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Thank yous and happy Mother's day!

May 12th 2013 11:37 am
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Thank you all for the birthday wishes and gifties! Mommy and I are choosing to believe that 7 is really just 'middle aged' at this point. Because I don't show any signs of getting the olds. MOL! Mommy also says thankyou to everyfur for the happy Mom's day wishes and gifties too.

Happy Mother's day to all the furred and non furred mommies out there! Our human mommys do so much for us- painstakingly checking and rechecking (and rechecking) that the food they are feeding us is the best for us, making sure we have the best water sources available and scooping our poo too! Mommies of human babies get away with only having to deal with the poos of thier kiddos for maybe 5 years (usually after that the kid can handle it themselves) But for kitty mommies - our poo is thiers to deal with forever. So thank you to all the kitty mommies for dealing with our poo! (Or should I say Newmies? All the old school Catsters know what that referances!)

Happy Mom's day!



May 11th 2013 8:45 am
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Today is a very special day. Today one of my Humans - Jmatt - has a birthday. He is 30! Which the humans tell me is OLD. He is away traveling to visit some of his other friends so I wont get to tell him in purrson happy birthday until tomorrow. But he is very special to me and I promise not to leave him a 'present' on his stuff. *MOL*

But in fur serious news- I am now what the vets call a SENIOR kitty. Today I turn the big SEVEN years old! I dont think its fair that they call us seniors at 7 years old, do you? My mommy says shes not cutting me any slack and not gonna treat me like a senior. After all, I still run and get the zoomies like when I was a little kitten. Mommy has had me since I fit in the palm of her hand at just mere weeks old. She says to me, "I cant believe my baby is now 7!"

Money is tight so theres no special prezzies this year, which makes mommy sad because this would be a special year to celebrate. But shes going to pull out some of my favorite treats later and I think we have wet food for dinner tonight. Ill probably decide to be picky and not eat it. MOL.


Just gives me more reason to enjoy my favorate past times- laying on my back- laying on my side- snoozing on mommy's pillows- and bopping Misty on the head!


tough times ahead

May 3rd 2013 7:08 pm
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Both mommy and Jmatt lost their jobs in the past week. Mommy has no money coming in this month at all. Shes pretty sure we have enough food and hopefully enough litter for the rest of may. After that, shes not so sure. But food and litter will be the least of our worries if she cant find income to pay rent. She has one job prospect that dosnt start until the second half of the month and will only be for 6 days of the month and is dependent on good weather. .. even with that shes still short over half. Oh and this is the month that I normally have to go to the vet for checkups and vaccines. That will have to wait. Mommy and Jmatt both have interviews for another job tomorrow, but it dosnt start until sometime in June. So while its good...Its not so great. Mommy keeps apologizing to me for being a failure. I keep giving her headboops and purring and saying it will be OK. So good vibes and purrs and such are greatly needed here. Somehow it will all work out, I know it will.


What a wonderful week as COTW!

January 27th 2013 6:13 pm
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My week as COTW is coming to a close. I have really enjoyed being on the main page all week. Thank you to all of you who gave me such wonderful pawmails, comments, and pressies!

I recieved pawmails from:
Angel Buddie and family.
Smiley Cassanova
Tundra ~DG#6 - Who also made me a special picture that Ill post up.
I recived the following Prezzies:
Crown- Tink the Cat and family.
Gold heart- From my very own Misty.
Green Emerald- From Patches and family.
Gold heart- From Timmy Tomcat and family.
Rose - From Leo and family.
Rose - From Dora
Adoption Ribbon - Smiley Cassanova
Rose - Marmelade and family.
Heart - Mac and family.
Rose - Koko and family.
Pink Ribbon- Daisy
Trophy - Finnegan, Lacy, and alex.
Trophy - Bondi and family
Milk - Teebo DB #66 and family.
Cheese- Purincess miranda.

I got comments from:
Tink the Cat
Skittles Dreamette #10
Purincess miranda
Kally Kat

Thank you all so much again for making my Week so special!

I got some extra secret treat time with mommy when Misty was otherwise occupied a few times this week. Mommy also gave me extra play time and some great massages!


Oh My Cat! I am Cat Of The Week!

January 21st 2013 2:17 pm
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I was having a nice nap in a warm sunny spot today and suddenly I was swooped up into my mommy's arms. She was saying "Wake up wake up! You have to come see this, quickly now!" and she ran with me to the computer box and the box says that I am COTW! So Ive gotten a head massage and a belly rub and some freeze dried salmon treats (yum!). Mommy says shes going to make this week really special.

Also my mommy says that my grandmommy's kitty Buddy's Gotcha day is today! Wowzer! That makes today an extra special occasion!



December 5th 2012 5:38 pm
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Ugh. We are out of something very important. We are out of our Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Multi-Cat Scoop Cat litter. Mommy really didnt have enough to change out the box but the litter had to be changed. The litter only costs $12 but mommy dosnt have any to spare right now, and we dont subscribe to the newspaper so we dont have any backups. yikes. so if you want to donate to the "give annabelle and misty something to pee on" fund, hit me up.


Weight and foods

December 3rd 2012 6:52 pm
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Past weights:

May 2011
Misty 10 pounds 14 ounces
annabelle 9.2 pounds

Nov 2011
Misty 10.6 pounds
AnnaBelle 9 pounds

Dec 3rd 2012
Misty - 10.2
AnnaBelle 8.8

My Vet's goal weight for me is in the range of 8.5 to 9 pounds.
My Vets goal weight for Misty is 9.5 to 10.5 pounds.
So we are both on goal! yippee!

Today's weigh in was at home using the house scale. Mommy steps on it while holding one of us, then steps on it again without us and the scale tells her the difference in the two weights- that difference is how much we are.

Misty was supposed to have a vet day last Friday for her vaccines but Jmatt got held up at work and he has the car so since mommy couldn't find anyone that was available last minute she had to reschedule. Misty is not at all upset about that, MOL.

Money has been uber tough for mommy so right now we are back to eating blue buffalo wilderness dry food (the blue bag). It is GRAIN FREE, and we love the taste, and it will last us a long time for much less cost than any can food. We still have some can food so we are spreading it out over time. The wet foods that don't cost as much make me very sick anyways as we have found out during our wet food journey. So its go expensive or go blue buffalo wilderness dry food. This way we are still grain free which is important.

We still eat portioned timed meals in our carriers, no gluttony allowed here! Mommy has noticed that we are drinking more water now that we are eating dry food again, but she is OK with that because she keeps our drinkwell fountain full of good for us water. We also love our drinkwell and love to drink from the flowing part of the water.

When mommy makes chicken she always cuts off some bits before making it and chops those bits up and cooks them in a different pan just for us. I wont eat it raw. she has tried. But at least this way we get some extra protein from real chicken! Of course this is never mixed with our dry or wet food, its always given at its own time and we are given plenty of time to digest before a 'real mealtime'.

Funny tidbit: I LOVE turkey flavored wet foods, but I wont touch a piece of real turkey. MOL.


What a crazy and wild ride the past few weeks have been.

October 12th 2012 12:03 pm
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Its been fast paced and crazy around here. Cant even really catch our breaths. On September 26th Jmatt bailed a friend out of a jam at the friends work. The next day he got a call saying the CEO wanted to interview him on the 28th at 9am at the job...thats 3 and a half hours away. He of course got the job because he is that awesome. He was set to start that very next monday. plans were made for a hotel stay for that week. He started the job monday.

But back at home on that Monday Nana had another mini stroke. Second one in two months. This one lasted longer and had mommy scared. She had to call 911 and locked me and misty into her bedroom. The stinky men came in the house. They smelled of smoke and dust and sweat. The smell of the stinky men upset Misty so she pooped behind the TV in mommys room. Mommy was a bit frazzled so she left with the ambulance and nana but had us still locked up! She was less than thrilled to find the poop when she got home (a friend of hers came and got her from the hospital).

The next few days involved mommy getting a ride to and from the hospital or her walking all the way to the bus stop. Its probably the worst mile and a half walk you can imagine- up hill with no sidewalks and snakes in the grass- yuck!

Then one night she didnt come home.

See nana had to have a procedure the next day and they needed mommy to be at the hosptial earlier than she would be if she walked from home. She really really ment to come home and feed us dinner and stay at a friends house. But her bus kinda hit a pedestrian on the way to the friends house and it took the bus people almost 2 hours more to get her to the friends house. The friends kinds were being put to bed when she got there so there wasnt a way to get home. She felt so so so bad. That ment no dinner and no breakfast for us. It was dinner time the next day by the time she got back. BUT she was a smart mommy and she left down a whole big can for each of us for breakfast that morning, so we wernt completly without foodage. It just had her worried. She was already worried about nana, and Jmatt driving back home, then to have to worry about us too...sheesh.

One day nana had a routine procedure and it found a mass so nana had to have major surgery to remove it. Jmatt came home for the weekend but had to leave sunday night to go back. Nana was just released from the hospital this past wednesday. Shes very sore and huffing and puffing alot. Misty and I are keeping close vigil on her. But that only seems to make mommy worry more. I guess nana's tummy is really sensitive and they dont want anyfur on it.

Now the night that they came home more bad stuff happend. Mommy's step daddy's sister died late wednesday night. Mommy is sad becuase her mommy is sad about it and she cant do anything to help. Also with Jmatt gone 3 and half hours away and nana in a medicated sleep..there was noone for mommy to cry to. I mean sure I was there, but sometimes a human needs a human, ya know?

Then just today mommy got news that one of her naighbors from back when she lived in portland growing up has passed away.

NO more dying folks! Enough of that for now! They say bad things happen in threes but we dont know if we are at three yet or not. We dont really want to find out so please just stay healthy and alive.


Oh how terribly sad to read about Gumpy

September 17th 2012 11:00 pm
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I was very very sad when I read about Gumpy's passing. I feel as if I have terribly neglected all of my furriends here at Catster. Please know how much I think of all of my furriends here. Gumpy was one of the first cats to welcome me here and who I took notice of on the forums and such. My mommy and I had a good long cry when we read about his crossing to the rainbow bridge.

I know that Whispers must have met him to welcome him and give him the comfort that he needed. I think that they would have gotten along in life, so I picture them rolling in catnip beds together. Of course Alex and Calvin and Hazel Lucy and so many others would be there to welcome Gumpy too.

Rest peacefully dear Gumpy, until we meet again.


Mommy created a monster with grilled chicken and scrambled- eggs

August 30th 2012 8:00 pm
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So I want to tell you how my mommy created a monster.
The past few days the hoomans have been getting these mixes that have bread crumbs and seasoning and cheese already together (by kraft in the cheese area)- they dip some chicken in egg and then into the crumb/cheese mixture and then bake it.
Well when mommy was making it the other night, she cut off all the 'yucky' stuff that she dosnt like to eat. Its the extra fatty bits and the part where the wing attaches to the breast. But this was still good meat, its jut not meat that she likes to eat. She set this aside.
Then she dunked the other chicken into a beaten egg (nothings in the egg) and followed the recipe. Well she had the first chicken bits that she cut off...and this leftover egg. What to do, what to do.
She first cooked the chicken in a pan with no seasoning or anything to it. Then she let it cool off before chopping it into little bits. You remember how much I liked it raw (I didnt) so she figured this would tempt me. Then she had that egg...well she scrambled it up. Egg is in our cat food so she figured hey, a little extra egg protein. Then she put some egg and some chicken into each of Mine and Misty's bowls and let us have an afternoon snack! It wasnt a lot of food mind you, but just enough for a snack. And.... we both ate it ALL. So at dinner time a few hours later she split one of our 3 oz cans instead of giving us a whole one because we already had the calories she said. (whatever just give me the foodz!).
Well this is how she created a monster- today Jmatt was eating leftovers from the previous night for his lunchtime. He walked away and left his leftovers on a plate on the table. An as of yet unknown kitty - Either me or Misty and we are not telling who- knocked said chicken off the plate and nibbled on the non breaded side a bit. MOL MOL. Mommy created a monster, now everyone has to watch out when they have the chickens out. We might wants some!

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