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Mews by Tina

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Helpin' mama work

November 12th 2007 11:15 am
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Mama took another one of those "bonus weekends" she sometimes takes. She's been home with us since Friday! We love helping mama work from home....I help her type, Pedro keeps her lap warm and Paige and Isaac chew her paperwork. We all know she appreciates the assistance.

Isaac has been eating all by himself for the past 3 days!! No hungry pill! He's even been asking to eat, which really makes mama really happy.

We have a new guest on our back all white kitty with one blue eye and one green. Mama's fussing because the weather is starting to turn cold here and white kitty does not want to be caught. He or she doesn't appear to be feral...just really scared. So....mama is keeping fresh water and food out for white kitty, and has created what she calls our "hillbilly cat shelter" by covering the patio furniture with a tarp. It's enough to keep the food dry, and give white kitty a place to get out of the rain. I hope white kitty trusts mama before it snows so mama can take her to the shelter where it is warm, dry and safe and where she can find a warm, dry and safe fur-ever home!

Well, time to go chatter at some birds in the feeder, and then help mama some more
ciao for now!

1st assistant to mama


Happy Sweetest Day!

October 20th 2007 7:22 pm
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Wow!! It's been foooorrrrr-ever since I updated my diary! I really need to get with the program, huh?

Well, today was Sweetest Day! I had dinner with my dad! Yep, sure did! We had steak, asparagus, baked potato, and...MILK! It was quite yummy, and we had a picture taken as a memento to post on my page. Dad is just so sweet to share his supper with me, isn't he???

Brother Isaac has been a bit under the weather, but as of now, appears to be on the mend. He went on a hunger strike for a little while there, which of course will win you an all expense paid trip to the V-E-T! Silly boy!! To be fair, I also have to mention that Isaac also had/has, this weird area over the right side of his ribcage that is warmer than the rest of his body. Following blood tests and x-rays, they found nothing wrong with the Queen and speculate that he fell and somehow bruised his ribcage. Then, they put him on the hungry pill.

So, Isaac has now decided to eat. He must be feeling better, because it is getting more and more difficult for mama to give him a pill. In his younger days, I understand that pilling Isaac was like pilling a tiger. Mama is supplementing his cat food with turkey baby food. He LOVES that! And...while mama, spoon feeds the Queen...literally...I make sure I get a few licks out of the jar while mama is looking the other way. Darn yummy I must say! We have to thank OF Scooter for this suggestion...thank you Scootie!

Ciao for now!


We love it when mama's home!

September 3rd 2007 11:05 am
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Mama has been home for four, count 'em four, glorious days! We love it when we have her all to ourselves. Plus...when mama is with us all day, she opens the doors and windows so we can hear and smell stuff out there better.... through the screens of course. Mama even put seed in the bird feeder so we could chatter at the birds.

Mama tried to do that "work" thing at the kitchen table on Friday. Through a team effort, I am happy to report that we managed to put an end to that.

First I got up on the table and on top of the pile of files mama had on the table. Then I gave the files a good long sniff, looked at mama and gave her the "stinky cat face." That always cracks her up! Then, I started digging at the files like I was trying to either shread them bury them (mama said either would be a fine idea). While I was seeing to the files, Isaac got on mama's chair behind her back and head-butted her elbows while she was trying to type. Pedro did his share by jumping onto the table, head-butting mama's face and laying on her forearms while she was trying to type. I gotta hand it to Paige though...that girl knows how to get things done! Mama was sitting with her back to the basement stairs. Along with her files, she also had her coffee and cereal with milk on the table. Well....Paige came ripping up out of the basement, leaped over mama's left shoulder, and into mama's cereal and milk!!! MMMMOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!! Mama said this was like trying to work with four pre-schoolers in attendance and that was the end of mama working over her long weekend! Man, are we good or what?

Ciao for now!
Tina-Tooter R&R Enforcement Officer


Wowsers!! I'm a daily diary pick!!

August 19th 2007 5:11 am
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Hi every-fur!!

I'm so excited that 'lil ole me has been selected as a diary pick today! What fun, and what an honor! Thank you and whisker kisses to Catser HQ!!

Well....check out what else is goin' on in Tina's 'lil world today.....OPEN HOUSE. I just learned what that means last weekend. It means me and my bro-furs and sisti-fur get locked in the laundry room! Now tell me, please, how that makes for an "open" house???

Now, me, Pedro and Paige endure this lock down with dignity. Queen Supreme, however, acts like he's been delt a life sentence and yowls his displeasure at the top of his lungs. Mama told him last week that if he wants a new cat-stle with his own dressing room and lighted vanity, he needs to zip-it today cuz prospective buyers don't seem to want to hang around when it sounds like someone is dying in the basement!! That said, I want a cat-stle with a sun porch so I can chatter at the birds in safety and mama says she's gonna find me one. Sooooo.....if the Queen doesn't keep his trap shut today, he's gonna find himself with a mouthful of feather boa!!

Okay every-fur, purr that Isaac will behave and someone will buy this cat-stle so we can have a new cat-stle!

Love you all!


A new kitten cat-stle??

August 13th 2007 5:04 pm
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Oh boy! Mama's been lookin' for a new house!! She put these sign
thing-a-ma-jigs in the windows in our current cat-stle a while ago and has been getting nibbles here and there. She's getting itchy for someone to buy our place so we ca n have a new one. I sure am hoping we can get a new cat-stle soon too, cuz mama says she's gonna find a place with a sunroom....just for me!! I'm so excited! I will be able to chirp at the birdies and be safe too!!

Of course Queen Supreme wants his own dressing room with a lighted vanity and lots of storage for all his makeup and boas. Oy!
Pedro is hip on the sunroom idea with me...he loves to chirp at critters too. Paige? Hummm...she's kinda clueless. Cute kid, not so bright...she'll be happy as long as her chipping wand toy comes along.

Ciao for now!




Oh where, oh where, has my mama gone?

July 29th 2007 5:07 am
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Greetings fellow whisker heads!

Wowsers, it has been a 'lil while since I updated my diary. I'm not getting a whole lot of computer time here lately, cuz mama hasn't been home a whole lot. She says she's busy with briefs again. I don't understand why she's so into underwear...she says she's busy with briefs a lot. *scratches head* The only part about it that I understand is that "briefs" somehow magically morph into cat food, treats and toys for me and the fur-sibs. I suppose that is all I need to understand about my mama's underwear fetish.

Nonetheless, I miss my mama when she is not here. Here lately, sometimes she doesn't even get home until after kitty feeding time! I'm o.k with this, but Isaac acts like he's gonna perish on the spot...even though mama leaves that crunchy stuff out all the time. He is such the drama queen! He is even more full of himself now that the lovely Natasha (534436) has made him a "Star" in her book. You can follow Isaac's, AKA "Armand's," adventures in Natasha's diary. Come to think of it, Isaac is a bit "Armand-ish" huh? Oh, I better not make his head any bigger than it is...he'll fall over!!

Signing off,
Sister to a star,


My Stars!!

July 19th 2007 6:23 pm
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Goodness gracious!! I'm seeing blue stars! Everyone in my family received a blue star and a rosie today from the First Lady, The Catster Cat! My pals got 'em too!! Now how cool is that?? What a super sweet cool thing to do! Thanks Caster Cat!!

(and the crew too!)


I love Mousies!!

July 15th 2007 6:11 pm
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Mama couldn't figure out why all us kitties (well, everyone except Queen Supreme) were always pawing under the sofa. She's moved it a dozen times to see what we were so interested in and found nothing.

Well, today, she finally got the picture. I think cuz she noticed that we had put a hole in the fabric that covers the bottom side of the sofa....part of it was stickin' out so she could see it. Anyway, she finally tipped the sofa over on its back and ta-daaa! She discovered our secret mousie stash! We kitties had been putting the mousies in the liner! Seemed like a good idea when we came up with it, but them we couldn't get the mousies out again if we wanted 'em! We had 25 or so stuffed in there!! Check out the pic!

Your Mousie Maniac,


I scared my mommy!

July 9th 2007 7:38 pm
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Oh goodness...I didn't mean to cause such drama, I was just trying out a new nap spot! Honest!!

It all began this morning. My uncle came over to replace mom's garbage disposal. He was here for a while and noticed that I never showed up to assist him. Now I will admit, this is highly unlike me. I am, after all, the sweetest cat on the planet according to my mom, and a socialite as well. I always go to greet everybody who walks in the house. If I'm not around, all one needs to do is pick up one of my rattlely-shakie-mice things, give it a shake and I always come running cuz I love my mousies! Well, my uncle tried the mousie thing and I still didn't show up. He looked high and low all over the house for me and couldn't find me! Finally, he called mom at work.

In a word, mommy flipped. She thought surely I had somehow escaped the house when she left for work early this morning. She flew home from work at about 85 mph. When she got here, she searched the house herself, did the mousie shake, and couldn't find me. Then she went into overdrive-flip cuz it would be so dangerous for me to be outside. I've never been outside, it was 93 degrees today and we live on a busy road. Mom, dad and my uncle looked for me outside for three hours! Then mom came in and made a flyer to take to the neighbors. She was ready to go take it to make copies when she decided to look in the basement one more time. When she turned the flashlight toward the storage area under the stairs, I decided to come out of hiding and santered right on out.

Mom hasn't stopped hugging and kissing me yet, so I don't think I'm in any trouble. She did say, however, that all her neighbors now likely think she is over-the-rainbow-crazy cuz she was out in the heat, walking around shaking one of my mice, crying, and yelling "TOOTER!!" TINA-TOOTER!!"

Yours Truly,


Man it's hot!!

June 19th 2007 1:50 pm
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Hi every-kitty!

I wanna start by saying thank you, thank you, thank you to all you beautiful kitties who sent birthday wishes, stars and rosies to me and my brother Pedro. You all made us feel super special, and we love ya all for that!

We have been having some darn hot weather here in northeast Ohio. Per our thermometer in the kitchen, it was 92 degrees here yesterday! It's only supposed to be in the upper 70's here this time of year, so that's smokin' for us Ohio kitties!

I think the heat has gone to my poor litter-mate's head too. Pedro is generally facinated by shadows, and hey, that's cool, whatever, right? But yesterday? Man! I tell ya, that boy was after things that totally were not there!! He was wearing himself out pawing at the kitchen floor and the front of the 'fridge where he usually chases shadows, but yeah, as I already said, the shadows were m-i-s-s-i-n-g!! Spooky!!

Gotta go put a cold compress on my brother's head!


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