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Home:Alpha Quandrant Sector 001, Fl  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 15 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.

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Tripod, Three legged fuzzy monster, Aye-Aye Captain!

Quick Bio:
-three legger

August 13th 2001

Gray and White

Being in Command

His crew ignoring him

Favorite Toy:
Lizards, Cardassian Voles, Tribbles

Favorite Nap Spot:
Any nook or cranny at the highest possible altitude

Favorite Food:
Shrimp/Crab/Catinp treats from Pawesome!!!

Giving lectures, especially if breakfast is late.

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
As a kitten, Areyel wandered into our office and immediately took over. He sat in whoevers lap he chose, and rested on whoevers paperwork he wanted. We started feeding him and he became the office manger. After about a year he fell from a very high tree and his front leg became paralyzed. The office staff all pitched in to help pay for the amputation (a special thanks to Clifford the Big Red Dog!!). I then decided to take him home and let him become Captain of a new crew!

Though I am a 3-legger I am still the best captain in the fleet. After all, Cats are better hunters than any Hirogen, more Stealthy than a cloaked Romulan Bird of Prey, and when hungry, we are more relentless than the Borg.......

Lives Remaining:
8 of 9

Forums Motto:
Make it so!

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2007 Catster Photo contest entries!

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January 26th 2007 More than 10 years!

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Captains log, Stardate....


July 12th 2007 6:05 am
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Apophis arrived on the bridge. He looked very commanding in his golden "Egyptian style" collar piece. Just as Starfleet allowed Worf to wear his Klingon Warrior sash over his uniform, Starfleet allowed Pophie to keep his collar piece. He just had to be sure that It did not interfere with his communicator badge.

"How may I be of assistance captain"? He asked with his deep echoing Goa-uld voice, his eyes glowed as he spoke. The bridge crew turned around to look at him. "Don't worry", he responded. "The Goa-uld is fully under my control".

I had read his family's history in the Starfleet files. Years ago when SG1 had created the supernova that destroyed his fleet. The Goa-uld Apophis had crashed, in his mothership, into the planet Delmak. His personal shield had managed to save him from the crash, but the replicators that survived were killing his host. A desert cat wandered by the crash scene and the Goa-uld managed to leave his host and insert itself into the desert cat's body. To his surprise, he could not take control of the cat. It seemed that cats had the natural ability to be able to use the Goa-ulds memory and healing abilities, yet stay in complete control.
The Apophis symbiant and all his knowledge and experiences have been passed on to a new host for several generations now. Like Trill, cats are specially trained to take and use Goa-uld symbiants. Starfleet was just lucky enough to recruit one!

"Please work with Shrake at his science station", I said. "One of our working thoeries is that the signals are coming from fluidic space".

"Oh yes, species 8472", Pophie replied as he rubbed his paws together. "The Goa-uld paw devices worked particilarly well on their physiology" . He moved over to the port side science station to work with Shrake.

Good, maybe he will recognize something and we will see some action for a change!


We have arrived!

July 3rd 2007 1:01 pm
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We had traveled for weeks at high and emergency warp and we had finally made it to the sector where Mr. Barclays mysterious communications were coming from. Every Vulcan, Bynar and other misc. brainiac was jostling for position around science stations all over the ship. Shrake was in "Quantum Mechanical Astrophysical Geek Heaven" analyzing all the bizarre data.
I however, was really bored.
I asked for another update. Shrake replied, "It seems like the signals are not coming from our space-time continuum", Captain. "They could be from another dimension, an alternate reality, or maybe from fluidic space." "We do not yet have enough data".
Hmm, (I had a hunch). "Isn't Commander Apophis on duty right now", I asked. "He had some dealings with species 8472 during one of his previous assignments". "Maybe he can make some sense of this".
"You mean that new Trill guy with the symbiont in his belly? Replied Tut.
"No, he means Pophi, the Goa-uld System Lord with the symbiont in his head?" giggled Aurora.
"Head, Stomach, paws, it doesnt matter to me, the whole "symbiont" thing gives me the heebie jeebies", remarked Tut.
"He was briefing a group of officers about the technology of "The Replicators" this morning, Captain. I am sure he is still on duty", said Aurora
"Good, call him up to the bridge please", I replied. Maybe we can find something to do besides staring at computer screens!


Deja Vu

June 4th 2007 9:52 am
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We are back on course and have been traveling at high warp for about a week now. Things have really slowed down and I am getting so many catnaps in the daytime, that I cannot sleep tonight. I guess I will go patrol my ship. I love to just prowl around and sniff every corner and every wall. I will mark every doorpost, because this is my ship!

I was checking the crew quarters when a scent hit my nostrils that made the hair on my tail stand on end! I smelled A LIZARD! I had totally forgotten about them in all the chaos that happened with the QE2000. I guess I was just blocking things out hoping that it was just psychological trauma like the doc said it was. But no, there are still Lizards on my ship! I got into my stalking position and decided to wait the lizard out. If I stay statue still, maybe the lizard will get comfortable and become visible and then, He is mine! After all, I do have all night!
I was starting to get hot. Lizards like heat and I realized that we were in the Vulcan area of the crew quarters. It is only logical to look for a Lizard here! See, I am way more intelligent than these lizards, I am going to prevail.

After I stayed frozen in my tracks for what seemed an eternity, I heard someone behind me clear their throat.
I turned to see Doctor Volar standing there with one eyebrow raised.
"May I be of assistance, Captain"? He asked.
"Oh no, I replied, "Uh, I was just uh, meditating! (Vulcans meditate all the time, he will go for that)
"In the middle of the corridor"? He asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Uh, its an ancient cat ritual". I said (Vulcans love ancient rituals, he has gotta go for that!) "Yes, you see every year at precisely the same time all warrior cats stop to meditate no matter what they are doing." "I just did not make it back to my quarters on time". (Oh, yea great save, he has gotta believe that!)

"Very well sir", He replied. "Shall I have this area blocked off so no one runs over you?"

"No, that's o.k.", I said, "The scent is gone anyway."

"The Scent", he said with a very skeptical look on his face.
"Uh, the meditation scent, yea, um, when you are in deep meditation you can smell the ancient lands of our Cat ancestors in your nostrils. It is very invigorating".

"Indeed?" he said. "Well, good night sir".

When he left, I slumped back against the wall. That was a close one!

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