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Pawritings of a Calico Cat

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A New Home for Callie

July 29th 2010 6:54 pm
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This is Callie's mom. We found a new home for Callie. It is the next door neighbor to my sister. Callie moved in on June 28th for a trial period to see if she would like it. Well, she likes it a lot. Looks like this is now the new home for my Callie. The good news is I can ask my sister how Callie is doing, plus I can visit her whenever I am at my sister's. Unfortunately that won't be too often due to the distance between us.

There is another cat in the home named Homer who is about the same age as Callie. My sister says they get along well enough that they share space under the dining room table to look out the patio door and watch birds. They have even had a short game or two of tag.

As hard as it was to let her go, I know now that I did the right thing for her. I will be transferring Callie's page to her new owner probably sometime in the next month. I hope that Callie will be able to stop by Catster now and then for a visit.


Time for a Change

June 19th 2010 4:48 am
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I know I haven't been hanging around much. I stay in the kitchen most of the time. I hang out in a large cage for solitude from the other cats. I get into huge, nasty fights with them if I feel they are too close to me. I have been totally unhappy for about the past year.

Mom and I have been having some long discussions. Mom didn't know this when she adopted me, but I wanted to be an only cat. Oh I put up with PJ, but I do have my limits like no touching is allowed.

Mom has tried every trick and tip she has found to get me to be more sociable with the other cats in this house, but I haven't falling for any of them. Mom and I have now come to a decision because of my needs. We are looking for a new home for me.

Mom is really, really sad about having to do this. She loves me very much, but she loves me enough to be willing to give me up if a new home will make me happy again.

So someday, if the right one comes along, I will have a new home. Mom is going to be very picky about where I might go. I just wanted you to know about this decision now so if that new home comes around, it won't be such a shock to my friends.


Nothing's the Same

December 27th 2009 10:24 am
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Things have not been the same since this Thai kitty showed up last July. I cannot tell you how much a loath her. Velvet learned her place with me. PJ, well is PJ. We just ignore each other.

But this Thai, I give her my warning growl but instead of back off, she attacks! The fur flies and mom goes nuts! Mom makes sure the Thai is in her bedroom when she has to leave the house so we don't fight. The problem with that is I've only been in mom's bedroom once since the Thai has come to live here. It was the week the Thai wasn't here and mom was. The Thai was ....

"What Mom?
"SHHH! You aren't to tell."
"But mom?!?"

Gads, can't even write what I want in my own diary. Anyhow today the Thai and I had another fight. Mom lost it this time. Mom got a big dog cage a few weeks ago for when the Thai has ...

"CALLIE, I TOLD YOU SHHH! And her name is Katrina, not 'the Thai'!"

Sigh :(

The big cage has a center divider which mom put in. She put me in one side and that ... Katrina ... in the other. There we were within one foot of each other for the next hour and a half. We just stared at each other. The Thai, umm, Katrina finally yowled and mom put her in the bedroom with Velvet. She let me out to the living room and kitchen.

Mom, if you think this changes anything, you are sadly mistaken.


Do You Shimmer?

June 5th 2009 6:37 pm
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For years I have held my tail straight up in the air and shaked it when mom comes around me. She always thinks it looks like I'm about to do that nasty thing of spraying but I never have. Just like to shake my tail.

The other day mom was reading up on some traits and behaviors of other cat breeds. There was one breed which told of doing the same thing with their tails as what I do. Turns out it is a sign of happiness and affection and it's called shimmering. Mom is very happy to know I shimmer for her.

So show some love today ... SHIMMER!


I've been tagged!

November 13th 2008 9:15 pm
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I have been tagged by Callie Rose.

Let's see, 7 interesting things about me...
Where to start?


Something Is Up!

September 9th 2008 6:25 pm
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Mom has been going to the county fair most everyday since Saturday. She comes home with all these interesting smells. PJ and I just sniff her for about 5 minutes when she gets home.

Tonight, mom came home and stopped to pet us. She had a different smell. Couldn't quite figure it out. Mom then went straight to her bathroom and shut the door. Came out pretty soon and made a couple of trips between the bathroom and the garage. Such odd behavior for mom.

Later she sat down on the sofa. I settled next to her and PJ on the coffee table. Wasn't too long before she was up and into the bathroom again. Came out, sat on the sofa only this time with something black on her shoulder and it moved! Mom put her hand down from the black thing for PJ to smell. It wasn't too long before PJ was hissing and the black thing make a little growl. Mom got up and took the black thing to the bathroom.

Now what the heck is going on?


I Taught Mom a New Trick!

May 4th 2008 7:03 pm
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Mom started her new job last week. Now starts the new routines, going to bed earlier, getting up earlier, changing play times and treat times.

Well, I decided that mom was neglecting one of her duties because of the changes. So I stood by the laundry room door and gave out a yowl like I was in distress.

Mom came running. "What's wrong Callie?", she asked.

I walked over to the litterbox and meowed, "This."

"Oh", said mom, "does it need cleaned?"

"Yes", I meowed and then for good measure I added a "Please."

I stood right there and watched mom clean out the litterbox. She just finished when I jumped in to use the freshen up facility.

A couple of days later I thought it was time to re-enforce the lesson I had just taught mom. I once again yowled to get her attention then asked her politely to clean the litterbox.

She looked at me and said, "I just cleaned it this morning."

"I know," I replied, "but PJ used it a lot today and I would like it freshened up, please." Got to add that "please". Mom can't say no to that and cleaned the litterbox for me.

So it appears that I now have mom throughly training to clean the litterbox when I say it needs to be cleaned. I just love how I have my mom wrapped around my tail!


Good News, Bad News

April 8th 2008 9:02 am
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Some of you may have noticed that PJ and I haven't been around as much. That is because mom had to spend more time looking for a job.

The good news for us is that mom did finally find a job!

The bad news is we are going to miss having mom around all the time. Heck, we have had her to ourselves for 8 months now! I guess we will get use to it. Plus, we may get presents now since we missed out at Christmas and our birthdays!

Here is what is on my wish list!

A new water fountain. Our old one died 8 months ago! Perfect timing, right after mom started staying home!

A new cat tree. I would love to have one by the patio door so I can see out better. Right now I use the kitchen table as a lookout perch which doesn't please mom.

Some Feliway. PJ and I played nice when mom had some of that stuff. Now without it, we will start out playing nice then PJ gets too rough for me. I need something to help keep that brother under control if mom isn't going to be around all the time!

So that is a start on my wish list! Yes mom, a start because I'm sure I can come up with more!


I've Been Tagged

February 7th 2008 8:09 am
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Yep, I got tagged by new Catster member and my newest friend Sunshine. Stop by her page and welcome her and her family.

I wish I had time to play, but we are so busy with Pawsome Pages and answering questions from pmails that there just isn't any time to spare. Heck, this is the first entry in my diary since the 1st of November! Maybe one of these days I'll get back on track.


Being Thankful

November 1st 2007 7:52 pm
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Our Thanksgiving here in the United States will be celebrated on Thursday, November 22nd this year. My mom said I should think of what I'm thankful for and share it with everyone. Well heck, that's easy. Here is my list...

I'm thankful to mom for the good food she feeds me.
I'm thankful to mom for the all the times she pets me and plays with me.
I'm thankful to mom for keeping my litter box clean.
But most of all, I'm thankful for how well I trained my mom.

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