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Memoirs of a Queen

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Thank you thank you!

February 25th 2014 11:15 pm
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*Queenie takes a bow, giggling*

Thank you very much Catster for the honour of being a DDP! And I share it with such wonderpurr furriends which makes it even better.

I have received some gifties and wonderful messages, and appreciate them all so much - you guys made me feel special and luved!

I also received two beautiful memorial honour pictures - one from dear Friday & another from Big Harry over at Olde Furts, and they are just SO purrty!! Sadly I can't add them to my page now as I don't have plus and meowmy will only renew it once the transition is done and all is ok...if she adds them now she needs to delete all my photos that aren't showing to make space :(. I will keep them though and as soon as I can they will be purroudly displayed! Thank you so much Friday & Big Harry xxx

Luv you ALL dearest furriends.


Happy purring & thankfulness

February 18th 2014 1:49 am
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First we find out that our beloved Catster isn't closing the community side of things....and now not only is my furriend Friday COTW but the wonderful, sweet and much missed & loved Hazel Lucy is COTD!!

Thank you Catster...*wipes tears*

Happy purrs & luv,


Farewell sweeties....

January 19th 2014 3:53 am
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I am at a loss for words. Meowmy has been crying as she reads old rosies and stars and gifties, knowing she won't be able to save the thousands of messages, but still trying desperately to save what she can.

I luv you all and miss my dear friends, and will even more now :(.

If your pawrents are on Facebook, meowmy is Carli Argirova and she is in the new group "Catster Buddies" on there, posting and helping people preserve memories.

If not - her email is - please stay in touch.

Sad sad purrs,


My dear sweeties....

September 21st 2009 12:20 pm
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Today is the first time I have been able to come here and type since we let you all know about my journey to the bridge. It has not been easy for meowmy, even though she knew this day was coming...I flutter down to her so often while she is asleep and sometimes I see her pillow is wet...does she not realise I am with her still? And that I have no pain and am young and able again?

I was greeted by so many sweet beloved Julesy, oh such a wonderpurr reunion, darling Catsy, Biscuit, Navin, Amelia & Hugo, Wally & Sydney Rose, oh so so many more...a sea of furry furriends waiting with open paws and gentle nosekisses.

I was watching just now as meowmy finally had the heart to take a look at the pm's and rosies I have received....oh and both her & I were so deeply moved by each and every message. We appreciate it so much, dear sweet furriends. In time I will thank each of you purrsonally, it is just a bit hard still...I hope you all understand.

I need to fly back up now, it's time for us to go spread some angel dust and purr for those in need...good bye my dear sweet furriends, I luv you all so furry much.

*and with one last flutter close to meowmy's wet cheeks Queenie flies back to the bridge to join all the other sweet angels*


Meowlo all my dear furriends!

January 15th 2009 4:07 am
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Dear furriends.

Firstly I would like to apologize on behalf of myself and my whole furrmily for being away from Catster for a while. Meowmy had some things she had to deal with and to boot I got sick twice as well.

I also wanted you all to know that the vet lady told meowmy that my age seems to be catching up to me – my kidneys are enlarged, I have lost quite a bit of weight, I sleep even more and a few other issues also. The good news is that I don’t have diabetes or anything similar, which is meowvolous of course!

Meowmy has decided that she isn’t going to think negative, and is going to love me as much as she possibly can for as long as I possibly can. I am comfortable, sweeties, and I still have quite an appetite and come looking for my livings – so my Queenie spirit is still going strong!

Purrlease also purr for my dear furriend Ginnger, fondly known as Ginngie, who is also a senior fellow - I luv you Ginngie and I know you have another life or two in you yet!

Purrs & luv,


The best gifties in life...

October 2nd 2008 4:22 am
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...are free! Oh how true this is, and my special birthday gifts are just that.

The first is the gift of having Catsy's diary as the diary of the day, with her sweet picture on the homepage. I can't look at it too much as my eyes still tear up! But thank you HQ for this wonderpurr gift!

The second gift is YOU reading this - my special furriends, my catster furrmily! We have met so many wonderpurr purrsons on this site, and it has truly changed our lives. No-one but a catster can understand the bond and the love, the support and the meowvolousness that is catster!

I also wanted to meow out a special thank you to my sweet furriend Alfie for my purrfect birthday picture and background! You and your furrmily have a special place in my heart!

Also to dear Gizzy, angel Maxy and their meowmy, for the sweet sentiments - you are all making me teary! *giggles*

Who could ask for a more purrfect sweet 16? I luv you, dear furriends...

Purrs and luv,


A special life is now a special angel - ILM of Catsy

September 28th 2008 11:35 pm
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I am devastated this morning because I just found out that a very special girl, a sweet furriend, Catsy, has crossed the rainbow bridge.

She and her pawrents are an inspiration - a story of second chances, kindness and the power of the purr...and most of all of love.

Rest in peace sweetie, your purrfect soul will be with us all furever...

A very sad

PS: Purrlease check out Rizza's Diary...but be sure to have a tissue handy! Thank you for passing along Catsys letter, sweetie...


A year ago today...

July 18th 2008 2:24 am
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My heart was breaking into a million little pieces. It was the day my beluved Julesy (Jules Vern / JV to his furriends) left this earth for a better place after a long and very courageous battle with VAS.

Although I can now think of him with a smile in happy remembrance instead of only sad tears, I still tear up ever so often...but then I remind myself that he is still with me - and I can feel him. I feel him in the rays of sun on my face, I feel him in the gentle breeze that ruffles my fur, I feel him in the luv of Catster and the support that is still going strong a year later and always will, since the memories of those we luv last forever...

My Julesy, my luv, you will always have my heart and my soul and I know you will be there with open paws one day when the time comes for me to cross the bridge...I luv you so much and I hope your meowmy feels all the luv today too, because I can not imagine how difficult it must be for her if this is how I feel! We luv her too, and we will purr for her for strenght...

Thank you so much for everypurr on Catster for your continued support and luv, and for having the second annual Jules Vern Brusselball tournament yesterday - it means more than I can ever say, sweeties!

Luv & purrs,


*wiping happy tears*

May 1st 2008 12:01 am
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Just look at my newest gift....and my message...

"My sweet Queenie... I should have given this to you so purrrry long ago... And one day I hope we can but will you take this ring and pawmise to one day be my kitty wife *blush* I love you sweet lady... Yours always Julesy"

I....I am speechless....except for YES YES my Julesy YES! I purromise!!! I luv you so much and always are my special luv, my soulkitty....

*hurries off to her basket to take out the box of buggies Julesy delivered one night long ago....holds them to her heart and closes her eyes*


Sad news - purrs purrlease!

April 10th 2008 4:36 am
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Purrlease purr and purray for dear Simon ...he has been given about a week to live after his last vet visit and he and his meowmy are trying to make the most of their last time join me in purring for the power of love and for strenght for his meowmy...

Another purrr request is for dear sweet Annie, who has gone missing :( Her brofur Rusty is one of my special furriends and my heart is breaking for her furrmily! Purrlease come home soon Annie! Help light her way by lighting a candle HERE *purrr purrr purr*

And on another more personal note...

I just checked to see who of my furriends are online....and noticed for the first time that my IM status was set on invisible! I don't know how long it has been like that and I don't know how it happened!

I have missed my morning chats with Tick and his sisfur P3! They must think I am avoiding them! *eyes tear up* I would never ever do that and I am so sorry!! I wondered what happened to them because I haven't heard from them in ages but now I think it must be because of this! I know their meowmy and some of the kits were sick a while ago but they must be better by now...I hope they still want to be my furriends...

Oh know I luv you and would never ignore you or try and avoid you! *wiping at eyes with paws*

The same goes for everypurr else that might have wanted to IM one of our furrmily....purrlease forgive us we luv you!

Sad purrs,

PS: Just wanted to send some luv to my dear furriend Wally...keep on staying your special self, sweetie....I luv you lots and am always here for you!


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