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The Huddy Chronicles

Well Hello There.....

August 26th 2007 10:25 pm
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It's been a long long Mama always sings that song. I think the title of it is "Ain't It Funny How Time Just Slips Away." It's a cool guys should look it up sometime.

Everything here is going great. I got to see my brother Gizzy today and Mama took pictures so I'm going to be sure to share them.


Mama is on meds.....

Why do you think I'm even ON here? She's sitting there staring into space with the keyboard on her lap so I decided just to take over - lol.

I'd like to say how sorry I am to all me & Mama's TDK friends who have lost their babies and humans since the last time I wrote. TDK is The Daily Kitten. Mama has met lots of cool people on there.

Mama (like music) lives on TDK -*looks smug behind paw*

Mama is really not feeling well you guys, but she's a trooper. She's taking lots of medication now and it's really making her a space cadet, but she still takes excellent care of me and my brothers. Poor Mama - she needs a vacation. I dunno how many times I've heard her say that.

She had a vacation last week, but it was short and even though she came home mellow on Sunday......she was a wreck by Tuesday. What am I going to do with her????

Mama had her shots this past Friday - I love how Mama says she's going for her shots. She's said that about me!!!!

She came home all loopy and just sat in the big chair. She didn't do a whole lot except pet my brothers and me, because we know we can all get into her lap at the same time and she doesn't care. She just pets us until we run away!!

I love Mama and brought her a big dead tree roach this morning just to prove it to her. I don't think she really cared for my gift, but I could tell she was appreciative of the thought behind it.

I gotta run but I just thought I'd drop a line





June 10th 2007 1:13 pm
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Mama is sleeping right now. She woke up at 4 this morning to do battle with a big bug that had gotten into the house. Me and Maverick had it trapped in a corner and were making so much noise she woke up and assassinated it with about a half a can of Raid *cough cough*. The funny thing was, Mama was just saying last night how this summer hadn't brought any uninvited guests into the house yet, I heard her telling my Auntie that. Mama is psychic sometimes. Anyway, once she got that out of the way she got up and started watching t.v. Don't tell Mama I told you, but I think big bugs make her a little nervous. She was channel-surfing and playing the saxophone really quietly when she came upon some movie called "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"

She watched the whole thing until it went off and then (this was at about 6 this morning) she got up, got dressed, packed up her trusty taser and went for a walk to clear her head. (She was probably tired of inhaling all those Raid fumes - I know me and my brothers certainly were). She does that sometimes, walks around really early in the morning not doing much of anything just thinking I guess.

I thought maybe she was bored so I made sure she'd have something to entertain her when she came back. I jumped up on the kitchen counter and knocked all the spices onto the floor. Actually I was irritated. She can leave the spices laying around, but not the yummy pork chops from last evening? What's the deal with that anyway??

Me and Mama went to visit Auntie on Friday night. She only lives one building over so they hang out a lot. Auntie had some CD by John Mayer. I don't know John Mayer, but she showed me the CD and that guy has a really big cranium!!!!! The music was pretty cool though, not necessarily something Mama would buy but she enjoyed it anyway. Then they had a Scrabble tournament (best of 5, with Mama taking all 5 games) which Mama handily won. Mama doesn't understand why Auntie challenges her to Scrabble. Mama always wins!

Well it's the end of the weekend and Mama always gets a little down once the weekend is almost over. Mama is grateful to have her job and likes it most of the time, but it's stressful sometimes and she doesn't really think people understand her. Sure, she's a little different, but that doesn't make her bad, does it? I love my Mama just the way she is and I hope she never changes.

I hope everyone has a good week ahead and I'll try to write soon. I have to go and eat now - I'm always hungry.

Take care everyone,



p.s. - I've been 'tagged' but I don't know how that works. I asked Mama but she doesn't understand either. Maybe somebody will enlighten us. Please?

All the Best,

Huddy again!


Mama's Vacation

June 5th 2007 9:13 pm
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Hello Everyone!!

It's just me Huddy and I thought I'd drop a line or 2.

Mama got to see her friend from years ago and they had a great time!! Mama hasn't stopped talking about it since so I know she was glad to re-c0nnect with somebody who meant so much to her.

There's a thing about my Mama and her friend. Mama's friend is very conservative but Mama is not. They can debate all day in a cool sort of way, not like that Rosie O'Donnell (Mama calls her The Troll) and Elisabeth Hasselback (Mama calls her the Bubblehead).

It was sort of awkward at first according to Mama. I mean, Mama's friend was really nice to me, so if she's a cat lady (I think I toldja she is) she can't be all bad. But Mama's friend is very outspoken and Mama is equally so. It made for some interesting conversation.

But in the end Mama and her friend went out and broke bread and had an excellent time so I guess it's all ok. Mama was happy above all and that's what matters.

Mama is on vacation right now. She was only supposed to be off a couple of days, but she decided that wasn't enough and took an extra day - she gets sort of raggedy at the end of the day. I think I told you about the 'walking like a crab' thing. I always wait for her in the 'chair of doom'. It's not really a doomed chair, it's just that Mama has spent a ton of money getting it de-scented because of my brother Maverick. He likes to pee on stuff, well ok, not stuff, the chair!!! *shrugs*

I spent the day hanging out...Mama was in and out and everytime she came back in the door I cried for her. She would pick me up and hug me close and snorgle my belly so I was ok after that. As a matter of fact, I am sitting on her lap right now and that's why she has allowed me access to the computer.

I must say goodnight to everyone and I'd like to leave you with one thing......

Would you rather mean nothing to somebody or something to nobody? Figure it out on your own.




Summertime Summertime Summ Summ Summertime

May 25th 2007 3:53 pm
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It's been awhile, I know, but I have a lot to talk about today.

Mama survived the rodeo but thinks riding that mechanical bull may have aggravated her neck so now she has to go to some place called the Spine Center, which she's really hinky about. She doesn't want anybody cutting on her, but if that'll keep her from walking around like a crab then I'm all for it!!!

Mama decided to take up a new hobby. The saxophone. She got it into her head that she wanted to play the saxophone so she went and bought herself one. Now, she had never played a saxophone before, but I knew she could do it because I remembered Sebastian telling me and Maverick (we were really doubtful about this whole endeavor, even though mama is one heck of a musician) about how mama learned to ice skate when she was younger. She laced on a pair of skates and stayed on the ice until she had it all figured out. She even figure skated as a little kid until she found out that ice hockey is MUCH more fun.

Back to the saxophone....she really tortured us for a few days until she finally figured most of it out. I didn't really like it at first because it was sort of 'shrieky' and hurt the ears of my brothers and me. But because it's a tenor and she sort of 'lives' in the lower registers now we can deal with it a little better. Just a little. She still gets the wild hair from time to time and gets all shrieky on us. Of course she's doing in on purpose now, but we still don't have to like it do we? Why couldn't she have picked a nice QUIET instrument? Couldn't she have just stuck with the autoharp??

Mama told me I might be getting a new little brother. My ears immediately went flat. If I get a new little brother I won't be the baby anymore and I don't know if I like that. People say I'm so spoiled I stink!! But that's their problem, not mine. I like being spoiled - it makes life FUN. She said I have to be nice to my new little brother and 'show him the ropes.' I guess because I'm the youngest she thinks I'll be the most patient. Let her bring some new little womb buster in here and I'll prove her wrong. *giggling behind paw*

I know Mama loves kitties and I know she thinks they should all have good homes to go to. I just hope this little brother of mine finds some OTHER good home to go to. She has her reasons for getting another sibling for us, but she won't tell us why. I suspect it's because my oldest brother is not in the best of health these days and may not be with us much longer. Mama is always extra good to him because he's been her baby for so long - since he was 4 weeks old. Still, he's not the cat he used to be and that makes Mama sad. The vet said there might be something wrong with my other brother Maverick, too. I don't know what it could be, because she didn't tell me, but he seems like he's fine to me. Just this morning he pushed me out of the way so HE could lay closest to Mama. I didn't care for that.

Then again, if I get a little brother, I'll have somebody to push around the way I've been pushed around for nearly the last 3 years. So there's always a bright side, I suppose.

It's Memorial Day weekend. This is when we remember all the people who fought for our freedoms and died for the cause. Mama has several uncles who fit that category. It's a sad day, but a day to be proud, too. It's a special day at our house. We watch services on television and then once Mama feels a little better (because it always makes her sad), she fires up the barbecue pit and throws a bunch of meat on there. Which makes me and Sebastian really happy because we looooooooove barbecue. Maverick doesn't care for it but he's weird. He doesn't even like catnip. What's that all about?

Mama is going to lunch tomorrow with a friend she's had for almost 30 years and hasn't seen in 17. She's really excited. Mama's friend has kitties too, and Mama is going to go and meet them. All kitties like Mama. She's a true Cat Lady!

Well, my paws are getting tired. Sorry it's been so long, but Mama doesn't let me near the computer very often!

Take care everybody,





February 23rd 2007 9:17 pm
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My mama thought that would be a good title to this entry. It's rodeo time in Houston, but we haven't done anything about it other than send Mama out to the barbecue cook-off. She came home really fat and happy!! But please don't tell her I said that. I won't get a chance to sample the brisket she brought home if she thinks I might have been grinchy about it.

Mama and my Aunty will be at the rodeo 'proper' next week.....eating, riding mechanical bulls, eating, enjoying the carnival rides to the fullest, eating, and visiting every animal they have there...did I mention they'll be eating?

It was a busy week here! Mama and I set out to shave Sebastian. He's my big brother and he's not very nice, but Mama loves him and if she says we have to shave him then that's what we have to do. He was very cooperative at first, but towards the end of it all, he bit us and howled. Still though, we finished and now he runs around like he's MY age. Don't tell him I said he looks funny.

Mama also keeps her eye on the tabloids. Sebastian told me she's always been that way and we have to deal with it. Read: Mama is an entertainment gossip.

We've seen a lot of Anna Nicole this week, God rest her soul. Anna Nicole Smith was a famous person from Texas!! I'm from Texas so I already like her. Mama has been following Anna for a long time now and is pretty bummed out that she's gone to the other side. Anna was a pretty funny person, but both smart AND genuine. I've learned from Mama that genuine people rock!!

I've also learned from Mama that smart and genuine are no match for naievete.

Anna had a dog she loved named Sugar Pie. Sugar Pie was always with her on Anna's reality show. Eww....Mama hates reality shows. But she watched Anna's for some reason. Even Maverick knows Sugar Pie....and Maverick just doesn't know a whole lot. He's not dumb...just challenged.

They were trying to decide what to do with Anna's body all week!! Mama said that presiding judge was an idiot. I watched with Mama and I agreed even though I don't know a whole lot about judges. Sebastian mentioned some Judge Ito character, but that was before my time - even before Maverick's time.

Mama was sort of sad about it all. My take-away was that everybody needs love, and Mama didn't seem to think that Anna Nicole had any. At least any that she felt. OK... how sad is it that a cat knows what a 'take-away' is?

Let's all take a deep breath and embrace the weekend!!

We deserve it - it's been some week!




My Name Is............

February 9th 2007 8:35 pm
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My name is Hudson and I'm a tabby and white kitty who hails from the Lone Star State. I came to my mommy via her niece (who I hate with a passion but don't know why) who thought I would be a nice addition to Mommy's cat family. I had been with my birth mommy Tazz for six weeks and I was sad to leave her. But somehow I ended up at my forever mommy's house. Well, not somehow, we went in a car. But I didn't know that then, give me a break, I was only 6 weeks old!

Anyhow, I came to meet my forever mommy and she never let me leave! That night she made a bed for me in a small basket because I was SO little - not even 2 pounds - and put THAT bed in her bed. My forever mommy had other cats who were big and scary - so I couldn't hang out with them at first. Mommy and I bonded over that time. I took to sleeping on her neck while she gave me chin/belly/neck scratches and I purred my approval.

I have a brother Sebastian who's almost 17 years old. He wears a tuxedo and acts as if we all owe him something. It could be because Mommy found him in a dumpster when he was just a baby - on her birthday. He's travelled all over the US with mommy from the time he was just a little guy. He's got that whole tuxedo mellow cat thing down, but I'm not fooled.

Tonight I was running across the floor and he tripped me. Just stuck his front leg out and tripped me right down. I know it was on purpose. He watches too much Youtube I think. He's got a mean streak a mile wide. Did I mention that along with his tuxedo he also wears a permanent smirk??

A lot of the time he hides out and doesn't say a whole lot. Mommy always lays down on the floor and talks to him when he's under the bed. Other times, he'll come out and bitch bitch bitch about EVERYthing. It's unbelievable.

I also have another brother Maverick who's from everybody's estimate is about 10 years old. He's got stripes like me, but all over. I used to be really scared of him when I was younger, but now I'm bigger than he is so who cares what he thinks? Still, my mommy calls him the Brindle King and he just loves it. He gets off so much on it that he snores when he sleeps.

He gets in Mommy's lap and purrs really loud and massages her legs. He props himself on her shoulders and wraps himself around her neck. What a copycat brown-noser. I know he wasn't that sweet before I came here, because Sebastian told me so.

He's crazy too! He once ran into the glass patio doors because there was a squirrel sitting there. He also jumped up and down like's a sort of dog and I know I heard my mommy say............JACK RUSELL TERRIER...over a hummingbird that was on the aforementioned patio. But he's a lot more playful than Sebastian, and he and I have entertained Mommy more than once with our shennanigans.

Anyway that's just a little bit about me. Maybe I'll be the diary-keeper that Mommy can't.


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