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Alex "Finney" Finnegan

Picture of Alex "Finney" Finnegan, a male Ragdoll

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Home:Waterford (Erie), PA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 9 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 21 lbs.

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Finney, "FinneyFinnFinn", Sweet Boy, Big Guy

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September 20th 2006

Cream-Lynx Point

Finney loves to greet everyone and anyone to our home and adores to be with people, never ever hiding from anyone. He still loves all countertops and everything on them: they're his playground of choice. Food, food, and more food. The Purrfect DVD.

Having to be scolded and lifted off (repeatedly!) everywhere he's not supposed to be. Like countertops. Being chewed on by Opie. Not getting the bathroom faucet turned on fast enough for his liking. An empty food bowl.

Favorite Toy:
His very favorite "toy" is actually the top piece of plastic that tears off a bag of frozen food, shredded cheese, etc. He can hear the sound of ripping plastic no matter where he is. He'll bat and chase one of those around indefinitely.

Favorite Nap Spot:
Anywhere the sun shines, especially my bed in the morning. He sleeps on my bed all night as well, not nocturnal in the least.

Favorite Food:
Finney loves all food. Dog, cat, human; doesn't matter, he'll try to eat it. (He is restricted to cat food and cat food only, much to his dismay)

He knows his name, is a wonderful greeter, sits and kisses on command... and has never met a human he doesn't like :-)


Arrival Story:
Having my youngest child of four head off to college, her sister move out (with her/our beloved Maine Coon Opie), and my husband's new third shift job all happening within two months along with my beloved Lhasa Apso Spencer getting older and sleeping all evening I was overwhelmed how quiet my life had suddenly become. I found myself working twelve hour days because I couldn't face yet another lonely night at home. I realized that I needed something to fill that emptiness, and after much thought (and many protests from my husband) I knew I needed a kitty back in my life. And this playful, sweet little kitten made all the difference - I couldn't love my Finney more if I tried - I'm over the moon! (And so is my husband, as I knew he'd be.) I guess Finney could almost be considered a 'rescue' cat - for he rescued me. Update: Finney has since become my little shadow; wherever I am, there he is. He is my helper in all things, from dusting and vacuuming to doing bookwork for the store, he's simply a true joy to be around. I can't imagine life without my head-bonking, happy-go-lucky Finney.

Little Finney was originally named Alex, and I called him "Alley"; the name Alex just seemed much too formal for such a tiny and playful kitten. I knew someday he'd 'grow into' the name Alex, but my family protested the nickname "Alley"; "That's a GIRLS name!" and (ridiculously), "He's going to have gender issues when he's older!" Yeah. Right. And is why he's now known as Alex Finnegan.

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January 24th 2007 More than 9 years!

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An Amazing Journey... by Finney


April 28th 2014 5:34 pm
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Catster is back!! So good to see everyone and their beautiful furry selves again! Except for my brothers Quincy and Opie. It's never good to see them anywhere, big bullies.

I ❤️ Catster!


Melamine is the Stuff of Nightmares

April 23rd 2014 4:27 pm
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Once upon a time, seven years ago to be exact, there was news of doggies and kitties dying by the thousands... by doing nothing but eating the pet food their owners trustingly fed them. Food that damaged out kidneys so badly, recoveries were rare.

I was a eight month old, very loved kitten back then. My mommy read of the horrors of these poisoned pet foods created by pet food companies cutting corners and buying the cheapest ingredients available. She did her research, she knew she would be extremely careful feeding me because, well, she loved me so much. There were lists to follow; tainted foods to avoid, safe foods to buy. She decided to buy a bag of Blue Buffalo kitten food for me, it was on the safe list, and even it's packaging proudly proclaimed it was made in the USA of the healthiest ingredients... she even remembers hugging that bag of food at the pet store, so happy to have something safe for me to eat.

Less than a week later I wasn't myself. At all. All I wanted to do was drink and drink and drink. So extreme was my thirst that my mommy left the bathroom sink's faucet running all the time. She wasn't sure what was going on, but I knew I was sick. When I wasn't drinking or using the litter box, I slept. I grew weaker and weaker by the hour, didn't want to eat, though tried to humor my mommy by eating a tiny amount of the Blue Buffalo kibble she offered out of her hand. My sweet kitten scent disappeared and was replaced by the scent of urine, even on the top of my head.

She called the vet and told them I needed to be seen immediately; something was drastically wrong. The vet saw me, and took blood work and x-rays. One kidney was shriveled and useless, the other was functioning at 10%. My mommy was in tears, asking how could this be happening? The vet asked what kind of food I was eating, explaining I was exhibiting symptoms of eating tainted food. Mommy assured him she did her research, told him the name. He ran to another room, told us Blue Buffalo kitten food had just been added to the list that day... the rice protein concentrate was imported from China and was in fact Melamine, a rat poison. He said to call him when we got home with the batch numbers to verify. And yes, the batch numbers did match.

The vet told my mommy there was nothing he could do, my functioning kidney was not doing it's job. I was critically ill with acute and probably end stage renal failure, and that my only chance was a kidney transplant offered at UPenn which had an almost 50% success rate, but I was probably too sick and wouldn't be a good candidate for one. He gave her a couple of prescriptions to keep me comfortable, as well as instructions on how to administer subcutaneous fluids, or sub-qs, to try and rehydrate me.

My mommy was beyond horrified. The vet basically told her I was dying. Her Finney. Her little healthy, lovable kitten. How could this be??

We went home, me sleeping like a little lamb, and Mommy crying uncontrollably. Our area is one of the few that has homeopathic vet, so mommy called his office, a place we'd never been before, just to be told the vet was out for the week, and gave me the number of the emergency conventional vet. She didn't know what to do, what to think, she curled up in a comfy chair with me in her arms, crying, thinking, and praying. Especially praying. She felt responsible for buying that food and it was crushing.

Later that night, unable to sleep, she decided she needed to do something. Anything was better than nothing, sitting back and simply waiting for me to die did not have to be an option. She opened her laptop pc and searched the the internet for everything and anything she could find about kidney failure and/or tainted pet food. She read story after story of dying or dead pets, their sad mommies and daddies writing about the horror. She went into feline chronic renal failure sites, reading about kidney failure, and realizing it was a death sentence even in the best case scenario. Then, by chance, she stumbled upon an obscure blog written by a woman in Great Britain who's 15 year old diabetic cat was dying from eating poisoned food, except her story was different than any other. You see, she was studying homeopathic medicine, and she gave her precious kitty a remedy that turned her health around. Her senior cat was now thriving. Seriously.

Mommy emailed this woman immediately, telling her about me, my condition, and the vet visit where it was implied I was sick to the point of no return, not really expecting to hear from her... but to her amazement, this kind and wonderful woman wrote back almost immediately and told her about Nux Vomica, a remedy that draws poisons out of your body, human or animal. She told my mommy to get to a store that carries it as soon as possible, how to dissolve it, and how often to administer it... and I should be feeling a little better within twenty-four hours. Mommy could hardly wait til morning came, slept with me tucked in her arm with a bowl of water near by.

Shockingly, there was a store in the nearest city that did carry Nux Vomica in different strengths no less, and the salesperson on the phone said she'd have it ready at the register.

Mommy shook the entire ride back and forth, because she's silly that way, and couldn't get back to me quickly enough. She gave me my first dosage of Nux Vomica, followed by another dosage six hours later, and another dosage... watching and holding me. About eighteen hours after starting on the Nux, I wanted out of her grasp... I wanted to eat. And while I didn't eat a lot, it was enough for my mommy to know something pretty miraculous was happening..

She continued the Nux Vomica, the sub-qs, the conventional meds, until we could meet with the homeopathic vet, not wanting to return to the old doom and gloom vet. I felt much more like myself, my appetite started coming back, I was more alert and even a little playful.

By the time I met the new vet, I was feeling better. Mommy had a copy of my blood work from the visit with my former vet. She held me in tears, telling him about the Nux Vomica, fully expecting to hear this new vet tell her there was nothing he could do for me either. Instead, this man looked at my blood work numbers, looked at me, and simply said, "This is treatable. You have him on Nux Vomica, exactly what I would have given him. You saved his life." He told my mommy to drop the sub-qs to every other day as I looked well hydrated, and gave her seven teeny tiny little white balls (she still doesn't know what they were) to be taken once a day, that they and the Nux, along with the herbal capsules he put together for me, would ensure my pathway to wellness.

Mommy made a copy of the British woman's page for our "old" vet to read and hopefully make copies for other devastated owners of sick pups and kitties. When she gave it to him, he looked at her like she was from another planet and said it was all fine and well she believed it helped me, but he knew better than that. My kidneys were too damaged and any results would be temporary.

Fast forward to two years later. I once again had blood work drawn to see what was going on, this time at our old vet. My renal panel was 100% normal, both kidneys functioning perfectly. Now, this vet was confused and said there must be some mistake, he'd like to run more tests; to which my mommy said, thanks, but no thanks.

I'm seven years old now, a little on the chunky side perhaps - my mom calls me her work in progress - but I'm healthy and happy as a kitty can be.

My wonderful friend Hazel Lucy asked me to write about my experience, though I'm certain she didn't mean for me to be so wordy. If you, Heaven forbid, or a kitty or doggy you know has ingested tainted food and is in renal failure because of it, let them know how Nux Vomica helped me. Remember, Nux Vomica helps your body rid itself of toxins. It is miraculous stuff, I'm here to prove it.


Life Is Just So, So Good!

March 11th 2014 10:09 am
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You know how some days just seem better than others in just about every way?

THAT was my day yesterday! My mommy does not do well with this whole spring-forward-time-change, never has and probably never will. Her sleep pattern was so completely off that she got up at 4:00 AM yesterday and you know what that means, right? Early breakfast for me and my brothers! Breakfast, without having to earn it: no slammin' headbonks, making biscuits, knocking things off of her dresser... what a way to start a Monday!

She then started her laundry, with my help, of course as well as cleaning. Together she and I washed all the windows downstairs including the ancient living room French doors that were full of nose marks - not mine, of course, I would never ever do such a thing. (Mommy: Not true.)

Then in the afternoon we needed to set up a new wireless router because our old one decided it needed a vacation. What a great time I had with all the wires! I love to chew on them anyway which is why almost all the electrical cords in our house are covered in gathered fabric now. I helped her every step of the way, walking off with whatever cord she needed... I got her to exercise that way. She rewarded me with all brand new fabric covers for the cords, so funny that mommy; she KNOWS I don't like to chew on fabric!

Then we started dinner together. I just wanted to be on the kitchen countertops helping, at this point I was Mommy's Velcro, but my mean mommy kept putting me back down on the floor. My mommy paused for a moment and realized I didn't take even one cat nap the entire day! I was too busy helping!

After dinner, which I wanted extra early as my tummy was soooo empty from the early breakfast as well as working all day, I followed my mommy into the living room where she picked up her book, and I, finally exhausted, fell promptly asleep right next to her.

We had a great day, my mommy and I. She is my best friend and I'm making sure I am hers too.

Life really IS good my friends, oh so good.

Happy Purrrrs.

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