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The Huddy Chronicles


June 10th 2007 1:13 pm
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Mama is sleeping right now. She woke up at 4 this morning to do battle with a big bug that had gotten into the house. Me and Maverick had it trapped in a corner and were making so much noise she woke up and assassinated it with about a half a can of Raid *cough cough*. The funny thing was, Mama was just saying last night how this summer hadn't brought any uninvited guests into the house yet, I heard her telling my Auntie that. Mama is psychic sometimes. Anyway, once she got that out of the way she got up and started watching t.v. Don't tell Mama I told you, but I think big bugs make her a little nervous. She was channel-surfing and playing the saxophone really quietly when she came upon some movie called "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"

She watched the whole thing until it went off and then (this was at about 6 this morning) she got up, got dressed, packed up her trusty taser and went for a walk to clear her head. (She was probably tired of inhaling all those Raid fumes - I know me and my brothers certainly were). She does that sometimes, walks around really early in the morning not doing much of anything just thinking I guess.

I thought maybe she was bored so I made sure she'd have something to entertain her when she came back. I jumped up on the kitchen counter and knocked all the spices onto the floor. Actually I was irritated. She can leave the spices laying around, but not the yummy pork chops from last evening? What's the deal with that anyway??

Me and Mama went to visit Auntie on Friday night. She only lives one building over so they hang out a lot. Auntie had some CD by John Mayer. I don't know John Mayer, but she showed me the CD and that guy has a really big cranium!!!!! The music was pretty cool though, not necessarily something Mama would buy but she enjoyed it anyway. Then they had a Scrabble tournament (best of 5, with Mama taking all 5 games) which Mama handily won. Mama doesn't understand why Auntie challenges her to Scrabble. Mama always wins!

Well it's the end of the weekend and Mama always gets a little down once the weekend is almost over. Mama is grateful to have her job and likes it most of the time, but it's stressful sometimes and she doesn't really think people understand her. Sure, she's a little different, but that doesn't make her bad, does it? I love my Mama just the way she is and I hope she never changes.

I hope everyone has a good week ahead and I'll try to write soon. I have to go and eat now - I'm always hungry.

Take care everyone,



p.s. - I've been 'tagged' but I don't know how that works. I asked Mama but she doesn't understand either. Maybe somebody will enlighten us. Please?

All the Best,

Huddy again!


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