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Pawritings of a Patch Nose Cat

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It's Always a Sad Day When You Have to Say Goodbye

July 14th 2016 9:16 pm
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I've been here over 9 years. Because of Catster many things have changed in my family's life. Things that never would have happen had it not been for Catster.

First was finding out about the bad pet food in 2007. May have saved mine and my sister's lives.

The big activity we did was when we discovered we could decorate our pages. Several of us worked together at Pawsome Pages exploring new things we could do with our pages and sharing what we found. We didn't have time to actually decorate others pages, but we did our best to show how to do your own pages. Anyone who decorated their pages should give themselves a big pat on their back. Believe it or not that was a huge accomplishment.

Next was the discovery a pet like me could be shown at a cat show. I went to one show and hated it. But mom found Velvet who like to show. That lead to the arrival of "The Thai". Katrina. Now I have to put up with little gray fur balls once or twice a year or so. I'm not a fan of the kittens but mom seems to enjoy it so anything for mom, right?

The biggest event was finding my friends, Beepers and Ashlynne, their forever retirement home in New Mexico. Could not have asked for a better outcome. My mom and their Ohio mom were absolutely overjoyed to have them live out the rest of their lives in such a loving home. Had it not been for Catster, that never would have happened.

Really do miss the good times we had here, but as they say, "Live goes on".

So goodbye dear friends and may our paths cross again.

Purrs ~ PJ


Goodbye to "Guys' Night Out"

May 31st 2014 6:27 am
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*Sigh* Today is the last day you will see my page decorations. Not that I'm going to to take it down, no, not that. It's because the website where my pictures and style sheet reside is being discontinued. It was a place provided by mom's internet service, but do to lack of use by most of the customers they decided to shut it down.

This effects my page and my sisters Katrina and Velvet. Velvet's won't be a big loss as it is a winter scene. On the other hand Katrina's and my pages I know mom is going to missing. We are happy with the purple Catster background with the shadow figures. Of course mom wants to tweak that too by embossing the figures. She is always fussing with that kind of stuff.

I've always liked my page. One of the reasons I never asked to have to changed. Katrina's page had a special feature. Remember the time Dogster and Catster had toys scrolling along the sides? Well mom figured out how to use it, enhanced it and put our own objects in place. Katrina has bonbons, lots of bonbons. Oh well, c'est la vie!

We do have one family member who's page will not be changing, Irwin. His pictures and style sheet are at the website set up for our cattery, Alicats Thais. That is a paid for domain name so we can find homes for the kittens born around here.

Happens to be the place where the Pawsome Pages tutorial is too. Oh so wish we could get everything around here fixed. Guess we will just keep hoping!


It's My Birthday! And We Are Still Here!

March 6th 2014 9:16 am
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Hehe! I turned 12 years old today! Twelve!!!! Can you believe it?!?

The best part is I can celebrate it here on Catster! A month ago I was moaning about what was I going to do for my birthday. Now I am so happy!!!

Only one thing could make it better. Some more of those little gray fur balls have shown up again. Guess they arrived just before Christmas. They started to invade my space a couple of weeks ago. I am getting more tolerant in my old age. I let them take a sniff of me now then I get up and walk away. If they follow, I RUN! Sure hope they all find new homes soon. I'm getting too old for this sniff and run routine.

Purrs ~ PJ


Cats On the Internet

October 25th 2010 9:58 am
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Us cats must be interesting creatures. ABC News has an online article about us being all over the Internet and asks "Why?".

Check it out here...
ABC News: Why Does the Web Love Cats?


Alien Invasion

September 1st 2010 7:19 am
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Little gray fur balls that bounce and run and tumble all over the place have invaded in my space. Little gray fur balls to the right of me, little gray fur balls to the left of me, little gray fur balls in front of me. ACCK! I'm surrounded!

One of the little gray fur balls approaches me. I hiss a warning and what should happen? The little gray fur ball gets bigger by making his hair stand on end. Next, Katrina comes running up to me, hissing and with her tail all puffed. What the heck? Finally mom gets into the act. Yea, mom's going to save me!

"Be nice, PJ. Be nice to the kittens."

WHAT?!? Mom! You are to be on my side! And kittens? These can't be Katrina's kittens! There are too many of them! No, those little gray fur balls are aliens!


I'm a Dreamboat!

February 24th 2010 6:08 pm
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Well, look at this! Samoa named me her Dreamboat #29. I had stop thinking I could ever be named a dreamboat. After all, I do have a steady girlfriend, my Sweet Hannah.

I must admit, I was a bit jealous when my bud, Beepers was named Dreamboat #23. I mean, he had been on Catster less than a month! If it hadn't been for his Ohio mom saving my mom from me at a cat show over 2 years ago, we never would have met.

Ah, but the plot thickens. My nephews, Katrina's sons were then named by Samoa to be Dreamboats-in-Training! What the....!!! They were only one month old at the time! I mean I just could not believe what I was seeing!

I then think of my lovely Hannah. I know I am her personal Dreamboat. So girls eat your hearts out! Hannah has mine!

Thank you Samoa for naming me as one of your Dreamboats! Nice to know I still have it!


Follow Up

January 12th 2010 4:10 am
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The secret mission was a success! Be on the look out for Beepers and Ashlynne to soon be members of Catster.

Katrina on the other hand is soon to be a queen according to my mom. Soon? Heck she already thinks that she is a queen. What is going to change soon? Oh and to top it off, it's her 1st birthday. The girl is going to be insufferable today!


Secret Mission

January 9th 2010 7:08 am
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We are on a secret mission this weekend. Make that mom is on one.

My two younger sisters, Velvet and Katrina, have shared hotel rooms at some cat shows with another family of show cats. That family has a few retired from showing. Some retired show cats look for new homes to enjoy the rest of their lives.

Well, we found a new home for two members of that family, a father and daughter. Their new pawrents are flying in today to meet the pair. Tomorrow they will fly with their new pawrents to their new retirement home!

These two will probably get their own Catster pages, but first their pawrents want them to settle into their new home. That is why the secret. We don't want them to be stressed out with too much activity. Once they have adjusted to their new lifestyle, then they will be looking for new friends!

We will be sure to let you know when they arrive at Catster! That is as long as Katrina's plans don't get in the way. Darn girl thinks she is a queen!


I've been tagged!

November 13th 2008 9:12 pm
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I have been tagged by Gollum.

I'm going to have to think about how to answer those questions. Now where is my thinking cap?


Broken Dish = Trouble

September 8th 2008 9:25 pm
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Oh, I was a bad boy. Mom came home from work Friday and found a broken dish on the kitchen floor. I tried to tell her that Callie did it, but she didn't believe me. She said that dish was too heavy for Callie to push off the counter. Plus I am always pushing things off the side tables in the living room to get attention, so I was busted. Mom told me that was NOT a nice birthday gift for her.

Callie has been real jumpy since then and very mad at me. I can't get near her with her swatting at me. I came up on her while she slept next to mom and just sniffed her. Darn girl nearly jumped out of her skin and dug her claws into mom to escape me. Mom has some nasty deep scratches on her upper leg now.

Mom still pets me, but she says things like, "You are such a bad boy", and "You've got to behave when I'm not home", while she pets me. I hate mom's job. I want her to stay home.

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