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Diary of a Ruddy Aby

I've been Tagged by Sara

February 11th 2009 6:11 am
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Sara is a pretty black and white girl who went to the Bridge at age 18, she's asked me to tell 5 things about myself.

Jack's 5
1. I love to be brushed and I got a wonderful new brush for Christmas, it's meant to be a HORSE brush but I love it. (I also love horses) It's a soft plastic mitt and really gets the loose fur off and I purr while being brushed.
2. My favorite toy is a catnip sock.
3. My favorite food is still Greek yogurt.
4. My favorite color is green-it compliments my coat.
5. I don't wear a collar or clothing. Mom tried to put Weezercat's sweater on me and I pitched a fit. I just wear my ruddy coat.


Gentleman Jack, An Angel Now


Family Pets

Mr. Micky,
Weezer (20
years of
Miss Minerva


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