girlfriend Melody
My girlfriend Entrechat Cat
My girlfriend Patches Bush
My girlfriend Boots


♫ Happy Birthday Linus ♫

September 9th 2009 8:08 am
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Today is my special guy's birthday!
I'm not a good singer, but here goes...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Linus, Happy Birthday to yooouu! ♫

Linus, I hope for have a very fun birthday! I bet you will get to play with all your favorite toys, and eat your favorite supper! Maybe even go chase the big mouse at Chuckie Cheese! giggle.

Too bad we don't live closer, and I could have delivered your cake in purrson!

Have a wonderful day!

Love & nose kisses, Emme


My First Valentine

February 12th 2008 6:43 pm
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*Emme dances around*

I have a Valentine, I have a Valentine! Cool, huh?

The handsome and sweet Linus, and I, are Valentine's this year! Isn't he cute?

It's almost Valentine's Day, but I'm really not into a lot of mushy stuff.
I am kind of a tom/boy/girl/cat!
I'd rather wrestle!
Linus says that is okay, he likes to wrestle too.
We both like to jump real high after the feather toys too.

Which reminds me, I have an appointment with a peacock feather!

*Emme races off*


Tail Chasing

January 26th 2008 9:34 am
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Everyone laughs at me for chasing my tail. Hey, that hurts my feelings...
So what's so funny about that? Come's a built in toy!

I like to find a nice corner of the countertop and then flip and spin! It's kinda like kitty break dancing. Mom wishes she had a video camera. My favorite spot is the big bowl in the kitchen. I plop down in it, and bounce around, then chase off over the sink, to the other side, then back to the bowl. Mom hears this "thump, thump, thump", and it's ME, bouncing all over the counter.

And my next favorite game is called "swat the hand". This is another "bowl game".
What you do is, lie in the bowl and wait for the humans hand to come near, maybe with a paper towel, then swat with claws extended! You might get lucky and grab the paper towel, of even better, get a yowl out of mom 'cuz you got her hand! Ouch. Good thing I am tiny, and have tiny claws. he he

That's it today, nap time now.

Loud purrs from Miss M


Oh Brother... Another Brother!!!

October 28th 2007 11:47 pm
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I don't think I like this! I am not the baby anymore! Grrrrrr!

And Mom has been all over my case because I don't much like the little mooch!
She keeps saying "Emme, don't swat at him!" M-O-M!...I have to show him who's BOSS!
If he thinks he can just waltz in here and take over my position as the baby of the family...well, I have to show him that I won't go down without a fight!
Grrrrr!!! Little brothers...can't scratch 'em, can't bite 'em. can't fight with 'em. What good are they?
Loud purrs from a disgruntled little pussy cat.


Front Page Mews

September 21st 2007 1:02 am
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That would be ME ! PURRRRRR

I was Daily Diary Pick on the Catster front page all day today!
Isn't that just the coolest thing!


And THANK YOU to all the nice cats who sent stars, rosettes, and paw mails, to congratulate me. You are the absolute bestest !!!

Now I had a really nice story planned, but it is 3:00 am here, past my bedtime, and really past Mom's ! So if it's okay, I will save that for tomorrow.

Stay tuned...

Nose licks and Loud Purrs, M&M


Kitten Today, Cat Tomorrow?

September 17th 2007 11:04 pm
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Well what do you know! I am going to be a big girl tomorrow!

**************ONE YEAR OLD !*************

Mom says I am officially the smallest kitty in the house! Kate is next smallest, then Sophie. We are all petite girls! Claire and Lucy are the biggest girls. Claire is bigger than many of the boys in the house! But then look at her brother Xerox, he is the biggest kitty, weighing 20 pounds, and not fat! I don't mind being little, it usually gets me extra treats! purrrs

So I was wondering what the difference between a Cat and a Kitten, really is?
Does it mean I have to quit pretending I don't know my name?
(especially when I am in trouble)
Does it mean I don't get to get away with clawing things anymore?
Do I have to start sleeping 18 hours a day?
Do I get to eat the "big cat" food, instead of kitten food?
Do I have to wear a collar now?

It doesn't sound so bad...I guess I'm proud to be a CAT...finally...

Loud PURRRS, Emme the BIG girl


I'm Too Excited to Sleep !

August 5th 2007 1:40 am
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Guess what happens today? A wedding !

And guess who is getting married? Tigress, and Vincent !

And guess who is going to be the Flower Girl ? ME !

Neat, right?!!! I am nervous though...
What if I trip, or what if I miss my cue, or what if I drop my basket, or what if a bee flies into my flower petals, or...or...oh dear!

It will be fine...I'm going to go to bed now.
I can do this, I can do this, I can do this...


The Rest of the Story

March 20th 2007 5:34 pm
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In my "Arrival" story, I told you how this nice young man had pulled me out of a busy street. He tried to get several places to take me, but no one offered. Finally he called my Daddy. The part you don't know, as Paul Harvey says, is "The Rest of the Story"...

A local no-kill shelter was having an adoption event at PetSmart. Since my Daddy could not come and get me until after work, and the young man could not take me home because of his apt. lease, he persuaded the shelter to let me stay in a cage with a litter of older foster kittens. They were a lot bigger than me, and I was scared. I huddled in the far back corner of the cage, and every time I tried to go to the litter box, they hissed at me!
Then my new daddy came! I was so excited, but by this time I really had to go! When Daddy picked me up, I just couldn't hold it any longer! I pooped all over his shirt! I was sooo sorry and embarassed! I looked up with my beautiful brown eyes, and met his kind eyes, and knew it was gonna be okay. He forgave me.
I love you Daddy.


How to Take Over a Household in Three Easy Steps!

March 16th 2007 10:21 am
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Step 1: Have a Good Sob Story Ready

This will usually get your foot in the door. Most cat-lovers are suckers for the "little lost kitten", so try to look as pathetic as possible!
If this looks like it isn't working, try a few sneezes, and throw in a weak meow.
If this still doesn't work, improvise. I have found a "limp" works well.
If successful, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Make Friends Quickly

This is crucial, as your window of time to "fit in", is narrow. Don't hiss or spit at the other dogs or cats in the family. Especially don't claw or bite the little humans! Despite your fears, refrain from hiding. If the other animals hiss, or chase you, run to your human Mommy or Daddy for protection and comfort. This usually gets the other cat/dog in trouble, and garners you some lap time.

Step 3: Purr Loud, Purr Often

Purring is magical. You will be surprised how often you will use this tool. It is appropriate in almost every situation. The absolute best time to employ purring is when you are in trouble for something. Humans find it very hard to discipline, or scold a purring cat. So purr on my friends, and good luck!

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