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Maggie's Musings

Could I become a painting??

December 4th 2009 7:52 pm
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Well, Loki and I could become a painting if we get enough votes. here is the story. Our Daddy often puts pictures of us on his facebook page. He likes facebook, Mama likes catster... Anyway one of his friends asked him if she could enter a picture of Loki and me in a contest by an artist- the winning photo gets a painting made . She choose a picture of us peering out the door to enter. Our picture made it into the finals. And now people can vote on the finalists!!
We would love it if our catster pals would cast a vote for us. Its really nice because you don't have to sign up for anything to vote. There are some other nice photos there that would make good paintings too. The artist really does excellent cat renditions so you may want to take a peek at those even if you don't want to vote for us.

Here is the webpage where you can vote for us :



Getting to know you Tag

November 21st 2009 9:34 pm
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I was reading my furriend Alfie's diary and he played the tag game, and is hoping his pals who read his dairy will play the game too! So I decided to take him up on that wish and play. I have been silent in my dairy way too long!!!

1. What color is your collar?

I don't have a collar, it would mess up my fluffy ruff! But if I had one it would be red , to contrast with my fur

2. What kind of food do you eat?

I eat Fancy Feast wet,the pate flavors. Also Purina One Natural kibbles for a sneaky snack. I love to eat. If I am hungry I run around chattering "Maaarrriee , Maaarrriee" That means feed me in Maggiese. I come running when I hear the food can open.

3. What are your favorite treats?
Temptations, We get a few when Mama leaves for work. Its a tradition. And sometimes I get them at other times and I will try to grab them with my paw.

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other?

No, I am a shy, demure lady cat

5. Do you get table scraps?

Not really scraps,as in rejects /leftovers, but if there is chicken or turkey we get that. If chicken is being seasoned Mama will save some out plain so we get some. Sometimes I get a bit of cheese. I like Havarti best

6. What is your favorite toy?

A long fleece toy on a stick. I drag it up and down the stairs and present it to Daddy so he can play with me

7. When is your birthday?

May 23rd

8. How many times a day do you eat?

3 times a day

9. Do you have a favorite color?

Red, I love red mousies best!!

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?

Yes, that would be nice if they have a few minutes to do so...Its nice to learn about our furriends!

So now it's your turn! Copy and paste these questions in a diary entry if you'd like to play too! I sure hope you do


Can a cat purr too loud?

January 24th 2009 5:02 pm
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Very early this morning I was snug in the bed, between mama and Daddy, and my elder sisfur Kiwi was laying atop Mama. We decided to purr as loud as we both could. Guess what? We purred so loud that it woke up Mama and Daddy! No kidding.... Daddy could not figure out what cat it was , so he turned on the light and saw me purring up a storm.
Big purrs from a big cat- thats me , not sure how Kiwi can purr so loud, but she is a very loud purrer so it took a lot of doing to get above her purr level!
We'll try again tonight to purr as loud as we can , and send those good loud purr vibes out to all the kitties in need


Seven Facts Tag Game

February 9th 2008 9:17 pm
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I have been tagged by the very handsome kitty Kingsley, who said I am a beautiful kitty ( blushes) Thank you, Kingsley!

Here are the rules of the game: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to post in their Diary the rules and their 7 pawsome facts. Normally the kitty then tags 7 more players, but I think most kitties I know have already been tagged, so I'm just going to list my facts :-)

Maggie's Random Facts:

1. I love to spin!!!!!! I like to sit in the computer chair and have someone spin me, I ask for this at least 2 times a day

2. I love to play fetch , especially with red mousies!

3. I like to play with ice cubes. When my pawrents pull the ice cube tray from the freezer I start to beg until I get a cube to play with. I really like it if they put in in my water so I can scoop it out.

4. I can eat with my paws

5. I like to lay in a kitty bed next to my elder sisfur Kiwi. Separate kitty beds, but next to each other.

6. I have very very soft fur- almost like on a chincilla! It is still as soft as when I was a kitten.

7. I love to steal Q-tips, who knows why.....


I've been tagged!

May 23rd 2007 1:55 pm
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Playing gotcha - the meme game

I've been tagged by my pals Hannah and All American Pride to participate in Kazumi Joy's meme. My Brother Loki was also tagged.
(Note : We looked at all the kitties we have now tagged and when we looked they had not yet been tagged, but if you have been tagged in the meantime , do like me and just send this along once. I think the fun part is learning about our friends! Also Mummy decided to combine the list of kitties to tag for both Loki and I, but we each did our own fact list! )

The rules of the game are:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and read your diary. Also they need to post the rules too.

Seven Random Facts about Me:

1) My 1st birthday is today May 23rd

2) My littermate brother Loki lives in my home with me. We look alike from behind, but I am smaller and have a snow white ruff

3) My Daddy thinks I look like Bugs Bunny.

4) In addition to the brother Loki that I live with, I have another brother (from the same litter) named Lokie. They had to spell his with an “E” on the end to register him. I feel like the guy from the Newhart show- “Hi , I’m Maggie and this is my brother Loki and my other brother Loki “

5) I have had the name Maggie since I was born

6) I have to assist Mama when she makes dinner. She calls me her helper cat. I even try to open the drawers for her

7) I am a chatter-box cat, and for some reason I run around saying “Marie” a lot

The seven cats I am tagging( in conjunction with my brother Loki):

Zack (64970)
Katina (482265)
Screwy (478871)
Louie (485953)
Smilodon St John Blue (513739)
Caspian ( 521824)
Shay ( 354541)


The Dragonfly story

March 12th 2007 3:32 pm
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I have been at Catser for a month now so Mummy said I should start my diary, so here it goes. I think I should start by telling my story of how I came to be with Mummy and Daddy and why they love me so very much.
My Mummy and Daddy told me that before my brother Loki and I came to live with them they had a beautiful kitty named Peanut. They loved him very, very much. When they got him Mummy always felt Peanut was meant to have a little girl buddy, in her mind mummy called her “Molly” . Mummy says time passes very fast and although they often thought about finding this special kitty for Peanut, they didn’t.

Then Mummy told me Peanut got very sick last year. Mummy and Daddy said they tried so very hard to make him well, he was not very old, only 5, so it all seemed very unfair. Mummy said Peanut started to get better and she whispered a promise in his ear that when he got well she would get him a kitten– his special “Molly”. But Peanut got very sick again. Mummy again whispered in his ear that he had to let him know when he was ready to leave them. One rainy morning in September Peanut told them he was ready to move on. That morning a dragonfly was on the bedroom window, so still and so beautiful. Mummy and Daddy felt it was some kind of sign or message. The Dragonfly stayed there all morning, but when Daddy and Mummy returned alone after Peanut passed onto the rainbow bridge the dragonfly was gone. Then the sun came out and there was a real rainbow, just a small one, little reflections in rain drops…

This is when I first met Mummy and Daddy. I was one of 6 kittens that my kittymama Michelle had. 3 of us were silvers, me, Pounce and Smokie. We were 4 months old. Kittymama announced to us that a couple was coming to see kittens so we should remember what she told us, to act sweet and loving so they would pick one of us . I knew I would be sad to leave kittymama , but I wanted a family of my own to love me like the other 3 kitties in our litter who already had left ! I was very shy though and did not like to be held, so it was very hard for me when people came to see us. I usually hid. Kittymama said this was not what people expected in a Maine Coon cat so I had to try extra hard. The people came down to see us and Kittymama’s mama said they were looking for a boy. I felt deflated. They seemed so nice, but so sad and I wanted to go home with them. The man held brother Pounce the most, I could see he really liked him. But I liked the lady, she had tears in her eyes and I wanted to make her feel better. She started to talk to me and I actually looked her in the eyes. I knew I wanted her for my Mummy. I gathered up my courage and started to go to her. I thought maybe if she held me they would take both me and Pounce. But just as I started to go to her, Cinder, our uncle kitty, knocked over something big. It nearly hit me and I ran and hid. The lady and kittymama’s mama made sure I was ok, but I would not come out. The nice people left with brother Pounce so it was just me and Smokie, then the next day another nice couple came and took Smokie home. I was so sad

So I was the only one left. It seemed like no one wanted me. Kittymama and her Mama paid extra attention to me and told me maybe I could just stay there and live furever. But I really wanted to live with my own family, maybe the sad lady and man that took Pounce away . At night I often dreamed of a beautiful gray kitty who purred for me and told me how a good kitty should act. I grew and fluffed out some more.

Then one day kittymama called me to her and aunty Meadow kitty, they started cleaning my fur and told me people were coming to see me again :the people who took Pounce. They said they now called him Loki and they wanted his sister to live with him. So I had to act nicely so I could be sure to go home with them at last. The lady came in and saw me sitting in the sunlight and said “Maggie is so beautiful”! Kitty mama’s Mama said to her. “She has grown to be very pretty and now there is a butterfly pattern on her back” The lady looked at me and saw instead a dragonfly in my fur and knew right way that I was always meant to be her kitty. I saw the man and he held me, I let him and I was so happy. So now I had my Mummy and Daddy. They took me home and Pounce- now Loki- remembered me . I was so happy to see him. My new Mummy and Daddy were so happy to have me. Mummy whispered in my ear that she was sorry she did not adopt me when Loki came home with her; she said she could not stop thinking of me though, and when she saw the dragonfly on my back she knew I was really meant to be her little girl kitty. I was her dragonfly miracle sent from her beloved Peanut, the gray kitty of my dreams. Mummy and I both believe that I was meant to be Peanut’s kitty “Molly”if he had gotten well, his little soul mate. I show Mummy this is true when she feels sad and misses her Peanut , I do something special for her- I ask her to pick me up, or I rest my cheek against her check like Peanut did , or I chatter to her. I love my Mummy and Daddy and they love me. I know we have a special bond which will only grow stronger through the years.
I still dream of Peanut, and sometimes Loki and I can actually see him here. We all share our bond of love with Mummy and Daddy. The dragonfly reminds me that we are all connected and that no matter what love continues on.

So that is the story of me : Beauridge Maggie Snow Belle. I am sure there is much more to be written as I am only 9 months old.

(Special thank you to Neferkitty for my dragonfly background which we added by chance, another meant to be!)

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