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tooth trouble

February 21st 2008 6:13 pm
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So February 19 mom woke up early and stuffed me in a carrier, rather unceremoniously I might add! I was terrified and hungry because I hadn't had anything to eat all night. Well, when I get scared, I drool...a lot! I soaked the bottom of the carrier. Before I knew it I was at the vet. Well a little while later they gave me a shot that made me go to sleep. They were only supposed to clean my teeth but when I woke up one of my teeth was gone and it hurt very badly! When mom brought me home I was still woozy from the drugs. I would try to make my body do things that I wanted it to do but my rear end just kept fishtailing back and forth. I couldn't stop moving, I just walked in circles. My rear end was wet from the catheter they made me wear. I would try to lick it but instead of cleaning myself I would do a somersault. All I knew was that my face hurt and something didn't feel right. I would keep scratching at my jaw or I would roll around on the floor trying to make my face feel better. Mom made a phone call and they must have told her that what I was doing was bad because the next thing I knew she pushed me back into the carrier and made me stay there. But it didn't tire me out like it was supposed to. Eventually she had to let me out so that I could go to the litterbox. When I was done I went back to my old ways and started rolling all over and scratching at my face. But there was no way I was going to let her put me back in that carrier. She tried but I yowled, and clawed and screamed! So instead she took me to the bathroom. Immediately I knew where I was. It is my favorite place in the whole world and it calmed me down. Mom gave me some wet food. (Usually I only get kibble) It hurt pretty badly to eat but I ate anyway, voraciously! I don't think I've ever been so hungry. After I had some food in me I curled up in a pile of mom's clothes that she left on the bathroom floor for me and finally went to sleep. I haven't really left that room for two days now but I am slowly starting to feel better. It still hurts to eat but I now will venture outside of my safe room and socialize a little bit. I don't play and I don't sit on laps just yet. Mom says that I will feel much better now. She didn't know that one of my teeth had been hurting me for a long time and now that it is gone it won't hurt me to eat anymore. The bad news is that one of my other teeth has an abscess starting and someday I might lose that tooth too. All of you take care of your teeth and get them cleaned so that you won't have to have a tooth removed. It is really no fun at all!


I've Been Tagged!

October 30th 2007 3:28 pm
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Here are the rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write in their own diary about the seven random facts and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary!

1. I am obsessed with the bathroom. I lay in the sink, I lap at the drippy faucet, and anyone needing the bathroom either gets my permission or deals with me banging on the door demanding to know what they're doing in there!

2. If I'm not given enough attention I shred toilet paper. Most of the time the bathroom floor looks like New Orleans right after Mardi Gras...but it's not confetti!

3. I am mommy's personal trainer. When she is on the floor doing exercises I get under her raised leg. Hey if I'm under there she can't give up and put her leg down, she'd smash me! Of course I made the mistake of getting under her while she was doing sit-ups and she did smash me. I got scared and bit her scalp.

4. My favorite spot to sleep right now is in an empty cardboard box. Because of that mommy can't bear to throw it away.

5. I snore when I sleep, quite loudly actually. Mommy thinks it's funny but I still deny it. Hey I've never heard anything!

6. I chase my tail. Sometimes I run in a circle and sometimes I sit with my tail underneath me (so that I can just see the tip of my tail.) I then back up, scooting my butt on the floor, and try to catch that thing that keeps following me everywhere!

7. I am a clean freak but I'm not necessarily good at it. I always "bury" my food after I'm done eating. In other words I go through the motions I would in the litter box at my food bowl. I do that outside of the litter box too and sometimes I hit the wall of the litter box (it's covered) as if that is going to help clean up after myself. Oh well, at least I try.

The seven kitties that I would like to tag are:

Buster (In Loving Memory)
Bibi Anne


An Undignified Night

June 21st 2007 9:58 am
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Thank you everyone for the beautiful Rosettes. You make me feel like a princess! I am glad to have made so many new friends on Catster. You know, I had quite a rough night last night. Mommy told me that she was worried when she couldn't find me, and she swore that she looked for me long and hard. She just didn't look in the one place where I actually was! So I spent all night in the garage. That is not the kind of place where a member of royalty should be sleeping. I actually had a cobweb stuck in my whiskers this morning. Can you believe that?! I was so disgusted and my dignity was bruised. But secretly I think mommy was a little glad to have a break from my annoying habit of banging on the closed bedroom door. No, I don't really want out, I just want the door open. She knows this because she has let me out. But I then just bang on the door from the other side. I am not as able to do this anymore because mom barricades the door with the box of new litter, the clothes hamper, and anything else that will keep me from waking her up all night. Ahhh, it's good to be the center of attention.


My area is dirty!

March 6th 2007 6:33 pm
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You know I give mama hints everyday. I don't like it when my area is dirty. So after I eat I do the same thing that I do in the litterbox to tell mama that the floor is not clean enough for my taste. Does it ever phase her? Not really. But even when she cleans I don't think it is clean enough. The smell of the other girls never really goes away so I will never be happy! They are always horning in on my fun. Do you know that sometimes when I am sitting quietly on mama's lap and getting petted that Foosa will jump up there too? The nerve of her! I clearly had dibs on mama's affection. Sometimes she even wants to come in the bathroom while mama is in the bathtub. That is my hangout time with mom. It's my favorite thing ever! But, Foosa has her good qualities too. I've never had a playmate before and I hate to admit that maybe she's.....growing on me a little. But only a little bit!


I Am The Misbehavor

February 26th 2007 7:25 pm
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Let me set the record straight. Bisco claims that she gives vets the most grief when she is in the office. This is an out and out fabrication. She is a teller of lies. I will have you know that when I last went to the vet I not only screamed my head off and leaped off the table, but I scratched the attendant and made the doctor drop his syringe. Upon leaving the office the lady at the front desk was laughing and commented that somebody had sure been mad! I caused such a fuss that mommy was embarrassed by my behavior and afraid that I would not be allowed to come back. She scolded me and told me that I was so sweet at home that she did not understand why I would act like some wild cat. But really this behavior should not surprise mom that much. She knows that I become very angry if a stranger tries to pick me up. You can pet me, that's fine. But never ever lift my feet off the ground if you are a stranger. I will yell at you! So you see Bisco, it is I who behaves horribly at the vet, not you. We all know that I have the most sparkling personality. You are a sour puss all the time. I release my pent up frustrations at the vet's office.


My Arrival

February 22nd 2007 4:25 pm
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I had a rough couple of months. First I had to put up with that unsufferable child. Have you seen Elmira from Looney Tunes? That was her. She always wanted to hug me and squeeze me, and chase me, and pull my tail and I had nowhere to hide! Then this nice lady Christine took me and I stayed in her house for about a month. I did NOT get along with her black cat. She always chased me into corners. I was glad when mom came to pick me up, though the long drive was no fun! For a little while it seemed like it would be perfect. I had this giant space all to myself....for about a week. Then I met Bisco. She was living downstairs and I didn't want to believe that she was there until mommy introduced us. At first I thought that she was kind of scary, but deep down she is pretty easily dominated. Once I got used to came another one! Mom is such a sucker and always bringing in strays off the street. This Foosa was a piece of work. She is a very in your face cat, if you know what I mean and she has no respect for my personal space. Well, a nice swat in the face usually takes care of that though Foosa doesn't really react the way I want her to. Instead of cowering and running in fear she just lets me hit her. She'll squint and flinch but hold her ground. On some level I can respect that but it sure makes it hard to be dominant. I am just the same. I always eat first!

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