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My Life With All These Annoying Cats!

My Day (Day 1) Feb 1, 2007

February 2nd 2007 12:55 am
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Today was a normal day except everytime I would get comfortable Shadow would be trying to cuddle up with me. I hate shadow! Well I don't hate him...I just don't want him by me. Unless I want to play with him, then its ok. I guess. But I really don't like him and if mom knows I like him then she will be grabbing the camera even more often. She has so many pictures of us its not even funny! She has us on everything! Then she wakes me up and carries me to the black box the likes to hit her fingers on and what do I see in the window?!!!!??????? ME!!!!! She put my pictures in that little black box and told me "Your online now!" geeezzzzzz thanks mom. Like I even know what that means. Well enough of that. Shadow has been driving me crazy and Lilly keeps sleeping in moms coat everytime I want to sleep there. Jewel hasn't been that bad today. She stayed in the bathtub most of the day. Mom did give me milk today! That was nice. I like milk. ;kja;ldkjf;akdjf;akdcj;kj fadkj;alkdj OOPS!!!
I have to go! Mom doesn't know I'm still up!

Talk to you later,

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