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Vet visit

August 22nd 2007 11:34 am
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I've finally calmed down enough to write about this. Last week, Mama had to take me to the vet. She and Daddy were worried about me, because every time they pet me down my right hip, I would screech and bite at them. Mama knew that I was going to hate it, but she decided that she had to take me in. She brought Pixie along too. She was still have loose poopies and wanted to see if she still had the parasite.

Pixie was such a show off :p She gave the vet tech tons of kitten snorgles. She even started to purr when the vet pet her! She was bragging to me that everyone said that she was so cute. I told her that they only said that because she's got such long gangly ears and huge bat ears, that no one wanted to hurt her feelings! MOL!

Finally, it was my turn to get up on the table. I wasn't going to go without a fight let me tell you! I can't figure out how Mama keeps managing to get me out of the carrier though :( I need to figure that out. I was hissing and snarling everywhere! I shouted, "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE"! The vet told Mama that he was afraid to touch me without sedating me. That there was no way to get a good look at my leg while I was acting like this. I figured, "Ok! We're all done here"! But it wasn't true :( Mama agreed to have me sedated! How dare she! Mama held me while they gave me the shot 'cause they said that I seemed to be a lot calmer when Mama was holding me. As soon as they stuck that sharp thing in my rump I screeched so loud! Then I laid there growling. All of a sudden I started feeling kind of funny. Kind of drowsy. Mama started crying and saying "Sorry baby" I'm glad she felt bad! How could she do this to me? Not too long after it didn't matter anymore. I just drifted off into dreamland. They told Mama that I would still be awake, but that I wouldn't feel any pain or really be aware of what was happening. And I don't remember so much. But I still know it happened! The vet looked at the x-rays and said it was just a sprain. I told Mama it was nothing!

When I got home I was so cranky. I was screaming at all the kitties and making them scared. Mama and Daddy even had to separate me from the other kitties when they were gone. I liked that. I didn't want to have to deal with dumb little kittens.

I feel a lot better now. The medicine that I had to take is all gone. I'm back on speaking terms with Mama. Life is good again. (At least until that kitten comes and tries to play with my tail again!)


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