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The Queen of Hearts

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It's my birthday!!

May 4th 2008 2:38 pm
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I'm 2 years old today and I am very excited about it!! New toys from mommy...cant wait!!


PhOeBe jO iS BaCk!

January 13th 2008 10:49 pm
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Hello everyone!

How are you? Sorry it has been so long since I've sent you a little note. We have been so busy with the holidays and mommy's school. We went to grandma's house up in Indy on the 10th of December, and did not get back home to Evansville until yesterday.

Mommy had to work a lot over the holidays, and she spent a lot of time with daddy because he is going to Iraq. He left on January 2nd, and I have been a furry ball of emotions since my daddy left. I'm sure you remember how much of a daddy's girl I am. Whenever daddy calls, mommy puts him on speaker phone and no matter where I am in the apartment I always come and sit on mommy's lap when I hear daddy's voice. Daddy left Astro & I a note by our food dishes that said "I love you Astro & Phoebe Jo. Love Daddy".

I've been pretty rotten since daddy left too. Mommy has caught me going potty outside of the litter boxes twice just since daddy left. I pushed mommy's buttons this morning because I told her I was going to go potty outside the litter box. I stood on my back legs, put my front paws on mommy's legs to get her attention and meowed till she looked at me...then I walked right through the litter box into the closet and peed on her slipper. It was like I was asking her to catch me. Mommy was not happy with her little princess at that moment. I got no treats today because I did that.

I do that sometimes though. I sometimes just pee on mommy's things. It's only mommy's things. I never go on the bed, or the couch, or a blanket, or the carpet. It's always on mommy's clothes or slippers or towel she used in the shower. Mommy has asked our doctor why I do that and what she can do about it without hurting my feelings, but nothing has really worked. The dr. told mommy that I get very scared of losing her so that could be my way of making sure she knows that I belong to her, and I dont want to let go of her.
That reminds me, mommy wants to know how I ended up in a shelter? She says there are some behavioral things I do that make her wonder about my past.

Astro & I have been taking turns taking care of mommy since daddy left. But Astro wont share mommy with me and he's been hogging all of her attention lately. He won't even let me lay on the couch next to mommy if he's laying with her. Oh well, I'm feeling kind of silly so I'm going to go force my way in between him & mommy...the big meanie. I can't wait to hear from all of you!


Please Pray

September 11th 2007 3:13 pm
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Hi everyone,

Mommy's boyfriend just got his orders and will be serving in Iraq for 12-18 months. Mommy has had a difficult time with this and we would appreciate it if you could extend any prayers. Thank you for your support and we'll do our best to stay in touch.

Luna, Astro, Phoebe Jo


I'm Home!

April 18th 2007 4:42 pm
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I'm home, I'm home, I'm home!! Yay!

We did recieve better news than mommy was expecting. The vet kept me with him all day (which was kinda cool...mommy likes him because he takes good care of us), and he sedated me so that I would let him poke around in my mouth long enough to find anything out! Im a little stinker sometimes. Anyway, the doctor did a "complete blood count (CBC) I", and a "cytology (In house)" (mommy copied that straight from the vet papers so I have no idea what that means). It was conclude that there was NO TUMOR!! :o) What I have is something called "Eosinophilic grannuloma complex" and in my case I was "secondarily infected (thus the blood)." So he gave me an steroid injection and an antibiotic injection...and OF COURSE, I am back on stupid antibiotics again...

I have been on them since JANUARY when I was adopted. Mommy doesnt think I would have made it much longer if I wasnt adopted when I was because I was in such bad shape... Mommy needs to update my page with more details I see. I'll have to get on her about that.

But, I guess all in all I'm going to be okay so all of your thoughtful prayers worked!! Mommy had cried alllll day long, and these are the first happy tears that have fallen. Thank you all sooooo much for all of your prayers and thoughtfulness. We dont know what we would have done without them! This is why we LLOOVVEE CATSTER! ♥


I'm at the vet...

April 16th 2007 8:56 am
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I had to go to stay with the vet this morning. Mommy found a sore in my mouth a couple of weeks ago, and since I was still eating normally and it didn't really seem to bother me, the vet said not to worry too much. Well, mommy noticed a couple of days ago that the little sore was pretty much gone, however the whole inside of my lips are swollen pretty bad, and on the outside corner of my mouth in the same spot it almost looks raw and partially scabbed over. Then last night I started bleeding a little bit. Not in a way that couldn't be controlled, but it still really scared mommy. So she took me to our vet this morning and he said he had to keep me for a few hours. I'll have to be sedated so he can examine my mouth more closely. He said something about doing some impressions and examining the swollen areas more...Hopefully I'll be back this afternoon, and mommy can stop crying!

I gotta go now so I can hurry up and finish at the vet! Mommy's so ready for me to come home! I'll write again soon.


"Where'd All The Good People Go?"

March 22nd 2007 10:29 pm
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Astro & I had to get shots today! I tried with ALL MY MIGHT to stay in my carrier, but somehow mommy & daddy got me out of it. grrrr. I suppose the shots werent THAT bad, I mean we got treats as soon as we got home...which I LOVE. Astro, however, was a big BABY! Hahaha he didn't want to play or anything all day, he just wanted mommy and lots of naps (What a wimp!) So, needless to say after the vet, today was so boring! Mommy & Daddy both had class like ALL DAY LONG, then daddy had to work, and astro didnt feel like doing anything. BORING DAY.

Anywho, this stupid thing on my chin is getting better, & I think it will clear all by itself some day; which is why I dont make it easy for mom & dad to put the medicine on anymore. I can never quite outsmart them though...they always shut the bedroom door so I can't go hide. It's so unfair and I tell 'em that too...gets me nowhere.

Oh, I almost forgot the BIG NEWS!! At the vet this morning, I heard mommy & daddy talking to the doctor about some kind of SURGERY! They are going to have me declawed in the front, and I am very nervous!! Mom says it's not a fair fight between Astro & I when we play because he was declawed in the front a while ago. I blame him for this, the big wimp. If he wasn’t such a mama’s boy he could handle a little girl with claws!
Mom & Dad also said it would be safer around the kids up in Indianapolis...but I think everything would be okay if I kept my claws because I hide from them anyways... oh I just don't know about this. I've already started to copy Astro’s method of avoiding trouble. Ya know, the whole sucking up thing. It seems to work for him, so I’m thinking I’ll just lay the purrs and cuddles on REALLY THICK and see if they change their mind. I’ll keep my paws crossed even though I’m not very confident it will work!

This video thing really took its toll on mommy's heart for a while there. She just felt so concerned for a whole list of reasons, which she made daddy listen to...I got bored, so i went away. I think she's finally starting to feel a little better because she keeps telling me and pheebs how lucky we are to have such good friends. I figured out finally that she meant all of our catster buddies. Poor Mommy, she just feels so helpless sometimes, and I think it just gets hard for her at the end of the day.. I used to think she was just too uptight and needed to lounge around in some catnip for a while…but I think she’ll be this way FOREVER I guess being surrounded by so many genuinely good people has taught her that she’s not supposed to just turn her head and get over it....thats what everyone else does...thats why things don't change. You all have made her proud of her efforts. I’ve never seen mommy like this, and I kind of like it. Where’d all the good people go? They went to catster. For all that you all have done, and for all the ways you ALL have inspired mommy, thank you. We got new treats out of it, ya know. ;o)

I must be going, Mommy just grabbed that dreaded blue Rx bottle. If she asks, you never saw me! Gotta hide FAST!



March 18th 2007 3:02 pm
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YouTube allowed a cat abuse video to not only be posted on their site, but to stay on there from December 11, 2006-March 15/16, 2007. We are in the process of seeking legal action against the boy who did it, as well as youtube for leaving the video on the site, even AFTER NUMEROUS flags and messages asking for it to be returned. They never even responded to messages or complaints...nor did they remove the video. The creep who posted it removed it after receiving messages from other users expressing how they felt about him... PLEASE sign this petition...we need 1,000 signatures to have youtube held accountable for such disgusting content and lack of respnsibility and ethical management skills. Please, take just a minute and sign this...the video was nothing more than heartbreaking. ction/956629011

♥AsTRO & PhOeBe jO



March 17th 2007 9:53 pm
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This message was posted in one of our groups, and we think it's a really awesome thing...Please help us help this little one! We voted, and it feels so good to know she's in 2nd place with only around 100 more votes to win it.....lets make this little one's finish and incredible one!!


pucco buster posted this in a group of mine and i think its a great thing to pass on random acts of kindness ..please vote for the pup below..

I have noticed the cutest dog on the snobby dog contest . she is a white pekingese Named Angel and the owner has entered her I think five times and she never gets over five or six votes. I saw her on there again in a different outfit this time. I just feel bad because I am think that this person doesn't belong to such a wonderful group as us and probably doesn't know such a group exists.

I just have a feeling this is some older person who would love to see their dog win. I just think we should vote for this dog even though we don't the owner.

I just feel it is the right thing to do.

she is the white pekingese named Angel.

I would hate see her come in last again.

Lets do a stranger a favor. A random act of kindness. Good Karma for all


Spring Break 2k7

March 12th 2007 5:13 pm
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Spring break 2k7=VERY EVENTFUL FOR PHOEBE JO! I had a birthday, got a new leash, traveled to Indianapolis, went to the doctor (grrr), got to meet grandma and grandpaand the rest of the family, and graduated to big girl food! I have lots to tell!

Let's see...I am most excited about celebrating my first birthday!! I turned one on March 4! I got two new mice toys for my birthday! I didn't even know Mommies and Daddies gave presents to their cats on their birthdays! Fun fun fun! I wonder what presents I will get on my next birthday! I am a big girl now! Maybe soon my Astro will quit treating me like a baby since I'm getting so grown up... I won't hold my breath.

Mommy bought me my leash so she can take me outside. The wether is starting to get nicer every day, and I just love looking out the windows. I think Mommy realized that, because she said I could go outside as long as I was on my leash because I have to be safe! My leash is so puuuurfect too! It's pink with a MILLION silver sparkles all over it! It's purrfect for a little princess. I can't wait to get my harness and go outside with Astro! I just hope the people upstairs don't bring out their puppy when I'm out there. Mommy just loves the puppy, but I'm not so much a fan. Mommy thinks I will learn to like her if we play outside together...but I DONT WANT TO! I like being the Princess, thank you very much.

I also got to go to Indianapolis and meet grandma and grandpa for the first time! It took me some time to get used to ALL the new people! Grandma's house is ALWAYS full, and ALWAYS busy! I got to meet Mommy's siblings, and her nieces and nephew. I hid under the bed a lot because they scared me. They are only 12, 6, and when Mommy tried to explain everything I had been through, I don't think they truly understood. So, I kept my distance most of the time. Then Mommy had to go and leave me for THREE WHOLE DAYS! She left me with Astro, and the babysitters--who just happened to be the KIDS! Those were the most stressful three days of the whole break! I didn't know what to do!

I have this irritation on my chin too, so I had to have medicine put on it twice a day...GO FIGURE! (*I promise, ever since these people adopted me all they have done is take me to the doctor and medicate me! I'm so sick of all the meds!*) Even worse, while Mommy was in Florida Grandpa and Auntie Brea (Mommy's big sister) had to put my medicine on me...I tried to hide but they kept finding me! What an experience...I'm still not sure how I feel about those people in Indianapolis.

Needless to say, I had to go to the doctor when I was in Indianapolis too. That's where Mommy got the medicine for this annoying irritation under my chin...which I would rather do without, by the way. The doctor was okay this time because I didn't have to have any tests or samples taken or it wasn't THAT bad (don't tell Mommy I said that!). In fact, while I was at the doctor the nurse weighed me and I weighed in at SIX POUNDS!! Mommy was so happy she cried! I went from weighing 4.8 pounds when I was first adopted, to 4.0 pounds about a month later, up to 6.0 pounds about a month after that! Mommy is so proud of me, and I feel much better all the time!

As much as Mommy & Daddy make me go to the doctor and take meds I never want to see ever again...I suppose they must really love me. I think I'll keep them, because all the stuff they have forced me through has made me a healthy and explorative little princess. I guess they meant it when they said I would finally get to live like a little ♥pRiNCeSs♥ is supposed to!

Oh no!! I spoke too soon about Mommy & Daddy, Ithink. I just heard Mommy on the phone with the doctor! And she said my name three times...then something about my "medical records"...whatever those are! They don't sound fun, that's all I know. Now she's talking about "boosters", "vaccinations", "FVRCP Shots" and whatever "FeLV & FIV" means! Sounds like another doctor's appointment to me! Man! I even heard Mommy say "She also needs to have a front declaw in the next month". Astro doesn't have front claws, and he's a she must be talking about me! I gotta go find a new, REALLY GOOD hiding place!! I'll write more later!

♥PhOebe jO


My Tail of Devotion for Phoebe Jo

February 20th 2007 5:11 pm
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Phoebe Jo,

What a transformation you have made! You are like a completely different kitten now than you were when we first brought you home. You were timid, scared, untrusting, and unhealthy. You didn't even want your toys. Now we can't keep you away from them! And that is the way it should be. You deserve a happy, healthy, safe life...and rest assured that daddy and I will do our best to give you that. You have become such a lively kitten! All your mischevious activity and inqusitive nature is wonderful! You never cease to amaze us. You have taught me some lessons about love and giving even when you can't. I'll be honest with ya Pheebs, I didn't think we could handle all you had to go through. Money was tight, and all that concerned me was feeding you, taking care of you, and loving you the way you deserve to be loved. Thank you for letting me love you, and for loving me back. I love waking up every morning to you sprawled out in the most inconvenient place on my the back of my knees or the top of my shoulder! Seeing you and Astro getting along melts my heart. You're the sweetest little girl I could ask for, and you have a special place in my heart. You have the biggest heart inside that little body of yours and its so sweet! You reminded me that happiness lies in the eyes of a kitten who needs you. You showed me that I was capable of raising, nurturing, and caring for someone else. Nothing moves me like the transformation you have're living the life you deserve now and you have come such a long way. "I'll take good care of you, lady, have no fear." I love you, Phoebe Jo. I don't even want to think about what I'd do without you. You're the queen of my heart.


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