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Snowy's tales from the Sunny Side

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Meowmy's rescue!

February 27th 2014 1:46 am
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So this morning on the way to work meowmy stopped to get some money from an ATM which is at a mall on the route...she almost didn't stop then decided to since she was still early for work.

While waiting at the ATM as there was someone ahead of her she heard sad meowing...of course as soon as she was done she investigated. She feared that there was a pet shop selling kittens, which she hates, but then realized that wasn't the case - the sound seemed to come from a clothes shop. Peeking through the window (it was still closed) she didn't see anything...then looked up and saw that there was a ventilation shaft in the wall above the glass of the window and a supporting column (pic: x720/1507878_10152325359674319_1414430012_n.jpg )

Much to her horror she realized the kitty was INSIDE the column! She spoke to it and it meowed and meowed, in distress. It had obviously walked around the shaft and fell down the hole into the column - as it is hollow inside. No way to tell in what state it was, how long it has been there - she rushed to centre management and told them what is up - they weren't too friendly but told her it's ok she can go they will take care of it. NO WAY. She was going to stay till that baby is safe. She rushed home, got one of our carriers and a blanky and went back. After about an hour the handyman arrived with a hammer and some other tools and we broke the column loose from the wall and tadaaa....a teeny tiny BLACK fluffy kitten!! Meowmy was so happy, and the kitten too - it immediately curled up, exhausted, and closed it's eyes.

By this time a lot of people had gathered - before no one cared, just say "oh no" and went about their business - suddenly everyone cared. One specific lady immediately wanted this tiny ball of fur - she has 3 kitties of which one is a new kitten, and said this one will make a great furriend for it. Meowmy was so happy she hugged the lady, and as soon as she took the little one she (meowmy checked *giggles*) curled against her and purred (pic of the kitty with the lady: 10152325393929319_116780965_n.jpg ). YAY! Happy endings! (Except meowmy's smart phone, which got smashed...but a small price to pay for saving this tiny one.)

Meowmy was saddened by how little people care though. The one guy said that the kitten was there from at least yesterday, as he heard it then. when she asked him why didn't they do something then he just shrugged. Another man - when meomwy said she will get the kit out herself if needs be - just moaned about the damage that will be caused. To think that people will rather leave a kitten to starve to death that to incur some damage is beyond her.

But...we are just happy for a happy ending. Thank karma meowmy was there.


Goodbye friends....

January 19th 2014 3:54 am
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I am at a loss for words. Meowmy has been crying as she reads old rosies and stars and gifties, knowing she won't be able to save the thousands of messages, but still trying desperately to save what she can.

I luv you all and miss my dear friends, and will even more now :(.

If your pawrents are on Facebook, meowmy is Carli Argirova and she is in the new group "Catster Buddies" on there, posting and helping people preserve memories.

If not - her email is - please stay in touch.

Thank you for the great times, I will remember catster for ever.

Sad sad purrs,


The power of the Catster purr...

August 1st 2008 6:43 am
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A day or two ago a dear furriend, Oly wrote the following in Hazel Lucy's purr thread:

"We are purring for everycat/dog who is not doing well. We try to send a rosie to all those we are purring for, but sometimes that's just not possible. But please know we are always purring for you all!

We are so thankful for this list, because it actually helps mom feel "useful" on here.

We thank all of you who are purring right along with us.

And I wanted to share my reply to her here as well, because I truly meant it:

"Oly & ARE useful sweeties! Simply coming here and posting a purr helps so much - and I think you only realise it when you or one of your furblings are on the list. I know we felt so much better when Scottie had a lip ulcer a while ago by coming here and feeling the power of the purr.

It means so much to worried meowmies and daddies to know that they are not alone and forms a beautiful blanket of care to envelope them in, weaved with threads of love and purrs. And of course Hazel Lucy is the gentle paws that puts this special blankie around your shoulders.

We luv all of you!

So purrlease when you have a minute to spare, visit the Catsters in need of serious purring thread to join in the circle of purrs and the power of the paw ~ it can work miracles not only in kitties but to soothe worried meowmies and daddies.
Some days are happy when a kitty or doggie is better, and some are sad when one gets a bad diagnosis or leaves us for the bridge - but each day is worth it.

Dear, big-hearted and much loved Hazel Lucy updates the list (which can be found in the first post of the thread) each day, and I send out a HUGE hug to her for her hard work! She is an earth angel!

Always purring,


Our first wedding annifursary!!

July 1st 2008 2:23 am
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Yes! A year ago yesterday, 30 June, was the wonderful day I became Mrs. Snowy Ciatti by marrying me beloved Martin!! I am a day late in this entry because meowmy was so busy yesterday - but I thought and dreamt of my beloved the whole day!

I can't believe it....a whole year of love, happiness, warmth, care and pure joy - I couldn't have asked for a more purrfect husband!!

Martin - I love you always and forever my soulcat...with every fibre of my furry being!! I can't wait to spend the rest of my lives with you - I know the best is yet to come!

And thanks to Catster for bringing us together....I am so glad I found this site where I met the love of my life!

*happy purrs*


In loving memory...

May 15th 2008 11:32 pm
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...of a very special woman. Today my diary is dedicated in the memory of Laurel Jaffer, meowmy to one of my oldest, dearest furriends Aldo, his sifur Tess and his doggy furbling Noelle. Aldo always called me Snowstorm, and Noelle loved to lick me...

I cannot begin to write it as perfectly as my sweet furriend Hannah's meowmy did, but my meowmy will try.

* * *

I wanted to write this yesterday (thursday), but just couldn't bring myself to do it....I never imagined how deeply the loss of Laurel would affect me. But then she was a special, strong woman, and one couldn't help but be affected by her touching your life. And seeing her memorial picture and the posts all over catster today has made me cry so much - Laurel would have been so touched and I think maybe even surprised...she always thought that she wasn't a loved person, that she had only a few friends - oh how very wrong she was. I hope she sees all of the love and smiles.

As Hannah's mom already stated in her diary, Laurel was a complex person and anyone who was truly her friend would understand what we mean by this. But this didn't make me love her less - having known her background and what she had went through and was still going through, I understood.

Amongst other things, Laurel was a gourmet cook, a gifted writer, a great photographer (examples can be seen here) and more... She was so talented, extremely intelligent (she had a master's degree) and such a fighter... the only problem was that her poor, tired body couldn't keep up with her mind or spirit. Knowing that she has now been freed of her prison of pain is a great comfort to me.

I know she is also with her beloved rainbow bridge cats, especially Tabitha who was her favourite...and she will be there for Aldo, Tess and Noelle when the time comes too. Her furbabies were her life, and I know they must miss her terribly as well...

I will miss you, Laurel....the good and the bad, the chats about food, literature, speciality coffees and teas, your concerns about Aldo's health and Noelle's weight, the simple line "brb - litterbox" which always made me giggle, oh and remember the day that you finally felt so much better, and got dressed up and put make up on for the doctor for the first time in ages? You did it while we chatted, asking me this skirt or that one? Tights or pantihose? You sounded so much better, and I was so happy because it sounded like a breakthrough and I know you felt so much better...was that truly only 2 months ago?

Rest in peace, my dear friend...till we meet again.

Love always,


YAY! My first postcard came!

May 12th 2008 2:08 am
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OMC! My very 1st ever postcard came in the mail yesterday!! *happy dance*

I received it as part of the Catsters Around The World group, and it is from the gorgeous Smudge & Sissel from California - it has a purrty picture of Monterey Bay on the front!

Meowmy is going to start a scrap book for me to keep them in :)))

I am so catcited waiting for more, and meowmy got around to posting mine at last so I can't wait for the furriends (old & new!) on my list to receive theirs too!

Happy purrrs,


Tag! I'm it! *giggles*

February 4th 2008 4:14 am
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I was tagged by my purrty furriend Jack, who is a gorgeous black GIRL!

I am supposed to list 7 interesting things about me, and then tag 7 kitties....but I am going to be naughty and not tag anypurr...because meowmy says we have left it too late and almost everypurr else has already been tagged! Darn!

BUT if you are reading this diary and have not been tagged and would like to be, consider THIS my paw on your shoulder tagging YOU! *giggle*

Ok here are my facts :)

1. I luv being carried like a baby, and LUV smoochies!!
2. Meowmy says I have the shiniest fur she has ever seen.
3. I adore my scratching post and cannot go past it without a quick scratchy! Even if I go past it 100 times a day!
4. I have the most wonderpurr husband in the whole world!! I luv my Martin!!
5. I have no human furblings, only furry ones MOL!
6. I luv having baths! Meowmy found this out by accident after I was taken in by them and was terribly dirty....I just stood there and purrrrrrred!
7. I like to roll over daddy's sandals MOL! Meowmy says it must be his "eau'd'foot" teehee!


I have my own snowflake!!!

January 13th 2008 10:28 pm
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Yep! My dear, sweet furriend Hudson created a snowflake just for me! He knows that even though my name is Snowy, I have never seen actual snow and probably never will :)

Check out my snowflake here!

Thanks Hudson - it is pawsome!! *paws at the falling flake on the screen* And you are right - I do feel a bit cooler!! *giggles*


TWO packages?! Both for me?!?

July 14th 2007 8:02 am
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Oh my!! What an exciting day this has been!! Meowmy and daddy left this morning, saying that they are going to the post office. When they returned, they had a big package and a smaller one, BOTH for me!!!

I was so excited, I couldn’t wait for meowmy to open them!! The first, big one was my hand-made cat tent, made byTeal'c's, meowmy! She also sent meowmy themost beautiful cat cards that she makes! All of the money she makes goes towards her kitties – and they are a big furrmily, and most of tehm are rescues!! Teal’c brofur Moo, had to have surgery, so the money of our tent was going towards that!

The next package was from my wonderpurr husband and love, Martin !!! I was such a happy kitty when I saw it!!! Inside was three cans of Fancy Feast – two of them medleys, which is not available here in South Africa yet! He also sent me the sweetest card with three meowvolous photos of him, so now I can stare at his pictures even when I am not online!! But the best part was my GORGEOUS necklace
!!!! It is sooo beautiful – the chain is made from little hearts that are interlinked, and it has a lovely silver filigree heart with a purrty red heart hanging from it! Further, it has tiny crystal flowers too!! I LOVE IT!!!! And it is just my size…Martin’s kind meowmy made it for me, to Martin’s specifications!!

So what a happy day!! Of course I had to have a photoshoot right away to show of my great purresents!! Thank you Teal’c and my love Martin!!!


I have been matched as a 'Big Sister'!!

June 8th 2007 1:36 am
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Yay!!! I have been matched with such a wonderpurr family!!! I am pleased to announce that I am now a 'Big Sister' mentor to:

Hoss, a purrfectly handsome silver kit and Pumpkin, a black beauty!!

I am so excited and can't wait to get to know them better!! They look like two pawsome kitties!

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