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tooth trouble

February 21st 2008 6:13 pm
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So February 19 mom woke up early and stuffed me in a carrier, rather unceremoniously I might add! I was terrified and hungry because I hadn't had anything to eat all night. Well, when I get scared, I drool...a lot! I soaked the bottom of the carrier. Before I knew it I was at the vet. Well a little while later they gave me a shot that made me go to sleep. They were only supposed to clean my teeth but when I woke up one of my teeth was gone and it hurt very badly! When mom brought me home I was still woozy from the drugs. I would try to make my body do things that I wanted it to do but my rear end just kept fishtailing back and forth. I couldn't stop moving, I just walked in circles. My rear end was wet from the catheter they made me wear. I would try to lick it but instead of cleaning myself I would do a somersault. All I knew was that my face hurt and something didn't feel right. I would keep scratching at my jaw or I would roll around on the floor trying to make my face feel better. Mom made a phone call and they must have told her that what I was doing was bad because the next thing I knew she pushed me back into the carrier and made me stay there. But it didn't tire me out like it was supposed to. Eventually she had to let me out so that I could go to the litterbox. When I was done I went back to my old ways and started rolling all over and scratching at my face. But there was no way I was going to let her put me back in that carrier. She tried but I yowled, and clawed and screamed! So instead she took me to the bathroom. Immediately I knew where I was. It is my favorite place in the whole world and it calmed me down. Mom gave me some wet food. (Usually I only get kibble) It hurt pretty badly to eat but I ate anyway, voraciously! I don't think I've ever been so hungry. After I had some food in me I curled up in a pile of mom's clothes that she left on the bathroom floor for me and finally went to sleep. I haven't really left that room for two days now but I am slowly starting to feel better. It still hurts to eat but I now will venture outside of my safe room and socialize a little bit. I don't play and I don't sit on laps just yet. Mom says that I will feel much better now. She didn't know that one of my teeth had been hurting me for a long time and now that it is gone it won't hurt me to eat anymore. The bad news is that one of my other teeth has an abscess starting and someday I might lose that tooth too. All of you take care of your teeth and get them cleaned so that you won't have to have a tooth removed. It is really no fun at all!


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